Hellbound With You Chapter 117

116 Higher

After their meal that morning, Abi was surprised to hear a helicopter land on the mansion's backyard. She didn't know why but the first thing she thought was that there was an emergency and someone came to fetch Alex.

Her heart, which was filled with excitement, somehow started to feel a little sad and disappointed, disappointed that their plan for the day might not happen again. Before she knew it, she was silently praying and hoping that Alex would not leave again.

When she saw that Alex was heading to the backdoor, Abi couldn't stop herself from chasing him.

She suddenly clung on his arm as he opened the back door, causing Alex to halt and look at her.

"Uhm Alex I y-you're not leaving again, right?" she asked, looking both worried and downhearted. Gone was the beaming light that shone on her face since sunrise.

Seeing his face, Alex immediately realized what she was thinking but he couldn't blame her since he already left her twice in just the few days that they were together.

The man's lips curved up and then, he held her hand.

"Come," he said and he led her out.

Once Abi saw the helicopter, she was suddenly thrilled. She had always thought that helicopters, especially the military choppers, were incredibly cool.

"Stay here," Alex told her before he let go of her hand and headed to the helicopter. Abi watched him as he ducked slightly towards it.

He talked to the man who was dressed in an aviation uniform so she correctly guessed that he was the pilot. She saw the pilot climb down while he conversed with Alex.

Seeing that no one else other than the pilot was inside the helicopter, Abi gasped at her next thought. Could it be that they were going to ride in that?! Whoah!

Abi's hands flew to her mouth.

"Don't worry, Miss Abigail, that ride is very safe, I assure you," someone spoke and Abi finally realized that Xavier was standing right beside her. He was smiling and his pleasant face almost seemed to be shining.

"You mean, Alex and I will really ride in that?" she asked, pointing at the idling helicopter.

"Oh Alex didn't tell you yet?" Xavier's eyes widened. 'Oh no, what have I done!'

Thinking that he had spoiled Alex's surprise, Xavier scolded himself. 'Oh gosh, I need to run away now or Alex might kill me!'

"Haha, uhm, I think Alex is calling you to go over there," he suddenly said, forcing a laugh and Abi's head snapped towards Alex. Xavier actually just said that to divert her attention from him so he could escape.

But little did he know that the little lamb immediately believed what he said and she started running towards Alex, smiling widely.

By the time Alex and the pilot's talk was over, he turned and saw Abi already approaching. Her downhearted look just a while ago was gone. She was beaming at him like a super excited child and her long hair danced behind her as she ran.

The moment she reached him, she held his hands as she gazed up at him.

"Alex, we're going to ride in this, right?" her eyes were sparkling so brightly that before Alex knew it, he nodded at her. He actually missed the opportunity to tease her first before spilling the surprise!

As soon as Alex confirmed it, Abi suddenly hugged him in excitement before she let go of him and turned her attention towards the helicopter.

"Wow! So cool!" she gushed as she jumped up and down like an excited little kid about to go on their first ever ride at an amusement park. When she finally stopped jumping, she leaned in through the door and took a peek inside it.

Alex's lips curved up, seeing her excited reaction. Her reaction made him think that this might actually be his little fruity lamb's first helicopter ride.

"Okay, get in, Abigail," he said and the girl immediately climbed onto the passenger seat. Alex then followed and Abi was surprised when he sat on the pilot's seat.

"You're the pilot?" her big eyes turned round.

"What, does that scare you?" he smirked as he started pushing buttons and flicking switches on the dash in front of him. His movements were very precise and decisive, indicating that he had done this many times before.

"No, I'm not scared. I'm just surprised. I didn't know you're a pilot, too!"

Alex just smiled again. He already knew that this little lamb was a daredevil so he thought that this wouldn't scare her and he was absolutely right. In fact, compared to the speed he was going during that car ride with her in the passenger seat, this was going to be like a walk in the park.

As soon as they soared in the sky, not a tinge of fear appeared on her face. She was purely thrilled and awed.


They landed on a picturesque, secluded, white beach. Abi was all smiles as she looked at Alex.

"That was awesome, Alex!" she told him. "Can I pilot it when we go back?" she cupped her hands as she blinked with puppy eyes.

"Sure." For some reason, Alex had been expecting this little lamb of his to ask to fly the helicopter.

"You will teach me?!"

"Nope. Why would I waste time teaching you how to fly when I have a lot of other things I want to teach you? Huh? Abigail?"

"You have a lot of things you want to teach me? Like what?" Abi frowned in curiosity and excitement, thinking of all the different possibilities. But Alex just smiled at her mischievously before he leaned in on her and whispered in his ear.

"You will find out tonight, little fruit. I will teach you something more interesting. Don't worry, I'll make sure that you will reach the sky, much higher than the height that this helicopter flew up to."

Abi blinked, a little confused. How would she fly higher than the helicopter? Was he going to teach her how to fly a jet plane?! She was about to ask again when the sound of an animal pulled her attention. When she turned towards the direction that the sound came from, she saw a beautiful horse, lightly tied next to a coconut tree.

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