Hellbound With You Chapter 149

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Alex half bit his lips as he looked down at her big clear eyes. He was so damn turned on and the reading hadn't even started yet.

He bent closer until his lips almost brushed against her ear. "Abigail, make sure to read this with feeling, okay?"

Abi narrowed her eyes. "Geez who do you think I am? I could totally pass as a professional storyteller okay? I have been doing this since I was a teenager. I will make you see what real story telling is." She was very confident and Alex could only chuckle throatily. This nave little fruit truly was amusing.

"You better show me your professional storytelling then, Abigail. Don't you dare cower midway," he whispered, trailing his finger on her shoulder blade.

"But but don't distract me like this once I start, okay?" she negotiated.

"Hmm? You're forbidding me to touch you?"

"Mn while I read. I won't be able to concentrate if your hand touches me like that."

"Sure, no hands." His smile was incredibly sexy that Abi averted her gaze away before she fell into a daze again.

"Here we go." He then put the book in her hand which started from Chapter 9. "I'm ready, Abigail. You may start now."

Alex leaned his head on his knuckles, while his elbow was on top of his folded knee. His head tilted a little so he could see the girl's expression.

"Okay, here we go," Abi took a deep breath as anticipation brimmed in Alex's eyes. He just couldn't wait anymore to hear her voice.

But as she opened her lips, Alex stopped her again. "Wait, Abigail I'd like you to replace the man's name with mine."

Abi's eyes circled. "Ehh? Why?" she was surprised.

"That's my request, Abigail. Also, change the girl's name with yours."

Abi blinked at him but in the end, she soon nodded, like the obedient little lamb that she was. "Oh okay."

"Good girl. Now start."

Abi finally lifted the book into a reading position and she smiled at him one more time before she turned her attention to the book.

A second later, she finally began.

""Alexander gazes down at me. "You're so damn beautiful, Abigail," he whispers and I blushed. His words are like honey on fire crawling under my skin, making me hot. "God, I want to suck your lips," he added as his rough finger rubbed my lips""

Abi suddenly paused. She finally realized what she was reading and she felt like her face was about to burst. She was so red and her heart was thumping wildly. This was something she never expected at all.

"Abigail, do professional storytellers behave like that?" he whispered, almost doing the same thing the man on the book was doing. "If you stop again, I will touch you," he added, his voice was so hypnotic that Abi didn't notice her lips involuntarily parting.

It was suddenly very hot in the room. H-he would touch me?

"Continue, Abigail," he blew on her ear and the girl was jolted back to reality.

"O-okay don't blow in my ear like that," she complained, her face still blazing red and the man chuckled softly.

"Then continue. Stop making me wait."

""He leans down and grabs my thigh and parts them, wedging his body in between. He silently looks at me as his face moves closer and closer to mine, until our noses nearly touch. And he kisses my lips gently. "I want you, A-abigail, please, m-make love with me.""

There was almost smoke coming out from Abi's ears. This was too much for her and she paused again. Alex's hand immediately began to crawl lightly, like a feather, from her nape to her collarbone. She felt her body tingle where his hand caressed her. "Every time you pause, I will touch you." he whispered and Abi's grip on the book tightened. She continued reading despite her flustered face and Alex's hand left her skin.

""He pleads and my heart and body immediately nod at him. He smiles with his bold, tantalizing eyes. He begins undressing before my eyes, revealing his body, inch by slow inch. Damn! His abs, I I'd like to lick them. I can't help but imagine them as delicious hard chocolate bars. A-alexander was just too hot. He leans down and kisses me again. His lips demanding and deep as his hand skillfully and slowly peels off my clothes down to my red lacy underwear. "Oh, Abigail I can't wait to be inside you""

Abi choked and she coughed softly while Alex's hands mercilessly moved in on her again, as if he was actually waiting for the moment she paused so his unruly hands could start their business.

"What's wrong?" his deep voice resonated in her ears as his fingers slowly travel downwards, almost like warm liquid travelling down to her twin peaks. "You said I like peaches, right?" he suddenly asked.

"I I only said that to "

"Actually, I do like them now. Although, I think these are the only peaches I will ever like."

His hand was already on her twin peaches as he whispered those words, causing Abi to gasp.

"A-alex wait I'll continue now" Abi frantically lifted the book again and she continued reading. She didn't know how reading a book ended up like this. After this, she would never trust Alex's choice of book ever again.

""He looks down into my eyes and utters, "open your legs for me, A-abigail." My eyes go to his face. I feel like I am too intoxicated to move. "Ah, you're not being obedient, Abigail, shall I punish you?" He smiles, a sexy and wicked kind of smile. I don't shake my head. I feel like I want to experience the punishment he is talking about. "Tell me, Abigail, do you want me to punish you?" He licks my lips down to my jawline. "C'mon, tell me, baby. What do you want me to do?""Punish me, Alexander," I replied""

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