Hellbound With You Chapter 167

166 Warning

Chris' eyes immediately flew to the man sitting next to Abi, holding her hand and he was again, shocked.

This man, he recognised him. There was no way he could ever forget that face. This guy was the cause of one of his co-actor's suicide just a year ago. Dianne Xin was an award winning actress and she was Chris' female counterpart. They acted alongside each other since they were still newbies and became close friends. That was how Chris knew about this mysterious man. He had seen how Dianne became crazy for him. He knew he couldn't put all the blame on this man but he had seen how heartless this man was towards his friend. He was a man without empathy or even a little care. If he showed even a little care for Dianne, maybe, she would still be alive right now. But he was inhuman, someone without any emotion, and above all, he was simply a shady character and the epitome of danger. And now, he was actually here and even calling Abi his girl?!

Chris looked at Abi with wide eyes filled with questions.

"Abi, what is he talking about?" he asked her.

"Uhm this is Alex, Chris. He's my boyfriend." Abi introduced and Chris's lips could only part in disbelief. "Let's take a seat please. We can't disturb the others. Also, please cover your face, Chris. People might recognize you and then you'd be done for!" Abi whispered before she sat down and pulled him down with her. "Let's finish the movie first and talk later. It's about to end anyway." She smiled at him and Chris could only sit again, with a million thoughts and questions running through his mind.

It was then that Alex suddenly wrapped his arm around Abi's shoulder and pulled her closer to him, acting like a possessive boyfriend. His lips were touching Abi's ear as he spoke.

"Didn't you say you two aren't friends anymore? Why do you still want to talk to him? Huh? Abigail?" Alex whispered. Abi turned to look at him and saw the sharp glares in his eyes as he glanced at Chris.

She tilted her head slightly as she blinked at him. "Alex, are you jealous?" she asked but a second later, she just grinned at him. "Kidding, hehe. If you keep acting like that, I would think you're jealous, you know?" she teased. "Even though we were separated for many years, he's still the best friend I had who had been with me since I was young so, of course, I would still want to talk to him," she explained.

Alex stared at her and the next second, he let go of her and quietly leaned his face on his knuckles. He focused his eyes on the screen but his mind was absolutely not on the movie at all. He almost looked like he was sulking like a little child who didn't get his way.

Seeing that Alex seemed to have understood her point, Abi turned to Chris, but Chris was also focused on the screen. Although, like Alex, his mind didn't seem to be focused on the movie either. He also seemed to be thinking about something complicated.

Abi decided to focus on the movie until the end. She stretched her arm and then reached out to hold Alex's hand. The man just glanced at her for a split second.

"Ah, that was nice. Even though I've read the book many times, it still makes me emotional," Abi said after the movie ended. She turned to Chris and her eyes sparkled. "You're amazing Chris! Your acting skills are really great!" she praised him sincerely. She always knew that Chris was born to be an actor and she was the first to encourage him to pursue acting.

Chris softly cleared his throat. He had been constantly bombarded with people saying how awesome and talented he was for a while now that he started to think that these were all fake words people said to him to flatter him. But when this girl was the one saying it, he felt pretty good.

"If you didn't ditch the audition that day, I'm sure you would have been playing my leading lady right now," he mumbled, and it was then that Abi realized that the man was still upset over it. "I haven't forgotten, Abi. I waited there for you for hours. I even begged the directors to wait for you. That day where did you go? I went to your house but no one was there."

Abi fell silent. She didn't know that he came to look for her at their house. She didn't know that he even begged the directors to wait for her. She had no idea about all the things he had done for her at that time.

The reason why she didn't meet him again was because she had been admitted into the hospital since that day. She kept it a secret from him because she didn't want to give him any reason to hold back. Back then, all she wanted was for him to go and chase his dream without looking back.

At that moment, Alex stood up from his seat, pulling Abi's attention away from Chris. She too, stood up, holding Alex's hand again.

"Uhm Alex, can you give me a moment to speak with him? Just a little while?" she asked him as she clung onto his arm.

Alex let out a silent sigh before he glared at Chris. "Fine, one minute."

"Eh? Five minutes, please?"

Alex was about to retort but he closed his lips and bit it. "Fine" was all he said as he glanced at Chris again, as if giving him a warning, before he walked away towards the exit door and leaned on the wall. His eyes were still focused on them like a strict guardian or like an eagle circling its prey.

Alex's mind was was in turmoil. He was doing his best to keep cool and not to go and snatch her away but it was damn hard. He couldn't believe that whatever this was that he was feeling towards that guy was actually worse than what he felt towards Zeke.

He suddenly had the urge to kill him, especially every time this outsider called his little fruit "Abi".

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