Hellbound With You Chapter 148

147 Wasted

Inside Abi's room, Alex was once again looking around like a curious child.

Abi's room was made of wood and her curtains were yellow. There was a shelf filled with books on one wall and her bed sat on the corner by the other wall. He noticed that her bed wasn't that big. She also had a study table, a closet and a single sofa chair by the window.

Alex sat on her bed and Abi told him to wait there so she could go and get him some clothes to change into. Her grandma helped her find a clean shirt and trousers that might be big enough to fit Alex.

Fortunately, they were able to find some which Abi immediately brought to him.

Alex was the first to go into the shower. Once he came out, Abi couldn't help but gape at him. Well, Alex dressed in a normal printed shirt and printed pajama pants was just a sight to behold. He almost looked like an ordinary man, if not for his unfading gracefulness and built in imposing aura.

The man glanced at Abi as he dried his hair with his towel. How could he still look deadly handsome despite the fact that his shirt was printed with cardcaptor Sakura's picture?

Abi then entered the bathroom after him after telling Alex not wait for her and to go upstairs first. He watched the bathroom's door closed and he looked at the quiet living room. It seemed that her family was already in their beds and were probably getting ready to sleep.

Upon reaching Abi's room, Alex's gaze roamed around again. His gaze caught the yellow scarves hanging on the back of the door, neatly arranged.

This room, just as he expected, was so little-lambish. It was warm, pure and peaceful, just like Abigail. He thought that this kind of place would suffocate him, because a place like this would never be suited for someone like him but for some reason, his body seemed to like it here more than what he could accept.

After a while, the door opened and Abigail entered. Her hair was tied in a bun and she wasn't wearing pajamas tonight. She was wearing a comfy pair of shorts and an oversized shirt which was printed with a superman logo.

She smiled at him, seeing that he seemed comfortable as he sat on the bed with a book in his hand.

She crawled on the bed and asked, "What are you reading?" She tilted her head and when she saw its title, her brows creased. Shades? She didn't remember owning a book with that title.

Alex's lips curved sexily as he bent and pinched Abi's chin.

"I didn't know that you actually read something like this, little fruit," his voice was husky and sexy.

"Hm, where did you get that?"

"Under your bed, Abigail."

"Ah! That's Kelly's stuff!" she exclaimed. "She told me not to touch the stuff in her box and asked me to keep it there until she picked them up when she came over."

Somehow, Alex had kind of expected this.

"So this is what's inside her box? Why did she sternly forbid me from touching it?" she curiously said as she sat next to him. "Is the book good?"

She leaned in to have a look at it but Alex abruptly closed it.

"Well, I saw a pretty interesting scene," he said and Abi's eyes widened in curiosity.

"Really? You like this book? Ah, how about you let me read it to you? I mean, I still haven't read a book back to you."

Alex was speechless. He was trying not to do anything tonight because they were in her room and inside her family's house but here she was doing this to him.

"I can't think about anything else that we can do so I better pay you one of my debts tonight," she said, stretching her hand out to take the book.

Alex pinched her chin again. "Abigail, this could turn to "

The girl caught his face and moved her face closer to his. "It's okay Alex, I'd like to read you a book tonight," she told him and with just that, Alex's self-control was thrown out the window.

A while ago, when he scanned the book and saw this particular content, he suddenly started imagining dirty things, thinking about doing naughty things with her in this room that was filled with Abigail's scent, the room where she grew up in and it was unexpectedly turning him on. He cursed himself and tried to shake the thoughts away, telling himself that the room might not be soundproofed and that her family was here but because of his innocent little fruit, his effort to keep his cool was wasted.

"Fine, but your voice might leak out, Abigail are you not worried about that?" his voice had turned huskier.

"It's okay, dad wont here anything, unless of course, if he eavesdropped by the door, but don't worry, dad will not do something like that," she assured him, causing Alex to want to pinch the skin between his brows.

Alex stood up and turned the bedside lamp on. "You can read with just the bedside lamp on, right?" he asked and when the girl nodded, he locked the door and turned the lights off.

He then sat on the bed and leaned on the headboard.

"Are you sure about this?" he asked and Abi didn't know why but his eyes changed the moment the light turned off. It was like his beast mode had been immediately activated.

The girl nodded, as if she was hypnotised.

"Come here," he softly said with his deep gorgeous voice and Abi felt her heart's tempo being messed up.

She scrawled up the bed but then she stopped after a second, wondering where he wanted her to go. She looked up at him, asking for some kind of instruction, but all he gave her was a sexy smirk. Abi felt her heart jump again and she forced herself to move. She crawled up between his legs and when she was face to face with him, she turned around and sat between his legs, with her back on his chest. She then wiggled to get more comfortable and in doing so, rubbed her backside on his little monster.

He barely stopped the groan from coming out of his lips.

Once she felt comfortable, she then turned her head and looked up at him before she asked innocently, "Are you ready for me to start reading now?"

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