Hellbound With You Chapter 165

164 Jealous

Xavier almost choked. Alex wearing a couple shirt? Darn! This was too much!

Alex simply glanced at the men on the sofa while Abi just slightly nodded at them. They began to walk away when Abi suddenly halted.

"Ah, wait a moment, Alex," she told him and she looked towards Ezekiel Qin who was now heading to his room. She ran towards him and stood before him.

"Uhm, Mr. Qin, there's a letter for you," she said with a smile as she took a pink little envelope out of her bag. "This is from little Betty."

Abi gave the envelope to him but the man simply stared at it.

"Why is she giving me this?" the man asked. His usually uninterested eyes were looking at her with interest.

"You're the one who paid her hospital bills, right?"

Ezekiel fell silent and Abi finally confirmed that it was indeed Ezekiel who was behind all the good things that happened to Betty at the hospital. It seemed that this man wasn't as hard as he made out. She couldn't confirm it but back when she left the dungeon, before she collapsed, she saw a blurry silhouette of a man sitting on the ground with a musical instrument. She tried to recognize who it was and the pieces of his physique led her to the conclusion that it was this man. Even though she never confirmed it, she believed that it was him. Since then, her impression of him started to change. It seemed that the rumors about him were wrong and that he was a good person depsite his strict and heartless aura.

"Little Betty wrote this in the hospital and she was waiting for you to visit her but since you seemed to be very busy, I offered to deliver this to you. Please accept it, Mr. Qin," she added as she beamed at him before she held his hand and put the letter on his palm.

However, at that very moment, someone yanked Abi from behind. Her back hit against a broad and strong chest and she immediately knew that it was Alex.

When she looked up at him, she was surprised to see how dark his face was as he glared at Ezekiel.

"Alex?" she called out but then, Alex suddenly pulled her away and he nearly dragged her out of the house.

Abi was confused with Alex's sudden actions. "Alex, what's wrong? We are not in a hurry, are we? We still have "

Alex halted and pinned her on the wall. He was rough and his gaze was as sharp as a knife.

"I don't like you talking to Zeke. No. Don't even go near him. Understand?" he hissed. His voice was cold and almost threatening.

"W-why? I just"

Alex suddenly let go of her and turned his back from her, avoiding her gaze. "Just do what I say, will you?" he said, still not looking at her.

Abi bit her lip as she looked at his back. He seemed angry. She wanted to ask but she didn't because she didn't want their date to be ruined. So instead, she gave in and hugged him, leaning her head on his back, something that made the man, whose mood had turned unbelievably sour, suddenly mellow down almost immediately.

"Mm, I will do as you say, Alex" she mumbled against his back and Alex let out a sigh. His dark aura dissipated and he cleared his throat.

"Good. Now let's go," he replied and he held her hand, leading her towards the car.

By the doorway, Xavier and Kai were watching them.

"Will you explain to me what just happened?" Xavier asked and Kai leaned on the doorframe.

"He's just being wary of Zeke, I guess."

"Ha! No matter how I look at it, that's clearly jealousy, Kai. Alex is jealous! My goodness, he never acted like that with anyone before! It's like he's already in love!"

Xavier said those words as if Alex falling in love was a disaster. He shook his head and tugged at his hair as he paced back and forth in front of Kai.

The man and woman, wearing matching couple shirts with half a heart printed on their shirts, stood outside the cinema trying to decide what movie to watch.

The cinema was bustling with people moving inside and out but no matter if they were going in or coming out, their eyes were inevitably pulled towards this beautiful couple looking at the 'Now Showing' posters outside. They didn't know why their eyes were drawn to this particular couple. Couples wearing matching outfits were a normal occurence, after all, so what made this couple any different?

Was it because the man's aura was quite intimidating, completely contradicting the cuteness of the couple shirt? Or was it the carefree look of the woman who seemed unbothered by his cold, scary aura?

However, it was as if the couple was in their own world because they didn't notice all the looks they were attracting.

"Which one do you want to watch?" Abi asked as the two stood in front of the movie posters. "Sci-fi, action, romance, comedy?"

"Just choose the one you like, little fruit."

"Okay, we're going to watch this one then!" She pointed at the romantic movie, 'The Last Shooting Star' that was going to premier that night. "This is the movie adaptation of that book you read for me that night." She beamed at him. "Quite an amazing coincidence, right?"

Alex looked at her excited face and was about to agree that it was indeed a nice coincidence but his eyes narrowed the moment he realized that Abigail was staring at the male lead's face for a while now.

He tilted his head to block her view and when Abi saw the displeasure in his face, she didn't know why but she suddenly started to explain herself to him before he could even ask.

"Ah, this guy here. He's my childhood friend," she told him and Alex creased his brows.

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