Hellbound With You Chapter 152

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After dropping Abi off at the orphanage, Alex arrived back at his mansion with a pleasant face.

He had just entered the living room when a series of coughs echoed around him. Xavier, who had just come from the dining hall, choked the moment he saw Alex. What the f*** was he wearing?!

Zeke and Kai, who came into the room after Xavier, saw Alex's clothes and they too immediately looked dumbstruck. An anime printed shirt and mint colored printed pajama pants bloody hell, Alexander Qin! What did you eat today?!

Without question, the three men could already tell who was behind Alex's outfit today. This must have been his little lamb's doing, no doubt about it!

"Alex did you sleep in Abi's house?" Xavier asked as he circled around Alex. He was acting like he was checking to see if this Alex was the real Alexander Qin.

Alex didn't answer and he just sat on his usual seat near the fireplace.

"Xavier, come here." He lifted his hand and gestured for Xavier to come without bothering to turn his head to look.

"Hmm? What is it?" Xavier asked. His eyes were big and round like a cute, little puppy's eyes. It seemed he was excited about what this man was about to say.

Alex brushed his lips against the back of his fingers. He seemed to be thinking about something quite important. He glanced at Xavier with narrowed eyes while the man in front of him almost looked like he was wagging his invisible tail as he waited in anticipation. However...

"Never mind," Alex suddenly said as he waved his hand away, dismissing Xavier.

Xavier was speechless. How could this man do this to him? Darn it, Alex!

While Xavier was yelling at Alex inwardly, Kai walked towards Alex and spoke.

"Luisa is here," he said and the pleasant atmosphere around Alex dramatically disappeared. His brows knitted as he glared at Kai.

A woman then entered the room. Her heels made soft clicking sounds on the marble floor as she waltzed her way towards Alexander. She was extremely beautiful and had a body that every other woman in the world would envy.

"My mother said you don't like to be disturbed at night, Alexander." She gracefully sat across Alex and smiled at him but Alex's expression didn't change.

"Tell me why you're here, Luisa," Alex ordered and the girl stood up and slowly approached him. She bent over him, revealing her flawless cleavage as she sexily whispered in Alex's ear.

"Are you sure you don't want to send these three gentlemen away first? It could be dangerous if they hear this, Alex. This is a very important matter."

Alex closed his eyes before he abruptly stood up.

"Follow me," he ordered and then he headed towards the grand staircase. The woman just smiled triumphantly as she followed behind him.

Zeke's eyes never left the woman's face until she and Alex slowly disappeared up the stairs.

"Tsk! What's the point of hiding it from us?" Xavier complained.

"She probably didn't want Zeke to hear," answered Kai as he glanced at Zeke, who was now wearing his coat.

Zeke's lips simply curved up into a quick half smile before he wordlessly walked away, heading to the entrance door.

"Hey, are you not interested about what Luisa came here for?" Xavier called out.

"Not even a little bit," he responded coolly, before the door closed behind him.

"Sigh that boring guy"

Upstairs, Luisa's smile faded the moment Alex brought her to one of the receiving rooms on the second floor. She had expected him to bring her to the third floor, not this place! And he didn't even choose the finest one, he simply chose the one closest to the stairs!

"Speak," Alex leaned his shoulder by the door as soon as they entered the room. His face was serious and his gaze was sharp but to Luisa, this was perfectly normal. Alex had always been like this since the day they first met, long ago.

Luisa sexily bit her lips and she moved closer to him.

"Why don't we take our time, Alex?" she said seductively. "I've missed the way you taste..."

She started kissing Alex's nape as she whispered those words. Her hands went straight to his thigh and started to crawl their way up. There was a seductive, satisfied smile on her face because she already knew very well what buttons to press to make this man react the way she wanted him to.

But before Luisa could even kiss him again, Alex's hand flew to her neck. He cupped her neck with one hand as he pushed her away at arm's length.

"What did I tell you? Didn't I tell you to speak?" His voice became menacing. "Or do you want me to choke you to death first? Huh? Luisa?"

Luisa was shocked. She didn't expect Alex to react like this. She had known this man for many years and even though he never loved anyone, this man loved sex and beautiful women. This had never been a big deal to him in the past and this was something that she had always done with him every time they met. In all that time, he had never reacted like this. What happened to this man? It hadn't even been a month yet since she was last with him.

"Don't make me repeat myself and tell me what that mother of yours found out this time," he continued.

Luisa knew that she could no longer speak with him normally now that he was like this. Aggravating him any further was the last thing she wanted to do otherwise, she wouldn't even know how she died.

"Alex mother wants me to tell you that there's no more doubt about it. It really is her."

As soon as those words left Luisa's mouth, Alex's hand on her neck slowly loosened and fell to his side. His eyes widened and he looked like he just heard the most devastating piece of news.

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