Hellbound With You Chapter 191

190 Home

"Holy cow! W-was that really Alex?!" Xavier yelled in disbelief. He couldn't believe this was the same man from last night! His mind was totally blown!

"Sigh I can't believe he couldn't even last for one night." Kai shook his head. He had expected that it might take some time for Alex to realize or accept that he was in love with Abigail. He even braced himself for the coming madness that would definitely occur during their separation. He thought that Alex would stubbornly deny all the foreign emotions that were already growing inside him without him knowing until he blew up and couldn't take it anymore. But it appeared he was clearly mistaken.

After his overnight madness, it seemed he had come to the answer by himself. Kai knew that he mercilessly went as far as torturing Eli to death, probably so he could distract himself, but that obviously didn't work and he became even more crazy. One night of her leaving him was enough to make him realize what she really meant to him.

The only other thing that was quite unbelievable was the fact that he appeared to have fallen deeper for Abigail, much more than they ever thought. Alex, not even lasting one night of being separated from her, was proof of that.

"It seems like he has forgotten everything else and Abigail is the only one he sees and thinks about right now," Kai continued, looking glad but worried at the same time, as he glanced at Zeke.

"Seems like it. I wonder if this is fine, though." Xavier said, as he too glanced at Zeke. But the man didn't say anything. His face didn't give anything away. "But, don't you guys think Alex seemed a little out of it?"

Xavier was looking at Kai because he wasn't expecting Zeke to speak even a single word. He was already used to that treatment from that guy, but then, unexpectedly, Zeke actually butted in.

"When a super volcano, that had been sleeping for too long, erupts for the very first time, the eruption will be colossal unstoppable, merciless, and even if it destroys itself in the process, it wouldn't care," he muttered and then he quietly stood up and left, leaving Xavier and Kai in the room, with drooped shoulders, as they leaned on the couch, watching his retreating back.

"Geez that guy. I really think Zeke needs something or someone that could trigger him so he could erupt too, right? Kai? I want to see him go crazy as well. I'm tired of seeing his damn poker face! Geez"

Alex stood by the door, looking up at the opened window of her room. He was wearing a black suit but his tie was gone and the collar of his white shirt was unbuttoned.

Alex walked towards the door to the house and knocked on it. The door opened almost immediately.

"You're here, Alexander. I've been waiting for you." Andrew stood aside and made room for Alex to come in. He then told Alex that he was leaving for work now and that he was leaving Abi to him. Andrew also told him that his mother and father were out for the day before he finally left.

Alex could only watch the door once Andrew was gone. Abi's father didn't even let him speak.

Alex stood there quietly for a while before he finally went upstairs but to his surprise, Abi was still sleeping and the only movement in the room was her yellow curtain dancing with the wind.

Quietly, Alex walked closer to her and sat on the edge of her bed. He stared at her face and he noticed how pale she was. Her lips were almost colorless and her eyes were a little swollen. His eyes scorched with a burning emotion as he stared at her and he gently caressed her cheek with the back of his fingers.

Abi didn't wake up for hours and when she did, it was already late in the day. The rain was falling quietly and the breeze that blew past her face was cold. However, her body felt warm, so warm that she wanted to fall asleep again.

When she tried to move, she finally noticed the weight wrapped around her. Her heart accelerated as she slowly turned. Alex?!

Abi was surprised to see him in her bed, hugging her and sleeping so peacefully. Her heart fluttered as it ached seeing his gorgeous, perfect face. She never expected Alex to appear in her room in the early hours of the morning after she left him. She thought that she would never see him again. She thought she would never touch him ever again. She thought that it was all over, that they were over. But then, he suddenly appeared in her room and told her those words. Those words that she thought she would only hear in her dreams.

This warmth, these feelings, she felt like she was finally home and she felt like crying again. It's only been 24 days since she started living with him, yet he had already become her new home. She didn't know how it happened but she realized just how powerful love was, to have actually made Alex her universe in such a short period of time.

Caressing every contour of his face like she was trying to memorize every little detail, Abi smiled. She stayed like that for an indefinite amount of time. She didn't want to look away or pull away from his embrace.

But she was thirty so she slowly moved and slipped away from his embrace. She carefully put her feet down on the floor, being very careful not to wake him up.

She was about to stand when suddenly, something made her halt. She froze as her eyes widened seeing something new on top of her bedside table.

The lamp there was gone and what replaced it was a round shaped aquarium. There were three small jellyfishes swimming majestically inside, looking so breathtaking. Abi's mouth hung open, her eyes filled with wonder and surprise.

Once she snapped out of her daze, she immediately knelt on the floor, almost sticking her face on the tank. Her eyes were alight with awe and wonder as she watched the cute jellyfish, as they danced peacefully inside, as the lights of the aquarium changed colours.

"Do you like it?" a hoarse voice jolted her and she turned to him with a big smile.

"They're so beautiful, Alex!" she exclaimed and Alex's lips curved up in satisfaction.

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