Hellbound With You Chapter 139

138 Epic

Finally, it was time for the play to begin. It had taken Abi longer to get ready so she didn't quite have enough time to instruct the men beforehand. Abi immediately went on the stage the moment the clock struck 3:00pm to start, so Alex and the others didn't see her.

It was dark so she carefully sat on the stool while the children with her, quietly sat on the floor.

And then, a single spot light was lit up, pointing at the beautiful fairy, dressed in a beautiful white dress and cute, white dragonfly wings. She looked so dreamy and was, at that moment, the definition of an ethereal beauty. The audience gasped upon the sight of her. They were expecting a cute adorable child but what they got was a breathtaking goddess. It was a real surprise.

Abi, the fairy, sat comfortably on the stool as she held a wand in her hand. There were three children sitting on the floor, looking up at her, ready to listen to her story.

"Once upon a time, there was a princess named Beauty," she finally started and her voice rang out clearly and with confidence. "She was the loveliest lady in the entire Kingdom. Oh, do you know how she became that lovely? Okay, let me tell you about it first. The king and queen of the kingdom are very kind and fair to their people. They treat everyone nicely and equally, no matter their circumstances. Because of their kindness, their kingdom prospered and the people were very happy. That was why a fairy - that's me - decided to give them a reward. I decided to make their newborn baby the most beautiful princess in the world and that was how Beauty got her appearance. But, when this beautiful princess grew up, she became the opposite of her name. And this is where our story begins."

The fairy lifted her finger and snapped it before the lights went black.

Abi ran to the back stage, shocking the four men with her goddess-like appearance, but they didn't even have the time to admire her longer than a second because Abi immediately instructed the men to bring out the props.

What? Props?

Before they could even understand what was happening, Abi pushed them onto the stage.

"Quick! Quick!" Abi led Alex and Zeke as they carried the big cardboard castle to the middle of the stage while Kai and Xavier held what looked like peasant's homes with both their arms.

It was dark so nobody, even Abi could see what kind of face the men were wearing right at that moment.

But the two who were squatting on the floor could hardly stop themselves from trying to escape from the scene.

"Stop nudging me, Xavier!" Kai almost wanted to kick the man next to him.

"Don't blame me, will you? Like look what the heck are we even doing?!" Xavier was doing his best not to laugh out loud. This was just too much! What the hell just happened? They actually became prop men? Oh god! He had been expecting that they were needed to play as kings and knights or princes but props men?!! It would even be a little better if he and Kai were the only ones doing this but Alex and Zeke, too?!

"Just shut your mouth, Xavier. You don't have the right to complain when Zeke and Alex are doing this so seriously."

"Pfft! Doing it seriously you say I bet those two are also wondering what the hell they just volunteered themselves into right now. Pfft! Damn! Even I can't believe this. Like, look oh god."

Suddenly, the lights turned on. As the first scene started, Xavier bit his lips hard as he tried to steady his hands to not make the peasant houses he was holding onto, move as if there was currently an earthquake.

Fortunately, he managed to calm himself. However, the moment he lifted his face and looked at the two men behind the castle, his cheeks bubbled and a "Pfft!" escaped from his mouth. He was thankful that the music was already playing because it drowned out the sound that was involuntarily torn from his lips. 'Oh god!! This is epic!!' he cried. 'I wish I had a camera right now!'

Alex and Zeke were wearing the same expressions. Their faces looked so damn serious, as if they were paying attention to a board report that could make or lose them millions of dollars if they didn't listen carefully, and they stood as still as statues. It was obvious that they were utterly confused with what they were doing. Their brows knotted into a hard knot as if they were still trying to decide if they were still on planet earth or if they, the great Alex and the mighty Zeke, had actually transmigrated into a different world to the bodies of lowly peasants.

That was truly a sight to behold. Xavier even thought that this would be something he would always remember and laugh at even when he grew old. 'Damn, this is too funny! Pfft!' Who would have thought he would live to see the day when these two guys would do something like this!

As Xavier was busy laughing at the two castle men, the play continued smoothly with the princess wandering around in the village and belittling the peasantry despite them praising her beauty.

The kids were performing it so beautifully and their acting was almost on par with professional actors, especially the princess.

After the first scene ended, Abi, the fairy, then entered the scene again, and the two men behind the castle were left to become two gorgeous pillars.

However, once Abi was gone, Alex's sharp gaze flew towards Zeke, blatantly telling Zeke that none of this would be happening if it wasn't for him butting in and volunteering.

"Stop looking at me like that. You're the one who volunteered to do this," Zeke casually said and the castle moved a little.

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