Hellbound With You Chapter 132

131 Playing With A Dragon

The rain continued raging like it was angry with the world. The lightning struck down like Thor's hammer and thunder roared angrily in the night sky.

The cold wind pierced through her skin but she didn't even mind it. Her heart was aching. She remembered Ezekiel's words and her grip around her knees tightened as she slightly rocked back and forth.

She already knew that Alex had many secrets from the first time she saw him. She knew that he too had his very own battles. She knew everyone did. Everyone had their very own battles and struggles that they were hiding within themselves, ones that they didn't want to share with anybody else.

But sometimes, when she looked at Alex, she felt her heart ache mysteriously, even though she had no idea what he was hiding. She just couldn't help but wonder what kind of war he was going through. What kind of world did he live in to become like that? What made him the person that he was now?

As her thoughts continued wandering about, she didn't realize how long she had stayed outside for until she finally felt the presence she was waiting and longing for.

She immediately lifted her face and what welcomed her was the sight of Alex walking towards the door. He was completely drenched. His clothes were dripping and his wet hair looked like he just ruffled it with his own fingers. He was like a gorgeous god of rain, as breathtaking as ever, but his face was hard and he looked shocked as he looked down at her.

"What the hell are you doing out here?" his voice thundered but Abi didn't even flinch anymore. Her mind was now clear and she had come to terms with herself. She had finally decided that even if this man would never ever love her, she would give him her all. She would love all his different shades, no matter how dark they would get. She would love him with all the love anyone could ever give. She would pour her heart and soul into him. There was no running from it anymore. This person, standing before her now wasn't just her so-called boyfriend anymore. She had realized from the first time she missed him that Alex had become so special to her. Despite the very short time that they had spent together, he had become her favorite person; the one and only person she would want to spend the rest of her life with.

From now on, she wanted to give him all her love. She wanted to shower this cold, cold moon with all her love for the rest of her life because that was all she could do for him, and for herself, within the short time she had left. She had nothing to give him but her heart.

After staring at him for a while, Abi stood up, her eyes glimmering beneath her lashes as Alex spoke again.

"I'm asking you, Abi "

Before Alex could finish his sentence, the girl suddenly jumped on him. Her hands wrapped around his waist and she hugged him tightly.

Alex was stunned. He never thought that she would pounce on him and hug him. He saw how scared she was before he left her. He was even expecting her to be hiding inside her room like a terrified puppy.

"Let go, Abigail, I'm drenched," he said coldly, trying to peel her off.

But the girl desperately gripped him hard and refused to let go. And then, he felt her hot tears on his chest from where she buried her face on his chest.

It was then that he realized that her skin was so cold. He looked at her exposed shoulder and he saw her skin filled with goosebumps. He gritted his teeth as his jaws clenched.

"How long did you stay out here for?" He was angry. "Answer me!"

"Since you left," she replied and Alex shut his eyes in anger before he laughed wickedly.

"Why? Why would you wait for me in the cold like this? Huh? Abigail?" he asked, almost looking like a beautiful villain. "After I made you tremble in fear, you came out in the cold and waited for me?"

He was shaking his head in disbelief.

In that moment, Abi finally let go of him. She slowly moved away and gazed into his blazing eyes.

And then, abruptly, she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him down before her lips slammed on his. Alex was stunned. It wasn't just because she kissed him, it was because the girl was actually kissing him hard.

The man didn't respond until Abi pulled away. She stared into his eyes again and then, she licked her own lips.

Alex's brain stopped working as if she had somehow pulled the emergency shut down lever. He couldn't believe that she was doing that in this situation, even though he had warned her clearly before. This girl she was driving him insane!

As Alex's lips parted in disbelief, the girl kissed him again, as if she just took advantage of his surprised self to gain access to his mouth. The man's eyes widened.

This girl, his little unripe fruit, was kissing him hungrily the way he did to her last night. Her tongue sloppily wandered inside his mouth like a little wild beast playing with a dragon. She licked and poked his tongue with hers, as if she was teasing a sleeping dragon to wake up.

Her hands on his neck moved to his wet hair and a minute hadn't even passed by before Alex lost it.

Her little soft, warm and unskilled tongue was just so heavenly that he couldn't even resist for more than a minute. On top of it, he couldn't forget how she licked her lips a moment ago, as if this little fruit was seducing him. Did she do that on purpose this time? If she did, then she definitely defeated him this time.

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