Hellbound With You Chapter 133

132 Too Late

Alex groaned and cursed under her lips before his body went out of control. He kissed her back, hard and rough, until Abi's back was pressed hard against the door.

He was more ravenous than yesterday, fiercer and wilder, until Abi felt like she tasted a faint flavour of blood.

Once their lips parted, Abi was gasping hard for oxygen.

"Abigail are you trying to seduce me?" he whispered, lust evident in his eyes.

And then, he kissed her again, long and hard. Abi moaned against his lips. He was too intense that she couldn't even tell what was going on anymore. All she could feel was his warm mouth, his touch and her loud, loud heartbeats.

She had lost track of time until she felt his lips on her neck and his hands slip under her shirt.

"A-alex wait." Abi tried to stop him and gladly, the man paused and gazed up at her, panting, his warm breath caressing her exposed collarbones.

"Don't stop me, Abigail. You're the one who seduced me," he said and without waiting for her response, the man resumed what he was doing.

Abi felt her knees weaken.

"Alex we're outside" she grabbed his hair, begging him.

"I don't care."


"Don't worry, I won't let anyone see any part of you. If anyone does, I'll gouge his eyes out."

Abi was speechless. She never thought that what she did would end up like this!

"Uhm A-alex I-it's cold out here. I'm cold."

Finally, Abi seemed to have said the magic words because it seemed that he finally calmed down. He stopped and gazed at her. The next moment, he carried her and they both entered the house.

Abi was watching his face the entire time, trying to see if his mood had become better or not.

In what seemed like a millisecond, they were already inside her bathroom. Abi was surprised. What? They're already here? Did she space out for a long time?!

When the warm shower began falling on both of them, Alex immediately unpaused from where he left off a while ago.

His swift hands began undressing her as he kissed her body, lower and lower.

Abi let out a moan and because the bathroom was made of marble, her moan echoed loudly, shocking her.

Her hands flew on her mouth like she was startled by an unknown creature's cry. Alex saw her reaction and a chuckle left his mouth.

Abi looked at him. Alex laughed?! And it wasn't a cold, mocking laugh!

"Let me hear more of those moans, Abigail," he whispered sexily as her dress fell on the floor.

Abi subconsciously covered herself with her hands.

"What. Stop covering yourself when you're the one who seduced me," he said and he caught her hands and moved them away.

"H-huh? Seduce you? I didn't "

"You did. You licked your lips."

"That was I was licking my s-saliva because I couldn't use my hand to wipe it, 'cause I was afraid to let go of you."

As those words left her mouth, Alex wasn't even surprised anymore. Knowing her, he knew she wouldn't have done that purposely. But

"It's too late, Abigail. Look what you've done," He whispered as he licked her ear while putting her hand on his hard little monster that was already standing upright.

Abi swallowed as she felt it move under his pants.

"Your punishment will start now, Abigail," he said and Abi looked at him in confusion. "Undress me," he ordered, his gaze scorching with an intense and fiery desire.

"Now, Abigail. Don't make me wait," he ordered again and the girl immediately moved. She didn't understand. How could this be a punishment? He was just asking her to undress him? Could it be that he decreased her punishment because she had waited for him outside in the cold for hours?

"Stop thinking about something else, Abigail, and look at me," he spoke again, pulling Abi's every bit of attention back to him.

She undressed him, removing one item of clothing after another as the warm shower continued flowing over them, until his pants were the only things left.

The sound of his clacking belt then echoed faintly inside the bathroom. Once his pants fell on the floor, his bulge came into view with only his black boxers covering it.

Abi's eyes wandered around, not daring to look at it, her face blazing red as she looked up at him.

The man laid his eyes on her bathtub and he walked towards it. He sat on the edge and looked at her as the tub was being filled with warm water.

"Come here, Abigail," he called out to her and the girl moved towards him. Alex was so gorgeous but too dangerous to look at.

He held her hands and pulled her to him, making her stand between his legs.

"Kiss me the way you did outside while stroking me," he instructed her. There was no mischief in his eyes and Abi noticed that Alex was saying what he wanted very clearly this time.

"What. You don't want to do it?"

"No. It's just I'm just amazed that you're not embarrassed at all," She meekly said and the man's lips curved.

"Why should I feel embarrassed? My body is perfect, there's nothing to feel ashamed of," he stated it like it was a fact and Abi was speechless. Well, he wasn't wrong. His body was pure perfection, a feast for the eyes. It was well proportioned, toned, muscular and just incredible.

"Now start, Abigail," he impatiently pulled her and then their lips collided. Abi closed her eyes and she started kissing him.

His lips were softer than when they were outside. Maybe because they were both cold back then?

Alex let her explore his mouth and only responded to her softly. It was like he was savoring the sweetness of her innocent tongue wandering about.

And then, Abi felt him lead her hand into his manhood. He made her cup it directly.

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