Hellbound With You Chapter 118

117 That Lonesome Look

Abi gasped. She was stupefied. She had never seen a horse as beautiful as this one in real life. The horse was pure midnight black, which somehow reminded Abi of Alex. It had an athletic frame, deep sloping shoulders, powerful muscling over the hips and thighs and long clean legs with pronounced tendons. It seemed to be well bred as it waited there patiently, looking majestic and proud, with its silky mane dancing softly in the ocean breeze.

"I-is that our horse?" her eyes were round as she asked him.

When the man nodded, Abi was about to rush towards it but Alex quickly caught her arm, stopping her.

"Don't rush towards it like that, you little fruit!" he scolded her. "You need to be careful. Don't make sudden movements because that might put you in a dangerous situation since he's not familiar with you yet."

But Abi was unfazed. "It's okay, Alex. He will like me." She smiled firmly at him but the man still refused to let her go.

"Don't be stubborn or I won't let you ride it," he threatened and Abi could only purse her lips. Alex then led her towards it and they approached the horse together, with Alex standing in front of Abi in a protective stance.

Alex reached out and grabbed the reins with his left hand while his right hand rubbed the horse's neck to calm it down - not that it wasn't already calm. He then looked back at Abi and nodded at her, indicating that she could now come closer and say hello to the horse.

Abi's eyes were shining as she reached out her hand to touch it. The horse's hair was so smooth and silky that Abi couldn't help but want to run her fingers through it.

Before she knew it, she was already caressing the horse's face, without any hint of fear at all. It seemed that the animal really did like her.

"Abigail, did you come here for a horseback ride or what?"

Abi's attention was finally pulled away from the handsome horse back to her handsome companion. She lifted her face and she finally realized that Alex was already sitting on the saddle, riding the horse and holding the reins, looking like a majestic king.

There were lines on his forehead as he glared at her. He seemed displeased, as if he couldn't accept that a horse actually pulled his little fruit's attention away from him completely.

But Abi didn't notice his expression because she was mesmerized by the sight of him. Alex, sitting on top of a handsome horse, was definitely a sight to behold. His long black coat and dark hair plus the perfect and cool black stallion was just so picturesque she thought she was looking at a magazine cover.

Seeing her gaping at him, the lines on Alex's forehead slowly disappeared. He smirked and even ran his fingers through his hair, as if he was posing for some photoshoot. His movements and gaze made Abi's heart beat in a frantic tempo. This man was unknowingly playing with her heart!

Gladly, Abi was able to snap out of her daze. She reached out and tried to climb up on her own but her legs were too short. The stallion was so tall that she couldn't get her foot in the stirrups to get leverage.

"Alex," she gazed up, her lips curving down and the man, who just sat there enjoying his little lamb's struggles, finally bent down and then, in one swoop, Abi was easily placed in front of him, sitting on her side on the saddle.

"Uhm Alex, I want to sit like you "

"No. Your leg Abigail," He reminded her and Abi could only purse her lips again.

"Let me hold the reins, then," she requested and this time, Alex didn't say no.

"Thank you."

She happily grabbed it but Alex placed his hands on top of hers, as if he was about to teach her how to lead a horse.

Alex loosened the reins and then, the horse started to walk. Abi was all smiles as they started on their journey. Along the way, she tried to direct the horse using the reins so the horse would go towards the direction she wanted and with only a little help from Alex, she managed to do it. She was so ecstatic!

"This is so nice, Alex!" she said as she chuckled happily in both thrill and excitement.

The girl was enjoying every moment, occasionally turning to look at Alex as she spoke to him.

Alex, on the other hand, didn't try to interrupt her joyful moment. Well, he did have the urge to do so a while ago, but the little fruit was too happy that his teasing didn't really work on her. She even smiled happily at him instead and started talking about the horse.

As the horse slowly walked near the waves that were kissing the shore, Alex just remained silent, listening to her.

The picture of the couple riding the horse was such a romantic view. This was another experience that Abi would never ever forget. Happiness just kept flowing in her veins every time she was with him and she couldn't stop smiling. She knew that she would never have been this happy without him. She wished that this peaceful and joyful moment with him would never end, even though she knew it would soon.

"Alex, thank you," Abi uttered. She knew that these words would never be enough to thank him or to describe the feeling of gratitude that she felt in her heart for everything that he had done for her. But even though she knew it, she still wanted to say it to show him that she didn't take these things for granted and that she loved every moment of it.

Abi turned to look at Alex when the man didn't make a sound at all. She was surprised to see that Alex seemed to be spacing out, lost in his own thoughts as he stared at the small waves crashing on the shore.

This was the first time she saw him like this. Alex, spacing out, was an absolutely unexpected sight. She never even thought that Alex could actually space out like a normal man! For some reason, his face seemed peaceful the most serene expression he had ever shown her.

The sight of him like this made Abi gape at him. The serenity he was exuding was just indescribable.

At that moment, he was like a breathtaking painting.

But Abi couldn't make herself just sit there and admire his immaculate features. It was because for some strange, unknown reason, her heart was clenching in pain from watching him. Was it because he looked so distant and lonely? Why did he look like he was all alone in this world?

Abi thought her observation might be completely wrong and that she was just imagining what she was seeing but her heart was telling her something else

Subconsciously, Abi moved and she lightly kissed his lips. Once she pulled away, Alex was looking at her with slightly widened eyes, but in the next second, his expression completely shifted and his lips curved up.

The serenity in his eyes had disappeared and was nowhere to be seen.

"I can't believe my little fruit has learned how to steal kisses now," he said in his normal voice but the expression in his eyes was teasing. Abi remained quiet as she stared at him.

"You were spacing out. What's wrong?" she asked, her voice hesitant.

Alex stared back at her, but then he tilted his head. "I am thinking about the things I am going to do with you tonight, Abigail," he replied, sexily. He was acting absolutely normally that Abi couldn't see anything unusual at all. "What? You're already bored? Well then, I think it's time for us to go," he added as he looked at his watch.

He then held the reins and pulled the horse to go back.

As they rode back towards the helicopter, Abi was now the one who fell silent. She just couldn't forget it; that lonesome look on Alex's face.

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