Hellbound With You Chapter 150

149 Touch Me

Abi buried her face on the open book. Reading those lines out loud, combined with the fact that she was using their names, made this all feel too much for her. But before she could even recover from the heat, Alex's hands touched one of the twin peaches again, even squeezing her nipple slightly. Oh no, she couldn't afford to be distracted! But the way Alex played with her, the way his hands were moving around her body she just couldn't handle it.

"Ah, Alex, wait"

"Hmm? I feel like you are asking me to punish you for real, Abigail. Are you? Huh?" he whispered as his hand slipped under her large shirt, gently caressing her molds through her bra. "Tell me Abigail You're stopping because you wanted me to touch you, right?"

"No, I I was just embarrassed reading it. I ah, Alex." A little tear began to appear in the corner of Abi's eyes. It wasn't because of fear or pain, but pure pleasure. What Alex was doing to her was just too much for her that her body reacted like this.

"Hmm? You're embarrassed? From reading the book or from my touch?" he asked. He then started placing little butterfly kisses on her nape. Abi's breathing started to become shallow. How could she even think when he was touching her body like this? His hands, his lips, his breath against her skin and his deep, husky voice how could she even stand her ground against all those?

"Answer me, Abigail," he demanded. He didn't stop what he was doing and Abi could only wiggle, trying to escape from his solid arms. "You don't like what I'm doing to you right now? Do you hate it when I touch you here?" he stared into her intoxicated eyes. "Tell me, do you hate this?" he pressed, his gaze like a black hole sucking her in, forcing the words out of her mouth before her brain could even process what they were.

"I don't hate it, Alex," she replied and the man's lips curved up. There was a triumphant look on his face as he sexily half bit his bottom lip.

"Damn it, Abigail" he groaned and the next moment, his lips captured hers.

Abi moaned under his lips. It was hot. His lips delved even deeper and she felt his tongue say hello to hers. She didn't know if he was deliberately trying to shut her brain down but that was what happened. Her brain stopped thinking and her body took over.

By the time their lips parted, Abi was gasping for air. Alex's eyes were sparkling intensely, filled with desire.

"Abigail do you want to continue reading? Or do you want me to continue touching you?" he questioned and Abi felt her face burned again. How how could he ask her that?

"I I'll continue reading" she replied and the man took a deep breath, as if to capture back his self control that seemed to have escaped.

"What a stubborn, little fruit," was what he said and he leaned his head on his knuckles again, though that intense look in his eyes didn't disappear. It remained there, idling, ready to go.

Both of them were already sweating. Their breaths were warm and their skin felt hot against each other. But Abi persisted and continued reading. How could she admit to him that she'd rather be touched by him than continue reading like this? She might die from embarrassment.

""Suddenly, Alexander tugs my p-panties off. I gasp and cover myself but he quickly catches my hand. "No need to be shy, babe. You're very beautiful down there," he murmurs with his scorching eyes and I gape at him. However, when he pulls his boxers off, I am left in shock at what I see. I suddenly feel a little scared. His pen his pe"

"His what, Abigail?" Alex smirked. He saw how red her face was now. It was such a sexy sight and he couldn't get enough of it. This little pink peach was driving him to the very edge and he couldn't wait for her to give in. But his little fruit said it, that word that she could hardly bring out of her mouth, and the little monster hardened even more. Sh*t! Abigail!

""He orders me to pull my knees up and I obey. "Are you ready, A-abigail? I'm going to f fu"""

Abi finally buried her face in her hands, letting go of the book. "I'm sorry, Alex I am too embarrassed to read it," she confessed, hiding her face and Alex smiled.

"So me, touching you is less embarrassing?"

"I that"

"Abigail" he called out. His voice sank lower than what she thought was possible as he kissed the back of her hands that were covering her face. "Tell me you want me to touch you," he whispered, pulling down her hands. His eyes were like hypnotic dark crystals, and it was impossible for her to escape. "C'mon, I want to hear it"

His hands weren't on her body anymore at this point but his breaths, his voice and his eyes were doing their work and she couldn't resist. She didn't know what he did to her but when he wasn't touching her, she wanted his hands all over her so badly. When his warm skin left her, she longed for it it was strange. Her body was slowly becoming like a stranger to her.

And before she knew it

"T-touch me, Alex" she uttered. No!

Abi's eyes widened as soon as she realized what she said. How could she say those words? They can't do naughty things here! Her family might

But it was too late because Alex immediately bent down and kissed her passionately as his hand freely roamed all over her body under her shirt. He was barely holding on to his self control as he tasted her sweet lips.

Just as Alex was about to move his hands lower, there was a sudden knock on the door.

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