Hellbound With You Chapter 170

169 Love

Alex found himself hugging her back until Abi had fully calmed down.

"Can I sleep with you tonight?" she asked and Alex eyes widened a bit. But then, he cleared his throat immediately, realizing that this girl obviously didn't mean anything more than the literal meaning of her words.

Without a word, he held her hand and he led her back inside her room. He climbed on her bed and lay down as he gestured for her to lie down next to him.

Abi didn't hesitate and immediately climbed on the bed and lay on her side, facing him. Her eyes never left his face.

"Are you still angry?" she asked weakly. Her voice sounded a little hesitant.

Alex, who was staring at the ceiling, lifted his arm and covered his eyes with the back of his hand.

"I don't know" he mumbled.

"I'm sorry, I "

"No," he cut her off as he turned and look at her. He suddenly pulled her closer to him until their bodies shared each other's warmth. "I think I'm just angry with myself right now. So forget about it and get some rest."

"Why? Is it because you couldn't control yourself?"

Alex fell silent and then she felt him let out a small sigh.

"Abigail I think next time when you see me starting to get angry, it's better for you to run away from me. Or at least try to hide away somewhere," he said, his voice velvety smooth.

Abi was surprised. She attempted to lift her head to look at him but Alex held her down and didn't let her, as if he didn't want her to see his face.

"I told you I'm getting crazier by the day. Who knows what I'd do to you next time? So at least make sure to take precautions."

She shook her head and she pulled away from him. This was the first time Alex talked to her this way. His voice, his words and the way he held her at that moment it was all just incredibly soft and warm.

The instant she saw his eyes; Abi couldn't help but fall in a daze. It was like the glaciers in his eyes had completely melted, like all the iron walls had been torched and once they reached their boiling point, they all melted down to the ground. She never saw him make such a soft expression before. His hard and cold, angry face had become immaculate, looking like a sad, fallen angel.

The expression he showed her at that moment was enough to wreak havoc inside her heart and mind and she couldn't speak. She felt like she didn't want to blink because she was afraid that once she did, his face would become hard and cold again. She wanted to just watch him like this, just for a while longer

"Tsk, stop staring and sleep." He twitched as he lifted his hand and placed it on her nape, planning to pull her down. His expression was finally back to its usual unreadable state, although he still looked a tad bit softer than usual.

Abi let him pull her down but she placed her upper body on top of him, hugging him tightly. She really loved this man so, so much, so bad she could hardly contain it. The flame that grew in her heart every time she looked at him, every time she touched him, was becoming more and more fierce. She never knew that love could feel like this. It was stronger than she expected, tougher than she thought, and much more powerful than she ever imagined.

What she felt the longer she stayed with him and the shorter her days became, was becoming so intense she started to get scared. She felt like her heart had become a ticking time bomb with only ten seconds left. What would happen to it once the countdown reached zero?

Abi's grip on him tightened. She wanted to speak but then, she decided not to. She was afraid that the words would burst out from her lips and if that happened, it might open a can of worms.

"What's wrong? Are you still scared?" Alex lifted his hand and wrapped it around her back. "That that was just a dream, Abigail. Don't think too much more about it," he whispered, although there seemed to be an undercurrent in his voice as he said his last two sentences.

"Please don't leave even when I fell asleep, okay?" she replied in a weak voice.

"I won't."

Time ticked by and the girl on top of him finally started to breathe steadily. He didn't move for a long time but when he was sure that she was in deep slumber, he carefully put her back on the bed. The girl was gripping his shirt in a tight fist and when he tried to remove it, her hand crawled around his waist .

Alex smiled seeing how stubborn she was even in her sleep. He stared at her face. His expression was indescribable although his eyes were filled with restrained emotions wanting to gush out. He closed his eyes, laid back and placed his hand on his head before he tugged his hair. He was obviously torn about something. He remembered what he did to her in the car and he grited his teeth. He didn't want to hurt this little fruit but he felt so wild back then that he couldn't seem to stop himself. Why was he finding it so damn hard to control his actions when it came to her?

He opened his eyes and saw that the moon was peeking through the window. He stared at it and spoke quietly.

"Tell me, what's happening to me? What should I do to..." he trailed off before he closed his eyes and laughed throatily for a second, as if he was laughing at himself for asking for advice from an inanimate object. Maybe he was crazy after all.

However, his smile disappeared when the sleeping girl's grip on his waist tightened as a few faint words escaped from her lips.

"Alex I love you"




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