Hellbound With You Chapter 123

122 Boom

"Tch! I can't get it because this machine's too rigged! How the hell can anyone reel anything in if those things are stuffed damned tight?!" he started to get angry. He already spent a lot of coins!

"What the hell's with this claw? The grip's too loose!"

"This is clearly designed to let go or give a jiggle after it grasps something!"

His complaints continued. Because the little fluffy lamb was at the far end, stuffed tightly next to the ugly alien with red boots and ducklings with pirate hats, Alex kept grabbing the wrong ones. If he grabbed the wrong ones, he would let it go and didn't even want to drop it so they could get the stuff.

The little lamb was leaning against the glass so it was impossible for the claw track to allow the claw to get close enough to nab it. Abi knew it but seeing how he was so determined to get it, she didn't have the heart to tell him to give it up. Moreover, she was enjoying watching his extremely rare frustrated expressions. She thought that his expression right now was heartwarmingly soothing and he was like a cute demon king. At this moment, Alex was like an ordinary man and she kind of loved that he could actually act like this. Even though his feature and aura we're still damn far from ordinary, his frustration was very normal and really cute in Abi's eyes.

"Are you sure this isn't rigged? The claw grip is too damn weak! Where are the staff?!" he looked around, looking like a boss ready to fire everyone but when he saw that they were the only ones inside, Alex returned his attention to the machine.

"Tch! Move back, little fruit. I'll smash it," he then said and Abi's eyes widened.

"Huh? No, wait!"

"Don't worry, I'll pay for it."

"Don't! That's not nice. It's okay, let's go to the other one. Actually, that little lamb's position is impossible to get. You could just get me that little pirate duck." Abi clung on his arm to stop him from smashing the poor little machine.

But Alex refused to give up. He refused to accept that this damned little machine could frustrate him like this. He would never accept that a damn claw machine could beat him.

He cracked his neck and continued his oh-so-frustrating quest.

He started grabbing all the toys one by one and dropped them all. Abi then realized that he was planning to empty the machine until the little lamb was pulled to a favorable position and she was speechless. This was basically the same as buying the entire machine!

He bumped another animal towards the little lamb until it moved. He also tried dragging it until it was close enough to the chute.

Once it was in the absolute best position, he finally grabbed it and dropped it into the box.

The other toys were already piled high on the floor when Alex picked the damned frustrating stuffed little lamb toy. He couldn't believe that even a damn toy like this could actually give him a hard time. He had the urge to squeeze it to death but he didn't. He couldn't! How could he squeeze his little lamb to death?

At that moment, Abi clapped happily for him. Even though his method was absolutely extreme and simply, utterly unbelievable, he still worked hard for it. She couldn't believe that he made what she thought was impossible possible using his crazy man logic. No one else would even think of doing that other than him in this world.

With that, Alex basked in the glory of holding his bounty high above his head as he smirked back at Abi. The feeling was unexpectedly fulfilling. Alex even wondered if he had ever felt like this in all the insane success and great battles he won effortlessly in his lifetime. He thought that he never felt this kind of glory or whatever this was, before.

"Here you go," he said, proudly smiling at her and Abi's eyes twinkled like stars.

She carefully grabbed the little lamb and hugged it. "It really is so cute."

As they left the arcade, Abi was all smiles while Alex was wondering just what the hell he did.

Because they were starting to run out of time, the two immediately moved to the next request. This was Abi's second to the last request for today.

The sun was starting to set as they rode a large Ferris Wheel.

Abi had seen a lot of movies and shows on how romantic this was. Getting inside the cabin with your boyfriend and kissing once the cabin reached the highest spot was such a dreamy scene for her. Even though it was clich, she still wanted to experience it.

And it seemed, it wasn't bad at all. Having Alex right beside her as they ascended higher was more than just a nice feeling.

The view of the city and the colorful sky were breathtaking.

"It's beautiful!" Abi exclaimed as she looked through the window. This wasn't her first time but this Ferris Wheel was the largest she had ever rode on. Even the cabin they were in was romantically beautiful.

Because of its large size, the Ferris Wheel took a long time to reach the top but because Abi was busy appreciating everything her eyes were seeing, she didn't notice the time.

She only realized that they were finally at the top most part when Alex pulled her and made her sit on his lap.

"It's time for the kiss, Abigail," he said and then, he kissed her as the swirling colors of the sunset disappeared from the sky.

His lips felt warmer than before, sweeter even. The feeling of kissing him as they were there, on top of the world was indescribable. Abi's heart was pounding in a chaotic tempo but she didn't want the kiss to stop. Before she knew it, her fingers ran through his hair, not letting him go.

When their lips parted, Alex was smiling. He brushed her pink cheeks and then her kissable lips as he smiled in pleasure. His little fruit had started to ripen, huh

He was so pleased that it was taking all his self control not to push her down right then and there and kiss her hard and touch her the way he wanted.

He then moved and whispered in her ear.

"Now here's your last request for today, Abigail." He said and then


The magical sight of fireworks blowing up above them painted the sky with different coloured patterns which were reflected in both Abi's and Alex's eyes.

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