Hellbound With You Chapter 140

139 Only

Gladly, Alex controlled himself and made sure to keep the castle still again.

"Shut up, Zeke! Why are you even here?" he asked, seemingly pissed.

"Because Abigail invited me," Zeke replied and the castle moved slightly again. But in the next second, the fairy returned to her hiding place and smiled at the two of them. Alex's face immediately returned to normal. She looked up at Alex and asked him in a whisper.

"I didn't sound so nervous, right?" she whispered and Alex could only nod. Truth be told, he didn't even hear anything that she said because he was too busy accusing Zeke.

The play continued smoothly. The castle men and peasant's house's men remained in their positions. They were silently laughing at themselves but every time the audience clapped and laughed along with the play's progression, they slowly started listening to the play and they too ended up looking forward to what would happen next. Alex and Zeke somehow managed to keep their faces straight until finally, after six scenes, the setting changed and Abi led them out to the backstage.

However, their task wasn't finished yet! Alex soon became a door while Zeke ended up being a cabinet. Kai and Xavier were the ones who carried the chairs and tables on and off the stage every time the lights turned off.

The play was nearing its end. One of the last scenes would be of the fairy and the princess under a tree. They only needed one tree on the stage and one person could carry it.

"We only need one person to hold the tree," Abi explained.

The tree was beside Alex but he didn't move to get it. Abi was about to ask Kai to do it when again, someone volunteered first. Wordlessly, Ezekiel moved towards the tree and reached his hand out to grab it.

But, when he was about to touch it, Alex suddenly grabbed the tree first and tucked it away, as if he didn't want Ezekiel to even touch it, before he walked towards Abi.

"Let's go," he said and Abi blinked before the two of them hastily ran to the stage.

"Pfft!! My God! Haha!" Xavier finally let out a laugh while Kai was looking at Zeke's expression very intently.

On the stage, Alex, the tree, realized that he was the only prop on stage and he began to laugh inwardly. What the hell was he doing? How did the great Alexander Qin end up being a tree? He was shaking his head at the incredulity of the situation he was in at that moment. He couldn't believe what he was doing. He couldn't help but think that even those whom he put to sleep forever would turn inside their graves if they saw him doing any of this right now!

Xavier could not stop laughing and he even went so far as to take his phone out and snap a photo of Alexander Qin, the tree. The only consolation was that Abi was also in the picture, looking like a real beauty. Xavier looked at the photo and despite Alexander's frown, he thought it was actually a really great photo of the two of them. He quickly put his phone away to stop the mad devil from noticing what he had done.

Finally, the play ended. The lights turned off so Alex, the tree, moved to leave when suddenly, Abi grabbed his hand.

"Stay here, Alex," she whispered and the lights turned back on again. All the cast, including the producers, Abi and Kelly, appeared on stage and they all bowed to the audience as the audience gave them a huge round of applause.

They then took a picture of the whole crew with Alex, the tree, still standing in the middle.

The play was a huge success. Every single seat in the hall was actually filled up and everyone was very happy and satisfied with the performance.

After the pictorial, Abi was busy congratulating the children for a job well done when Alex, the tree, finally moved to leave.

However, the kids stopped him.

"Mr. Tree, thank you so much for helping us!" they said, smiling at him in gratitude.

Alex's face was indescribable at the time but he managed to keep his calm. Well, looking at how happy that certain little fairy of his was right now, he couldn't possibly create trouble by making any of these children cry. Therefore, the man forced his dark aura into hiding and he even managed a little smile.

"Yeah, good job kids," he told them and then he quickly walked away after that. He was in such a haste because he didn't want the children to speak to him and call him Mr. Tree again. Who are they calling a tree?!

But again, the man was stopped in his tracks. Alex's face subconsciously darkened as he glared at the person who dared to stand before him and stop his escape. But his glare didn't even last a second the instant he saw who was blocking his path, because the person was the fairy godmother.

Since the beginning of the play, Alex didn't really get a moment to clearly see Abi in her full costume. It was a little dim behind the castle where she always hid with them and he couldn't stare at her when they were at backstage because she was too busy with the giving them props and making sure everything went smoothly. Also, Alex was too busy glaring at Zeke whenever he saw the damn guy looking at his fairy godmother.

So now that she was clearly in front of him, under the bright light, Alex couldn't take his eyes off of her. His eyes were just fixated on her as he stood there, still like stone.

"Thank you so much for the help, Alex," Abi beamed at him as she moved closer to him and held his hand. "I can't thank you guys enough. If you and the others weren't here, it would've really been a huge problem," she told him, as she looked up at him with pure gratitude written on her face.

"This was definitely not a free service, Abigail. I'll have to demand something in return," he replied after more than twenty seconds of silence.

What he said seemed to be something that Abi had already expected and she just grinned at him. "Mn. You and the others saved us today so you can ask me for anything once we get home, okay?"

Abi was just so happy that she didn't even notice that Alex's eyes widened slightly the moment she uttered the word 'home'. He fell silent while the girl continued talking, until suddenly, a middle aged man called for her.

Alex immediately saw the surprise written on her face the instant she heard the man's voice. She even turned like lightning to look at the man who called out to her. Alex creased his brows as he looked at the man but the moment Abi called him 'Dad', Alex didn't know why his body suddenly felt a little strange.

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