Hellbound With You Chapter 169

168 Crazier

Abi gasped as Alex suddenly pinned her down on the back seat. Her eyes were wide as she looked at the ice cold glimmer in his eyes and she couldn't help but feel nervous.

"Ale "

Before she could even form his name, Alex's lips slammed on hers. He kissed her hard, so hard and deep that Abi could taste blood. He was rough and untamed, as if the puppy had transformed into a dangerous beast. He was hot and damn wild, so wild he was almost not letting her breathe.

Abi moaned against his lips but the man didn't stop and continued kissing her hard, almost as if he was venting something in his kisses. Was it anger? Abi didn't want this she didn't like Alex being like this

When their lips finally parted, Abi gasped so hard, panting heavily as if she had been underwater for a long while. A single tear drop even escaped her eyes as she heaved for air. Her hands on his collar trembled and fell on her own chest, clutching her shirt as she took several deep breaths.

Alex on the other hand, froze the moment he saw her struggling to stabilize her breathing. His face became even darker. He watched her and didn't move until Abi finally caught her breath and was breathing normally again. She felt her lips become swollen and her throat became dry because of her gasping, since she had just run quite a distance before he kissed her.

Her eyes then moved towards Alex's face and she bit her lips. He was looking down, as if he wanted to hide his face.

Abi lifted her hand to touch his face but the man pulled away and sat back. He ran his fingers through his hair and his lips curved into a wicked smile.

He closed his eyes as he threw back his head.

Abi slowly rose and knelt on the seat as she approached him. She looked at the deep frown on his face and she carefully lifted her hand to touch him.

However, Alex caught her wrist before her finger could touch his skin.

"Abigail, are you not getting tired of dealing with me?" he suddenly asked. He opened his eyes and looked at her. There was an indescribable emotion in his eyes as he smiled coldly. "It seems that everything I do always ends up hurting you." He shook his head and sighed. "You should know by now that I am crazy, Abigail." He pinched her chin gently and stared at her swollen lips. "And it seems I am getting crazier by the day" he trailed off before he let go of her and closed his eyes again. Abi reached out for him again but he quickly climbed out of the car before Abi could reach him, leaving her hand hanging in mid air.

Alex opened the door on the driver's seat and started the car.

"Your other two requests I'll fulfill them tomorrow," he calmly said before he accelerated the car.

They arrived at the mansion early that night. Alex was seemingly calm again but he didn't talk much. He told her to eat more and then asked her to go to her room and rest.

Abi laid on her bed with millions of thoughts in her head. She wanted to tell him that he was not crazy. Or maybe even if he was, she didn't care and she would still love him anyway. She was busy thinking about the reason behind what he did and what made him react that way. Was it just pure anger? Was it jealousy?

Abi drifted to sleep thinking about the day. It ended a little bit unpleasantly but when she thought about the things that had happened since the morning, she smiled and her face became peaceful.

However, as the night became deeper, Abi's peaceful sleep started to be disrupted.

It was pitch black all around her but she saw herself, dressed in white, as she stood by the door. This was the door to Alex's room, and then, everything turned black again. Abi crawled in the dark for a long while until her throat ran so dry it was getting hard to breathe. She panted and gasped but she continued crawling until she saw a small little light ahead of her. She chased it, reaching out her hand to grab at it but she fell. It was a seemingly endless abyss, swallowing her up. Suddenly she saw blood all over her. There was blood in her hands and she was holding a knife. She started to tremble and she wanted to scream but she couldn't. She couldn't move no matter how she struggled. She wanted to throw away the knife that was stained with blood but it was stuck on her palm. Then, she looked up and saw Alex. He was smiling but there was blood flowing from his mouth which flowed down over his clothes, staining them red. His eyes filled with unbearable pain and regret and sadness as he reached out his hand to touch her.

"Ahh!" Abi woke up panting. She was sweating hard and slightly trembling. She hugged herself as she tried to calm her racing heart. It was that dream again. Why? Why was she having such a dream? Last night, her dream stopped when she saw Alex's face. But this time, it went on for a little bit longer.

Abi looked around and shivered, remembering those bloody images. She was scared. She climbed out of her bed and run out of her room.

She headed towards Alex's door and stood there before she knocked on it.

The door opened and Alex immediately stepped out the instant he saw her. Abi tried to glance inside the room before he closed it behind him, but it was pitch black.

"What's wrong? Are you okay?" Alex's brows creased as he held her shoulders. He could see her wet face and her hand shivering uncontrollably. "Did you did you have a nightmare again?" he asked gently and Abi nodded before she wrapped her hands around his waist and hugged him.

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