Hellbound With You Chapter 121

120 Ride

The reason why Alex chose this particular theme park was because in here, he could fulfill Abi's requests in one day without travelling to different places. The park even had a huge jungle-like zoo inside so it was the perfect choice.

Abi didn't waste a moment to enjoy roaming around, being fascinated by the countless numbers of animals that she was seeing while Alex just looked like a husband accompanying his wife to the shopping mall. He was casually following her, almost like a gorgeous robot, just tailing her, watching her every expression, and looking like he wasn't pleased that these animals could actually fascinate his little fruit to no end and even make her so happy.

"Alex, come. Can you help me feed the giraffe? I can't reach it." Abi began pulling him as she pointed at the towering giraffe through the fence.

The fence was high in that area because they didn't allow animal feeding in this park. It just so happened that a staff member was on its way to feed the giraffe and Abi happened to see her. The cheerful, hopeful girl spoke with the staff member and because the staff member wasn't allowed let her go inside the fence to feed the giraffe, for her safety, she gave Abi lettuce to feed them across the fence. The nice lady also offered to go and get her a stick for her to use to feed them.

When the staff member was gone, it was then that Abi saw her boyfriend, leisurely leaning on a pillar with his hands in his pockets, surrounded by a calm noble aura. He didn't seem to be fed up, just bored, so Abi determinedly pulled him to help her.

"Abigail, are you going to ask me to take this one home, too?" he asked as he lazily looked up and stared at the giraffe.

"No, no, no." Abi frantically waved her hands. "I can't make you spend any more than what you've already spent for me," she added and Alex's gaze hardened. It appeared that he didn't like what she said.

"Listen, little fruit," he uttered as he pinched her chin lightly. "I'll spend what I want. You don't have a say on that. So don't ever mind the measly amount of money. Got it?"

'Measly amount...' Abi echoed in her mind. But before she could ponder on it, his strong arms suddenly held her waist and lifted her up.

Abi stretched her hand out and began feeding the animal. However, Alex realized that the position was uncomfortable for her, so he put her down before the animal could even eat the lettuce in her hand.

Abi was about to ask what was wrong when Alex knelt like an esteemed knight in front of her.

"Sit on my shoulders. Be careful of your leg," he ordered but Abi didn't move. She was surprised. She couldn't believe that Alex would let her ride on his shoulders. "I'll give you three seconds. One, two"

Before she knew it, she immediately obeyed and was already sitting on the man's shoulders.

"Your hand," he said and once he held her left hand, and secured her, he stood up.

Abi gushed in surprise. She suddenly felt like she was on top of the world. Alex was very tall and he lifted her like she was made of paper. She didn't even need to stretch her arms anymore because she could now touch the giraffe's head.

Thrilled and excited with this unexpected twist, Abi happily fed the giraffe. She was chuckling and enjoying the moment more than ever. She couldn't put into words how nice she was feeling, being carried by Alex this way.

She touched the giraffe and chuckled at how cute it was.

Once she was done, Alex knelt but Abi didn't climb down. She instead held onto Alex head, smiling widely.

"Alex, can you carry me like this for a little longer?" she requested playfully. She wanted the experience to last longer but she was afraid she was asking him too much so she said it in a way that it was fine for him to decline.

But then, surprisingly, the man just stood up, carrying her like that as he walked towards their next destination without any complain.

Abi was overjoyed. She felt like she was the happiest girl alive at that moment.

When they were finally out of the jungle, Abi asked him to put her down, thinking that she can't possibly make him carry her all the way.

"Are you sure? I'm not going to carry you again once I put you down."

"But are your shoulders okay? I'm pretty heavy so it might be getting strained."

"Heavy" he chuckled wickedly. "I feel like I'm carrying a small basket of fruit. Seriously Abigail, where did you put the food you have eaten? You're too light."

"I I don't think so. I think you're just too strong!" she argued but in the next second, she smiled. "Fine carry me until we get over there. Let's go Alex!" she yelled happily, even stretching her hand forward like she was superman.

Finally, it was time for Abi to climb down. She had rested her legs enough, thanks to Alex offering himself to be her ride.

"That was great!" Abi grinned at him. Her eyes twinkling like a clear blue lake reflecting the sun. "I would really, really love it if you let me ride you again next time," she added happily.

But the man, who didn't even sweat from carrying her, just smirked naughtily. He leaned in on her and whispered in her ear. "Don't worry little fruit, once you ripen enough, I will let you ride me anytime you want."

"Really?!" she was surprised. But then, seeing that wickedly sexy smirk and that mischievous look in his eyes, Abi felt like he was tricking her again.

"Wait and see, little fruit." He leaned back and then he pulled her inside the arcade house.

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