Hellbound With You Chapter 120

119 Haunted

Once the couple arrived at their next destination, Abi was once again utterly surprised. What surprised Abi wasn't the fact that the helicopter landed in the middle of a large amusement park, she was shocked that the place looked deserted.

She could still see few staff wearing their uniform but it looked like no guests were inside, except the two of them. The park was obviously closed to the public.

Abi already deduced that this was Alex's doing. She didn't expect this at all. She didn't even want to think just how much money this man might have spent by now just to fulfill her requests. And this was just her third request for today!

As she thought about it, Abi couldn't help but feel overwhelmed. He always exceeded her highest expectations with everything that Abi sometimes wondered if she was asking for too much.

"Little fruit, are you just going to stand there?" Alex asked, looking back at her. "Come," he then added, pulling his hand from his pocket and stretched it out for her to hold.

Abi stared at his elegantly long hand before she took it. The two then walked hand in hand in the middle of an empty street towards a large castle.

But before they reached the large castle, which was where she thought they were going, Alex, instead, led her towards another path.

"We're here," he said as they stood before a small eerie-looking castle. The words, 'HAUNTED HOUSE' were written with what looked like blood, on a piece of wood hanging above the entrance. "I really don't know why you want to go to a haunted house. If you want to get scared, you should just ask me and I'll scare you myself," he smirked evilly at her, even unleashing his chilling aura as he caressed her cheek with the back of his fingers. Somehow, Abi got what he meant. Even the ghosts might be scared of this man if he raged. But not her.

"I don't think that would work. I'll just run towards you for shelter even if you're the one trying to scare me," she replied as if she was stating a fact and Alex was speechless. How could he forget that this little lamb had never run away from him, and even approached him instead, every single time when she was supposed to be scared?

Letting out a quiet sigh, Alex then pulled her hand and they entered the house.

As they entered the dark alley, Abi began to cling onto him.

It was quiet inside.

"Alex this seems strange. I think no one is here. Maybe because the park is closed?" Abi said as she looked around while Alex simply shrugged.

However, in the next moment, something fell like raindrops on the floor right in front of them. When Abi looked up, a bloody body fell on the floor, covering the drops of blood that fell down.

Abi jolted in fear and she jumped behind Alex, wrapping her arms around his waist.

"Nice. This stuff looked pretty realistic," Alex just raised a brow.

After that appetizer, the two ventured further inside. It didn't seem like the little lamb was a scaredy-cat. She often jolted but she never screamed in fear like he was expecting.

But once they were about to reach the exit, something unexpected happened. Abi let go of Alex because she thought that the adventure was over. She ran ahead of him, excited to see the outside world when suddenly, the alley where she ran to, that she thought was the exit, suddenly closed behind her, separating her from Alex.

Abi's eyes widened when she couldn't see Alex anymore.

"Alex!!" she called out and then, a cold hand grabbed her from behind.

Abi slowly turned and what she saw made her scream.

"Let go!!" she yelled but as she struggled, cold hands also grabbed her feet and her hands. Abi was terrified. She tried to muster her strength to escape but this was too much. It felt so real and Abi's fear was starting to get the better of her. "Stop!! Let go! Don't pull me!! Stop pulling!" she screamed as the creepy hands started to pull her backwards. "Alex!!!"

At that moment, a loud thud made everything halt. The door that separated her from Alex fell on the floor. It was completely broken.

The hands that were pulling Abi also halted as if they got frozen.

When Abi saw Alex, she immediately tried to pull herself away from the hands but then, the hands started pulling her again.

"Ah! Alex! Help me!" Abi could only plead.

The next second, Alex was right before her, holding her waist as he pulled her to him. His eyes blazed with coldness so intense that the owner of the hands grabbing at Abi felt like they were frostbitten.

"Punks. Let go of her if you don't want to die," he threatened them, and just like that, the ghosts crawled away. The ghost staff couldn't believe that they had encountered a real demon inside the haunted house. What the hell! They thought they would receive high praise for their job well done making the girl finally scream but they actually received a chilling threat instead?! That was the first time a customer as scary as him ever visited this haunted house since it was created.

They looked at the door he broke and they all gaped at each other in both wonder and fear. Who the hell was that man?!

"Did they hurt you?" Alex asked once Abi calmed down.

When Abigail shook her head, the man bent and looked at her with narrowed eyes.

"So, you were just screaming like that because you were scared?" When the girl nodded again, Alex slowly shook his head. "I can't believe that you were actually scared. Are you the same person who survived that dungeon alone?!"

"T-there were no ghosts in there," she reasoned out as they both finally stepped out through the exit.

"You know that those ghosts here are fake. In that dungeon, there were lots of bones and skulls where you crawled. In fact, the stones you said you threw were probably human bones, Abigail, and yet, you're scared for these fake" Alex trailed off because Abi's eyes began to dilate and her hands even slightly trembled.

"Hu-human bones?" she mumbled as she looked at her hand. She was suddenly terrified about the idea that these hands of hers had touched dead people's skulls and bones.

Seeing her expression, Alex cursed himself for reminding her of that experience. He himself entered that dungeon so he knew what it was like inside. That was absolutely the most awful place she had ever seen and he should have thought about saying anything about it. Someone like her wouldn't ever want to remember that again.

"Tsk I'm just kidding," he ruffled her hair and Abi looked up. When she saw that the man was grinning mischievously, she let out a sigh of relief. Who wouldn't be scared of touching or grabbing human body parts that belonged to the dead? Just the thought of it was terrifying.

"Y-you're so mean!" she told him as her fear slowly subsided. She was sure that if what Alex said was true, that might haunt her to sleep so she was truly glad it was a joke.

"Now then, let's move on," he looked around and he was about to move when Abi stopped him.

"Alex, let's take a selfie."

She said and before Alex could even say anything, she jumped onto him, quickly wrapped her arm around his neck and pulled him down.

And then, snap. Abi was smiling but because of her sudden movement, Alex ended up looking at her instead, with the haunted house as their background.

Their first picture together was such a cute shot.

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