Hellbound With You Chapter 178

177 Advantage

Abi's gaze flew towards Alex the moment she felt the cold chills coming from him. His eyes were incredibly sharp as it focused towards something. Abi followed his line of sight and was speechless when she saw that he was glaring at the peaches on Ezekiel's and Chris' plates.

"Alex" Abi called out in a whisper to get his attention. Somehow, she got through to him and he immediately looked at her. His chilling aura was controlled again as their eyes met but Alex was obviously restraining himself to the extreme. She could see him frowning and his hands were clenched at his sides. She looked at him and felt a bit worried, but also elated at the same time, because he was doing his best to behave for her.

"Aren't you supposed to be the one to eat those?" he suddenly asked seriously and Abi could only press her lips tightly. She couldn't believe that Alex seemed unhappy because the peaches he made ended up being served to someone else.

But seeing that this seemed to be quite serious to him, Abi quickly started to coax him. Even though he promised he would behave, and she could see that he was truly doing his best, Abi didn't want him to be like this and resenting Ezekiel and Chris for eating his peaches.

Abi held his hand, pulled him with her and stepped out of the back door. Abi faced him as she held his hands, pressing them gently as she looked up at him with a big smile.

"It's okay, Alex, those peaches are just chocolates. Don't worry about it, okay?" she said and Alex's eyes slightly widened before he cleared his throat.

"Who said I was worried about it?" he glanced at the door and Abi just smiled again.

Seeing her smile, the man straightened up and then he pinned her against the door. He bent down until their faces were close.

"Why should I care about those when I could always eat the real ones right here?" he pointed on her chest sexily, causing Abi to feel like all her blood just rushed up to her head.

Abi caught his hands before he could touch her peaches as she bit her lips.

"A-alex, you said you would behave. Don't take back your words!" she complained with her flushed face and Alex somehow mellowed down. He turned his back from her and looked up the sky, a smirk forming on his lips.

He was thinking to himself, trying to remember if he ever did anything like this before. He was used to doing whatever he wanted without restraint so restraining himself to not do something had never been added to his dictionary. Whatever he wanted, he did. He didn't care about the result or consequences at all; he just did whatever he wanted and had been living that way ever since he could remember. But, here he was, actually trying to suppress himself and it seemed that he had been doing this since the day he met her without him realizing.

"Alex?" he heard her call his name softly as she tugged his shirt from the back.

Turning to her, Alex bent down and kissed her lips gently. "Don't worry, little fruit, I will not go back on my words and I will behave for the rest of the night," he said before taking her hand and bringing her back inside. Abi smiled as she looked at his broad back. The kiss he just gave her reminded her of her first kiss when he gave her a simple yet gentle kiss.

The heartwarming event then continued. Everyone had a good time and it was lively until the end.

The guest slowly dispersed until the only ones left were Kelly and the five gentlemen.

Chris was having a good time chatting with Abi's family and they truly looked like they were close to him as well as Abi. One could tell in one glance that Chris almost looked like he belonged to the family.

"That movie star seems to have won the favor of your girlfriend's family, Alex. It's quite obvious. Ah, that's the advantage of being a childhood friend, eh? If they didn't get separated, or if they had reunited before she met you, those two might have been a couple by now "

Xavier suddenly clamped his mouth and he slowly hid behind Zeke. He was saying all this because Alex was unusually calm the entire time, so calm he wasn't even talking anymore. He thought the man was just bored and he didn't care about that guy but just a one glance from Alex at the moment, made his heart jump. That one look was one of those serious warnings he gave out before killing his enemies. Ah, did I barely escape death?

Xavier patted his pounding heart and was relieved when he saw that Alex was looking at the family again.

"Uncle, grandma, grandpa, Abi, I will drop by again soon," Chris said, looking at Abi intently. It was obvious that the way he looked at her was different. He clearly adored her and he wasn't even hiding it. He then hugged everyone and gazed at Abi before he hugged her again. "Happy birthday, Abi," he whispered in her ear.

It was then that Alex, the statue, finally moved from his spot and walked closer to them.

Xavier's eyes widened as he looked at Zeke. "Zeke, what should we do? It seems like he has reached his limit! Do something! He's going to kill that childhood friend!"

"Shut up, Xavier, he's not going to do that in front of Abigail."

"How can you be so sure? You know how ruthless Alex is, he wouldn't care!"

"Relax, did you forget? He's not the same Alexander we know."

"Well but"

As Xavier was panicking, something unexpected came out of Alex's mouth as he approached Abi and her family.

"Abi," he called out and Chris let go of her upon seeing him. Alex stared at Chris as he spoke. "I've decided to stay and sleep here with you again tonight."

Everyone: ". . .?!"




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