Hellbound With You Chapter 142

141 My Type

Meanwhile, backstage, Kai was about to go and check on Alex because he was taking too long when a long leg suddenly stretched out to stumble him.

He quickly halted in his tracks, looking at the leg, before his eyes travelled to the owner's face.

"Yo, pretty boy" Kelly winked sexily at him as she looked up. She was sitting on the floor and leaning on the wall. She was wearing black boots and her long legs, that looked like they were meant for the runway, were definitely flawless. However, this badass looking girl was that same annoying little psycho who had given him a hella hard time back in Country V. Actually, he had been avoiding her since he saw her in this place, but it looked like this little hooligan wasn't willing to let him live in peace.

Kai sighed and he lifted his legs, planning to walk over her and leave to go get Alex, when to his surprise, the damn hooligan lifted her leg as well. She lifted it so high that her leg was trapped between Kai's legs.

Kai could only open his mouth as he looked down at her in disbelief.

"Put down your legs now, you hooligan," he said in a firm and hard voice, but the girl simply smiled.

"And if I don't? What are you going to do? Huh? My pretty boy?" she sexily asked as she slowly lifted her long leg even higher. Kelly was athletic and her movement was pretty agile so what she was doing was pretty easy for her.

Kai was starting to pop veins. This damn hooligan was really shameless! How could a lady act like this?!

When Kelly started moving her leg even higher, Kai finally lost it and he grabbed her foot.

"Ah!" Kelly faked a moan, causing the few staff to look at Kai with accusing looks. One of them was about to come over and ask what was going on when Kai, who immediately felt damn embarrassed, quickly let go of her foot.

Damn this woman!

"Hehe," Kelly grinned as she stood up in a flash. She blocked Kai's path and looked closer at his pretty face. "Sigh you're really cute. I can't help but want to tease you every time I see this pretty face," she whispered.

For what felt like the hundredth time since he met her again in country V, Kai wished that this woman was a man, so that he could at least fight him and beat him to a pulp because he really had no idea how deal with her!

"My, my what's going on here? I didn't know that the oh-so esteemed Skyler Qin was secretly dating too, eh?" Xavier's arm suddenly draped around Kai's shoulders the instant the damn hooligan was forced to leave him because someone called out to her. "Whew! She's hot and I would say, definitely my type." Xavier whistled and Kai violently shook his arm off him. "Hey, hey don't be mad. If she's already yours, I "

"She's not mine or anything like that so just shut up, Xavier." Kai felt annoyed. That girl was really sucking every ounce of patience from his body.

"Oh? She's not your girlfriend?!" Xavier's eyes were wide.

Huh? Girlfriend? That hooligan?

Kai shook his head. There was no way he would date a shameless girl like her. He felt that doing that would only be digging his own grave!

"Whoa! So you're saying you're not planning to make her yours as well?"

"Tch! Stop talking nonsense. I have no such plans of idiocy nor do I have anything to do with her." Kai looked serious as he said those but to Xavier, Kai looked like he was over reacting. Oho was this guy annoyed, or jealous?

Xavier could already read every little quirk of this guy so he could tell that he was really riled up. He knew that it was extremely rare to be able to annoy this guy, whom he thought was currently third in line in the list of the most boring men in the world.

With a smile on his face, Xavier looked at Kai meaningfully.

"Oh, nice. I like her, Kai. She's really my type," Xavier said with interest which was unexpectedly not a lie. He really had been admiring that girl since he saw her before the play began and Xavier thought that she was really sexy and attractive. "What's her name?"

"Ask her yourself," was all Kai replied, already stepping away from him.

"Sigh what a boring guy," Xavier could only mumble as he followed him, but it was then that they saw Alex and his girl heading towards them.

They all then went to where Zeke was standing, waiting for them, and Abi immediately thanked them all with great sincerity. She was truly indebted to all of them today.

"No problem, Miss Abigail. We kind of enjoyed the tasks. Haha," said Xavier in a cheerful voice. "Right?" he nudged Kai.

"Yes, I didn't have a problem helping you with it. It was a good experience." Kai was as gentle and polite as ever and Abi could tell that he was not lying just to make her feel better.

"Thank you," she could only say. She wished that she could at least offer them something as a token of gratitude. She thought about giving them some of the money they raised and quickly shook her head. These guys would probably be insulted if she did that. Besides, the money they raised from the play was all for a good cause to help the orphanage and also to go towards Little Betty's treatment. She, at least, would be able to do something for Alex but what about for the other three?

As Abi was in the middle of trying to think about what she could give them as a thank you present, a staff member called for her.

It seemed everything had been packed up so Abi quickly thanked them again before she left.

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