Hellbound With You Chapter 127

126 Bitterswee

Abigail dropped the stuff toys that Alex had won from that claw machine at the orphanage. She had her hospital appointment that day so she had taken the day off.

The children were very happy as they received the small gifts that they were given and Abi was extremely happy as well as she looked at their bright, happy faces. She even took pictures of the smiling children because she was planning to show it to Alex once she returned to his house.

Thoughts of Alex filled her mind again and a blush crept up to her cheeks, but luckily, the children and teachers were too busy looking at all the gifts she had brought to notice.

However, Abi's smile later faded as soon as she heard that Little Betty had been in the hospital since two nights ago.

Her face fell and the news broke her heart. Her mind was preoccupied with many thoughts about the little child as she headed to the hospital. At least one comfort was that It just so happened that her doctor was at the same hospital where Little Betty was admitted, so Abi made sure to visit her before her doctor's appointment.

When she got there, she went straight to the little girl's room. The girl was lying on the bed with an oxygen mask and tubes were hooked up all over her. But still, she smiled brightly the moment she saw Abi.

The little girl looked very weak and it pained Abi's heart so much to see her like that. Her heavy heart was already filled with sadness but then a memory of her own mother, also lying on the hospital bed like that, surfaced in her mind and the pain cut even deeper.

"How are you?" Abi asked softly as she held the little girl's hand.

"Feeling better," she smiled. "I missed you, Abi."

"I missed you, too, sweetie." Abi started to feel quite emotional but she did her best to fight the lurking tears in her eyes. "Ah, I have bought some gifts for you."

She tried to be cheerful as she brought out the toys that she bought from Country V for Little Betty. She also gave her the cute bear that Alex had won from the claw machine.

"They're so cute. Thank you, Abi! Now I have a friend to stay here with me." The girl was happy as she hugged the toy in her weak hands.

Unfortunately, their time together was cut off because it was time for the little girl to take her medication. She knew that Little Betty would soon fall asleep once the medicine took effect so she stayed for a while until the girl fell asleep.

Her heart was heavy as she left the ward until she arrived at her doctor's room.

As expected, the doctor told her the same thing she did a few weeks ago. The only thing that changed from the doctor's statement was her warnings. The doctor told her more fiercely to take extra care and be more careful because her condition was like a ticking time bomb.

Abi was calm when she came out of her doctor's room but anyone who saw her at that moment could already tell that what she heard inside was bad news.

Her grip on the door knob as she closed it was tight. Then she leaned on the wall and stared at the ceiling as she took some heavy deep sighs. She felt like the people passing by the hallway were shadows and the sound she was hearing were sad sad music.

But a smile still curved on her face. She thought she shouldn't be like this. She told herself that there were others who were in much, much more difficult situations than she was in. Some even left this world unannounced and some left too soon, before they could even see what the world was like. She knew that she was still fortunate compared to the others who couldn't do anything anymore. She was lucky because she still had the time to fulfill her wishes. She was blessed because she had met someone who was willing to fulfill those for her.

Thinking about Alex, Abi's smile turned bittersweet and she sighed again, trying to keep calm.

She remembered that she had planned to visit home after her appointment and spend the whole afternoon with her family so she took another deep breath and composed herself.

However, before she could take a step to leave, Abi froze in place.

Her eyes flew wide when she saw a man standing there, looking back at her. Ezekiel Qin! What was he doing here?!

Abi's heart started pounding, as if she was some thief that had been busted in action. She couldn't move her feet. She had heard a while ago from her doctor that this hospital had just been sold to the Qin Enterprise but she never once thought that Ezekiel Qin would be here! She knew that he was now the CEO of this hospital but how could he patrol the hospital's wards the very next day after he acquired the place?! Relax Abi, just act normally and he won't suspect anything. It is pretty normal to be seen inside a hospital.

Abi's panic somehow started to dissolve as she did her best to stay calm.

The man was accompanied by some other men in expensive suits, who looked like they might be directors of this hospital, and he looked very respectable as always, like the noble, powerful man that he was. He was saying something while the men with him were nodding but his eyes were still on her.

Abi breathed silently and finally moved. She acted very normally and slightly nodded at him like how people usually do when they pass by someone they know, but aren't well acquainted with, on the street.

And then she started stepping away casually, however, she didn't even take five steps when,

"Miss Chen," Ezekiel Qin called her.

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