Hellbound With You Chapter 151

150 Frustrated

Abi felt like ice cold water was poured over her the moment she heard a knock on the door. She pushed Alex off of her and she looked at him with wide eyes.

And then, before the man could register why the little fruit pushed him, Abi slipped away from under him like a swift ninja. The man could only blink and his brows knotted in a hard knot as he looked at the girl who just escaped from his grasp.

Abi moved as if the room was on fire.

"Dad?" she said as she pulled the door open.

Andrew raised a brow, seeing that her light was already off.

"We're you two already sleeping?" the man asked, glancing behind Abi.

"Uhm I was reading a book to him."

"Oh, anyway, I just came to say goodnight. You guys should sleep now, Abi, it's late," he told her, glancing behind her again.

Andrew actually momentarily forgot that a man was inside his daughter's room and he had already knocked when he remembered it. He always checked on Abi like this on his way to the small balcony because he worried about her sleeping late. Ever since she was diagnosed with her illness, her doctor always reminded them to help her maintain a healthy sleeping habit.

"Yes, dad. We're going to sleep now. Goodnight."

"Mn. Goodnight."

Once the door closed Abi slowly walked towards Alex, who was again leaning against the headboard.

"Uhm Alex, let's sleep now, okay?" she whispered as she hesitantly crawled to his side.

"No, I "

"Shh" Abi put her finger on his lips. "Dad is right next to us so please be quiet. Uhm he always sits on the balcony for an hour or two, just looking out into the world before he sleeps, so he is right there across this wall," she explained, her expression almost begging him.

But what Alex did next was pin her down on the bed. His breath was still shallow.

"Are you saying that I'm going to have to sleep like this? Huh? Abigail?" he whispered. His hardness brushed against her body and she felt it throb. Oh no! What should she do? His little monster's really rock hard!

"I'm sorry but we can't. Please, daddy's here. Uhm I will make it up to you once we're back in your house, I promise."

Alex groaned under his breath.

"Shit, Abigail. There no way I can "

Abigail suddenly wrapped her hands around his neck and pulled him in her embrace. "You can, Alex. Please? I know you can. Just this once, okay?" she continued coaxing him, caressing his hair so gently.

Alex was so damn frustrated. How the hell could he sleep like this? Damn!

"It's okay, you can do this. I'm sure if you sleep, little big monster will also sleep."

Alex groaned again. He was doing his very best not to move on his own and ignore her pleas. He thought that this girl was truly asking for impossible. How the hell could he sleep if his little monster was standing tall and hard like this?! This little fruit had no idea what kind of torture she was asking him to go though!

"Abigail, I don't think I "

"Shh" she stopped him again. "Don't worry, I will help you sleep, okay?" she said and she hugged him even tighter, and then, she gently pushed him, making him lie back.

The man, who was dying from frustration, gritted his teeth as Abi looked down at him. But then, the next moment, Abi bent and kissed his forehead. That magical kiss that appeared out of nowhere made his eyes widen and he felt like time stood still for a moment.

"Goodnight, Alex." Her eyes shone so bright before she turned the light off and wiggled her body near him. One arm wrapped on top of his torso as she pulled her body next to him and hugged him.

And thus, for the first time in his life, the great Alexander Qin had to sleep with an excited little big monster.

Little fruit, you will pay for this once we're home!

The next morning, Alex woke up in Abi's bed alone. The sun was just peeking from the horizon. He cracked his neck as he sat on the bed, with his one long leg on the floor. He couldn't believe he had actually slept this long. He couldn't even remember the last time he slept to the point that his neck needed to be stretched like this upon waking up.

A disbelieving smirk curved on his lips as he ran his fingers through his hair and he plopped his big body on the bed again, his arms wide and with one leg still on the floor.

He stared at the ceiling and he couldn't stop himself from smiling. He remembered what happened last night and he shook his head. He had actually really fallen asleep like that and to think that he didn't even need to force himself to sleep. It was like she had lulled him to sleep with magic. Was it that kiss?

He shook his head again before he stood up and went downstairs. The two women were happily doing some house chores while the men were reading newspapers while drinking coffee.

When Abi saw Alex, she quickly dragged him to the table.

That morning, Alex joined the family in their usual morning routine and he actually didn't mind it at all. He ate breakfast with them until it was finally time for them to leave.

By the door, Abi kissed her family goodbye.

"Alexander, if you ever want to visit again, our humble house is always open to you," the old grandma told Alex with a bright smile and Alex glanced at Abi before he hesitantly nodded.

"T " Alex started as his eyes wandered for a moment. "T-thanks for having me," he said and Abi beamed with the brightest smile she had ever worn. Her family didn't know this but Abi knew how much of a big deal that single 'thank you' meant, because since she first met Alex, she never heard this man say those words to anyone.

Abi was still smiling widely as she waved her family goodbye from inside the car, before they sped off.

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