Hellbound With You Chapter 153

152 Again

Luisa was so confused. Who was this man? When did the great Alexander Qin become a man with emotions? And why was he reacting like this? Shouldn't this news make him want to celebrate?

"Is is she really sure this time?" Alex asked, he looked like he was in denial causing Luisa to shake her head in shock and disbelief. This wasn't the Alexander Qin that she and everyone else knew

"Alex, you know that my mother is never mistaken. You asked her to confirm it because you doubted her for the first time. Now the result is the same she clearly said that it is her, Alex."

Alex subconsciously took a step back, a gesture that was just not Alex-like. His face darkened to its darkest state and he was looking on the floor.

"Alex, what's wrong with you?" Luisa was extremely confused and curious as to what was going on with him. She never imagined that something could actually shake this man like this.

"You may leave," was all he said as he turned and was about to open the door when Luisa stopped him.

"Alex, I don't know why you are suddenly like this but my mother sternly told me to warn you you have to move now, otherwise, someone could kill her before you "

"Shut up, Luisa. Nobody would dare to do that."

Luisa sneered secretly behind him as she shook her head. "Alex, do you know what you're saying? That girl could even die just by some simple accident "

"Talk once more and you'll die," he threatened. His eyes blazed with bloodlust causing Luisa's mouth to dry up. She gritted her teeth and stormed out of the room.

Xavier and Kai were standing at the mansion's entrance when they saw the woman hastily walking towards them. They could already tell that whatever news this woman brought was trouble.

"What happened? You actually angered Alex?" Xavier asked, leaning forward to block the woman's way.

"I didn't! He just got angry all of a sudden. I brought him the good news that he has wanted for years yet he's suddenly raging and saying he wants to kill me! Tell me, what the hell happened to him?!"

Hearing Luisa's rant, Xavier pulled his body away. He had found out what he wanted to know and there wasn't really anything else that was interesting. This was just as he expected. Perhaps Zeke already saw this coming, too and that was why he just left like that.

Letting out a bored sigh, Xavier ignored Luisa and he nonchalantly walked back inside the house, leaving Luisa gritting her teeth as she stomped out of the mansion.

Abi spent her entire morning at the orphanage and then she went to the hospital to visit little Betty later that afternoon. That was when Abi found out that the little girl had been transferred from the ward to a private room. Abi asked Mrs. Yan and the woman told her that an anonymous person had paid little Betty's bill and that same someone even sent specialists to check on her since yesterday.

"Did a man in a business suit come and visit her?" Abi asked with curiosity. She was certain that the one behind this was definitely Ezekiel Qin. She couldn't think of anyone else who could do something like this apart from himself and Alex. Maybe Alex could have done it too but it made more sense for it to be Zeke seeing how he was the hospital's owner.

However, Mrs. Yan told her that she didn't see anyone. Abi's brows creased but she thought that maybe Ezekiel was too busy so he decided to extends his help through the shadows.

When Abi saw the little girl, her heart felt heavy. It seemed that Little Betty's strength was dwindling by the day. Abi was glad that the little girl had been transferred to a better ward but her condition was still not getting any better.

Abi spent a few hours with her, reading to her some of her favorite books and showing her the video of the play that she wanted to watch. The sweet girl remained cheerful all throughout the afternoon until she fell asleep.

Abi then left the hospital after that. She saw that the sun was already going down so she quickly went to hail a cab, but when she saw an old lady who was hailing for a cab after her, she let the woman board into the first taxi she hailed.

When she finally got a taxi, she requested the driver to drive a little faster, telling them that she had to arrive home early. However, instead of looking for a way to hasten the trip, the driver chose the route that was full of traffic.

Abi could only bite her lips. She wanted to protest but they were already on the highway. Why did this driver not listen to her? Abi was frustrated and worried. She could already imagine Alex's expression while sitting by the fireplace, waiting for her return.

She brought out her phone and decided to send him a message. She spent a while writing her message to at least coax him and when she finally sent it, she leaned on her seat and took a deep breath. She noticed that they were finally off the highway, wait this was

"Mister, this is not the way," Abi frantically told him but strangely, the driver was not responding. Abi began to feel her heartbeat accelerating. Something wasn't right. Her eyes looked at the man and she finally noticed that his attire was off. He had covered himself with a jacket but she could see that his clothes were all designer brands. What kind of taxi driver would wear something this flashy and luxurious?

Abi swallowed. She forced herself to calm down. She had to think. She couldn't possibly do anything to the man while he was driving or she would be the one who might end up getting hurt. She couldn't afford to get hurt.

The first thing Abi thought of was to just act natural.

"Mister, are we going on a detour?" she innocently asked and the man finally respond at her with a nod.

She trembled when their eyes met through the rearview mirror. This man wasn't an ordinary person. His features, she noticed, was the same as those good looking people in Country V.

Abi immediately realized that this was trouble and that she might be in grave danger again.

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