Hellbound With You Chapter 137

136 Last Play

Abi and Kelly spent the entire morning rehearsing with the children. Once noon break came, they let the children rest and get some food in them, while the two of them and a few staff from the orphanage helped them with the stage decorations.

Abi and Kelly had not had any time for a casual chat that day, so Abi forgot to mention to Kelly that the four guys, living at Alex's mansion at the moment, were all coming to watch the play so the girl was clueless about it.

"Your family is here, Abi!" Kelly exclaimed when she spotted the three of the four kindest people she had ever known, make their way down to take their seats. Abi's family held a very special place in Kelly's heart and she actually couldn't act like the bitchy rich kid that she was in their presence. It was not because she was hiding her real face from them, it was just that they were just really nice people that she just subconsciously refrained herself from cursing and being bitchy when she was with them, as a sign of respect. It was not an exaggeration but whenever she was with them, Kelly somehow wanted to be nice too, even for just a while, like how a good kid would behave when they went brought along to go to church.

Abi's family were that type of people who would actually stop or divert the traffic to let a mother duck and its ducklings cross the road, and Abi was like that too. Kelly could not believe it when she saw Abi do exactly just that for the first time, when they had just started to become friends.

But Kelly really liked this family even though it was super awkward for her when she first slept over in their house. Their house was peaceful, free from all the dramas that every family in this world was probably going through. They had this quiet and super loving family that Kelly never knew still existed in this world. Sometimes, she would feel a little jealous but that feeling was a fleeting one. It would always be replaced with gratitude that at least her friend had such an awesome family and that she could be a part of it.

"Hello Uncle, Grandma, Grandpa!" Kelly called out with her loud sweet voice and waved her hands at them as she and Abi approached them.

"Oh, hello, Kelly, dear. It's been a while." Abi's dear old grandma embraced her before she too embraced her grandchild, Abi.

"How's everything? Do you guys need any help?" Abi's grandad chimed in.

"No, no we're almost done, gramps. You three should just go to your seats and relax." Abi grinned at them as she led them toward the front seats.

"You guys came too early," Kelly playfully told them as she helped the old grandma to her seat.

"Why not? We are our Abi's number one fans so of course we wanted to grab the best seats! And of course, we are fans of yours too, Kelly," the old grandpa replied and Kelly grinned widely.

However, in the back of their minds, even Abi's, was the ever present thought of Abi's illness. They were there early because they all knew that this would probably be Abi's last play. In fact, Abi herself just knew that this would probably be her last and that was why she was doing her very best.

Time passed and the finishing touches were just about done. The two girls were hurriedly getting everything ready and by the time the doors were ready to be opened to the general public, everything was in place.

The hall started to fill very quickly. Because she had been too busy with the final practise and the preparations, Abi almost forgot about the four guys she had invited, if not for Kai's message to her.

Kai's message said that they were already outside the venue so Abi quickly walked out of the hall. There was still about half an hour before the play started so she voluntarily asked them to wait for her outside. Well, Abi was kind of worried that Alex would enter the hall like the king of hell, so she wanted to go out there first to make sure that everything was alright, that Mr. Alexander Qin wasn't in a mood.

Gladly, the moment she saw him leaning by the car with his usual majestic look, she was relieved. The jellyfish looked really calm today. In fact, he was shining like his normal self which made Abi's heart fill up with gladness as she smiled at him.

"Alex," she called out as she ran towards him with a wave.

The man looked at her and he froze for a moment when he saw her face. His little fruit was wearing make-up?

"I thought you're only a producer," Alex asked, his eyes glued to her face. She was still dressed in her normal clothes but her makeup, which consisted of dreamy colourful glitter, told him that she might be playing some sort of mythical creature like a fairy.

"Ah, I'm playing as the fairy godmother." She smiled but she sounded sad as she said it. "Little Betty couldn't make it today so I had to fill her place." Her voice became a little weak, and sounded so heartbroken, but she forced herself to smile again. "Where are the others?" she looked inside the car when, suddenly the car window rolled down and Xavier's face appeared.

"Present!" the man cheerfully lifted his hand. Kai also stepped out at this point.

"Mr. Qin couldn't make it?" she asked when she couldn't see Ezekiel and that one question, made Alex's face turn a little sour.

"Would it be a problem if he wasn't going to make it?" Alex suddenly asked coldly, causing Abi to return her attention to him.

"No, but he was the first one to say he was going to come so I guess I just expected him to be here, too," she simply answered. Alex was about to lift his hand to pinch her chin when the girl's phone rang.

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