Hellbound With You Chapter 186

185 Im Sorry

It was long past her curfew. She started to panic but a moment later, something seemed to make her calm down. It was like she had realized that there was no point of her panicking anymore and the pain began to flood her entire being once again.

"Okay, don't be shy Abi, come." Chris held her wrist before Abi could even agree with him and he began to pull her towards his car.

Suddenly, Abi was grabbed by a strong arm away from Chris.

Abi's lower lip instantly trembled. She already knew just by the chill running down her spine that the arm holding her belonged to Alex.

Chris balled his fists as he turned around but the instant he saw the man who grabbed Abi from him, Chris eyes widened. It wasn't because he was surprised to see that it was Abi's boyfriend, it was because this man looked so terrifying that he felt intense shivers in his nerves just by seeing that look in his eyes.

He looked like the man - no, the demon - was going to slaughter him once he made a single move. Chris couldn't believe that his knees were unable to move as if he was paralyzed by just the sight of him. This man looked like those mad villains in movies who wouldn't hesitate to kill. He had seen a lot of actors playing the roles of psychopaths and serial killers but he had never seen a man as horrifying as the one who stood before him now. In fact, those villainous actors couldn't even hold a candle against this man.

As he froze there, looking at him, the man shot him with what he thought was the deadliest look he had ever received before he began dragging Abi towards his car.

It was then that Chris moved and blocked them.

"Mr. Qin, you can't just drag away Abi like that," he said, his instincts kicking in. He had already prepared himself in case this man was going to attack him.

But Abi suddenly pushed him away. "Chris, please. I will talk to you later, okay?" she pleaded as she pushed him, wanting him to go away.

Chris was so confused. "Abi, this man is are you really going to go with him?"

"Yes. So, please, Chris, go home now, okay?" she told him and then he watched her voluntarily climbed into that man's car.

Chris saw the man cracked his fists as he gnashed his teeth in intense anger towards him before he entered the car. The car accelerated off, leaving Chris standing there, confused and utterly worried. How how did Abi find that kind of man?

The reason why Chris came to see Abi was because he wanted to ask her to break up with that man. Chris was so curious about Alexander Qin that he asked his many sources, even the underground ones, to find anything related to him. But they couldn't find anything. The most mysterious thing was that, one of the pieces of information that he received was that 'Alexander Qin' might be a fake identity. The fact that they couldn't find any photo of him when he was young, or other records of his birth or parents, made them conclude that. In short, Alexander Qin was fooling everyone, most especially Abi, and that he was a notoriously dangerous being.

He wanted Abi to cut ties with him before that man would do something to her but this happened and Abi willingly followed him despite what he looked like just now. Was she not scared? Couldn't she see the madness in his eyes? Couldn't she see how deadly he was?

Even a man like him felt utterly intimidated so why did a fragile girl like her still choose to go with him?

Inside the car, which was moving like a bullet, Abi was gripping her skirt tightly.

The car was filled with an ominous, suffocating cloud of anger. He was burning with anger. Rage was flashing like a storm of lightning in a pitch black night.

Abi didn't speak until the car screeched into a halt. They were already in front of the mansion. Abi glanced at his whitened knuckles before she voluntarily stepped out of the car.

And then Alex held her hand and dragged her inside.

Upon the door closing, he pinned Abi against the huge door, slamming his hands on them hard that Abi jolted in shock due to the loud noise right next to her ears.

His pupils dilated, coated with pitch black anger, as he looked at her.

"Abigail what were you doing with that man? You ignored my calls deliberately broke my rule just so you could be with him?" his eyes narrowed and his voice was utterly hard, cold, rigid.

Abi didn't speak. She didn't try to thaw his anger like she used to do. She didn't reach out her hand like what she used to. She didn't move to kiss him anymore. And that only made Alex become even angrier.

"Are you are you really trying to anger me?" his glare intensified, as if he was now really closed to exploding. "Say something!!" his voice thundered. That was the first time he had yelled at her like that.

Abi swallowed, biting her lips so hard to keep herself from crying. Something painfully heartbreaking was burning in every nook of her bones. Her blood seemed to have turned into a flowing lava, burning down everything inside her.

"Alex" she called out, her voice choking. "I'm sorry it looks like I can't take it anymore. I'm sorry, Alex," her voice cracked again as she kept saying sorry. "I'm sorry, but I I want to go back home now," she continued as silent tears began to flow from her eyes. And then, she smiled, a smile akin to a child's smile who was determined not to weep. "It seems like you were right all along when you said that I couldn't handle it."




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