Hellbound With You Chapter 164

163 More Than Enough

The duo returned to Alex's house to get ready for their movie date. It was still early so they still had plenty of the day left to go.

But when they arrived, the other three men were all in the house. They were sitting in the living room and looked like they were discussing a very serious matter.

Alex's gaze instantly became a little sharp the moment he saw them. He asked her to go upstairs and get ready before he went and joined the men.

Abi just smiled and slightly nodded at the other men before she finally climbed up the stairs to her room. Her second request for today was something she really wanted to experience. She had watched many movies and read many novels where the main characters went to a movie date. It seemed so romantic and she wanted to experience it too.

She was a little worried the moment she saw Kai and the others downstairs but she had to stay positive. She just had to keep hoping that their movie date would happen. She couldn't afford to waste a single moment of her time no more. No matter what, she simply wanted to spend every moment of it with him, happily.

Abi had just put on her jeans when the door suddenly opened.

"Ahh!" she yelped as she instantly covered her chest.

Alex was the one who entered the room and he was already dressed up, now wearing his usual dark toned outfit and that elegant long coat. He was leaning by the doorway like the most gorgeous model straight out of a magazine. He looked like he was going to go and receive a certain international award but then again, he always dressed like that every day.

"W-why didn't you knock?" Abi complained. Her cheeks burning red. She was glad that her hair was down.

However, the man just smiled.

"What's the point of hiding from me? I have seen them plenty of times already, my little fruit. And your twin peaches are the prettiest peach I've ever seen, so no need to be embarrassed," he said seriously, without even attempting to avert his eyes away.

Abi blushed even harder. She turned and picked up her bra and put it on in a flash before she put on a simple t-shirt.

Once she was dressed, she puffed her cheeks as she approached Alex. Alex found her expression really amusing as he imagined a raging little fruity lamb rolling towards him with puff of air coming out her nose.

"Hahaha," he laughed out loud once Abi reached him, causing her to blink at him, speechless. He stretched out his hand and gently pinched her cheek. "Why do you look so amusing when you're mad? Huh? My little fruity lamb?" he asked as he played with her flushed cheeks.

Abi couldn't even get mad anymore. This man was a cheat because he called her 'my little fruity lamb'! Abi had never heard Alex call her using the possessive word 'my' before. If only he called her without using the pet names that he made up for her. She kind of wanted to hear it for him to call her 'Abi'

"Alex can you call me Abi?" she suddenly asked. "I just kind of want to hear how it would sound like when you call me that."

She blinked at him and smiled. \t

Alex stared quietly at her for a while. The next second, he pinched her chin and pulled her face closer. He bent closer until his lips were almost touching her ear.

And then

"Abi" he whispered. She felt like that sound traveled along with his hot breath deep within her veins and she herself heat up. It was nicer than what she imagined.

"Happy now?" he asked as he pulled away and Abi grinned so widely, feeling fulfilled and satisfied.

"Mm. Thank you, Alex." She hugged him. Finally, she heard him say it. All her favorite people, the closest people in her life called her Abi, so she had been wanting Alex to call her that as well. Even though she had to ask him to say it this time around, Abi was still happy. This was more than enough for her.

Happily, Abi ran towards her bed and picked up a shirt.

"Alex, uhm can you wear this?" she asked as she opened the shirt in front of him. It was a white shirt and the shape of half a heart with a single, black wing was printed on it .

Now that he saw it, this was obviously the pair to her black shirt which was printed with the same half heart but the wing on hers was white.

"This is my third request for today, Alex, for us to wear a couple shirt," she told him and before Alex could react, she moved and helped him remove his elegant coat. Alex on the other hand wasn't even resisting and was just letting her do as she pleased with him.

And to his surprise, Abigail didn't even shy away while she unbuttoned his shirt. His little fruit seemed to have really ripened up now.

Once Abi finished her task, Alex voluntarily removed it and then silently put on the white t-shirt.

Downstairs, Xavier was sighing like an old man with many, many problems,

"Don't you guys think that Alex has really changed?" he asked but Kai and Zeke remained quiet. "I think he has. Like changed into a completely different person. I am starting to think that he's an imposter, sigh... I don't know what he is thinking anymore... Is he doing this for his sake or for Abigail's sake? What do you guys think?" He looked up to watch for a reaction from the other two but nope, no reactions there. It seemed like he was talking to himself because clearly no one else was listening.

Xavier was about to start blabbering again when they heard steps descending the stairs.

The moment they turned to look, Xavier's mouth dropped.

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