Hellbound With You Chapter 160

159 On My Own

Abi slowly pushed her tongue inside his mouth. Even though she was still quite a novice, she kissed him so passionately that he couldn't resist wanting more. Her kisses were sweet and warm, so warm that Alex felt his world melting around him.

He responded to her, kissing her back in his own slow pace while his hands stayed still and didn't wander around. He was truly tamed at that moment, almost like a well-behaved little dragon in her arms.

Their kiss deepened but remained slow and gentle. Abi felt her heart fill with overflowing emotions as she kissed him. She then intertwined her tongue with his, and their tongues twirled around as if they were suddenly playing a game, something she never imagined was possible. She became more energised as she played tag with his tongue until she needed to catch a breath. Her face was flushed and she realised that she was quite enjoying herself.

"You learn really fast, little lamb. That was not bad," Alex finally spoke and opened his eyes to look at her.

Abi looked at him and was pleased to hear his praise.

Alex watched the rosy glow that surrounded her and his eyes landed on her puffed up lips. After a few seconds' break, Abi moved to kiss him again but Alex's playful attitude slowly disappeared as he held her shoulders, stopping her advance.

"Stop seducing me, Abigail. You know you're still unwell," he told her strictly, his gaze full of warning.

"S-seduce? I'm not trying to seduce you, Alex." Abi shook her head. "I didn't even lick my lips."

"No, you didn't but kissing me like that you might awaken the little monster so don't go any further."

Abi blinked at him and then, she blushed.

"But your little monster is already" she pressed her lips tight as she hesitantly looked down. Well, she had felt something hard pressing on her down there since she kissed him a while ago.

Alex followed her line of sight and it was then that he realized that he was already rock hard.

"F*ck!" he cursed as he threw his head back and pinch the skin between his brows. This girl was truly changing his body. How could he get a hard on so easily with just a simple kiss before he even realized it?!

"I It's okay, I will help you with it," Abi offered and Alex smirked at her in disbelief. He half bit his lips sexily as he stared at her but a moment later, he shook his head.

"No, you're still unwell and weak."


"No buts, Abigail. He will calm down on his own once you stop straddling him." Damn! He couldn't believe he was torturing himself again, but this girl had suffered enough because of him. He couldn't possibly tire her again just to relieve his lust but but this was her fault too!

Damn it, Alex! Take a hold of yourself!

"R-really? Are you sure?" Abi asked him and she even looked worried as she kept glancing at his bulge. She didn't see his face that night when she had read that book to him in her room but now that she was looking at his face, why did he seem extremely uncomfortable? Was he in pain? "You look like you're in pain."

Heaving a sigh, Alex's hand moved to her waist and he made her kneel on the chair, with him still between her legs. He looked up at her with a serious gaze. She had managed to tame his little brother that night but this time Alex could feel that it wasn't possible. He was too hard, maybe because this was the longest amount of time that he hadn't been relieved since the last time she 'helped' him.

His Adam's apple bobbed up and down as he stared at her. It was really taking his everything to stop himself, to just hold himself back. This girl had no idea at all how she was driving him insane!

"Alex uhm if it's really okay with me. If it's just this once, my hand I think I have enough energy to help you," she told him and Alex closed his eyes.

When he opened his eyes again, his gaze was intense.

"No, the doctor said to let you rest. I'll relieve myself on my own."

Abi's widened at hearing his words. "O-on your own?!"

She looked really surprised and confused. That's right, he remembered that this girl had never touched herself.

"Do you want to see me do it?" he suddenly said. Damn, why did he say that?!

Alex never did that in front of anyone before but the moment those words left his mouth, his member hardened even more, causing him to groan. He cursed again inwardly. The thought of having Abigail watching him as he tried to relieve himself turned him on so much.

Alex undid the tie of his robe and she felt his hand move. Abi swallowed as she looked down and saw his little brother. W-why did it look like it became even bigger?

Abi immediately looked at his face, her face a dark shade of crimson from embarrassment.

Alex looked serious as he stared at her. His eyes glimmered and he started to sweat. He was utterly alluring and sexy.

He lifted his left hand and rested it just below her ear. "I can't tire you out so all you have to do is kiss me, okay?" he told him in a very seductive, husky voice and Abi could only nod. He slowly pulled her face down with his left hand moving from her shoulders towards her head. As their lips collided Abi felt his other hand start moving below her but she didn't dare look! She just focused on his mouth, kissing him passionately.

They stayed like that for a while until Alex pulled away from their kiss. His breathing became ragged as he licked her face.

"Ah Abigail. I need you," he groaned, pulling her in again and kissing her again. Then, he pulled away again as he groaned. This time, he threw his head back a little, his hand still moving below him, and Abi had a clear view of his face. Her lips parted as she fell in a daze, watching his face as he closed his eyes in pleasure.

He slowly opened his eyes again and locked his eyes on hers before he suddenly yanked her down, kissed her neck and sucked it hard before he finally exploded.

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