Hellbound With You Chapter 116

115 Sunrise

Moments ago, Kai, Xavier, and Ezekiel arrived at Alex's house at exactly midnight. They were expecting to see Alex sitting by the fireplace, as usual, since his little lamb would already be asleep by then.

But to their shocked surprise, Alex was indeed right there by the fireplace but he was spooning a little white, fluffy, pin-like matter as he lay on the soft rug which had even been romantically sprinkled with rose petals. 'What the f*ck! Bloody hell!' were the first words that ran through Xavier's head and he even almost blurted it out because he was so surprised!

Xavier and Kai were staring in disbelief. They never thought that one day, they would see the great Alexander Qin in this state! What the hell happened while they were not around?! Did some evil creature possess him? But who would dare possess a demon like him?!

They were rooted to the floor with nothing but disbelief in their eyes.

When they saw him move, their shock elevated because Alex was acting strange again. He was moving so damn slow and it seemed like he was having trouble trying to pull his hand away from that white fluffy pin or wait was that a lamb?

Xavier couldn't take it anymore and called out Alex's name, however, what he got was a cold, sharp glare. What the hell did he do?!

It was then that the fluffy white thing suddenly moved. When it turned and hugged Alex's hand, they finally saw it was a human and it was none other than his little lamb!

Xavier wanted to slap his forehead. What the hell! Did Alex make her wear a little lamb's costume?!

Seeing that they just interrupted their intimate moment, the three guys slowly dispersed, with Ezekiel being the first to leave and go to his room.

The next day, Abi woke up in her room. Her eyes slowly fluttered open as the events from last night drifted into her consciousness and a big smile formed on her face. She was so happy and the first thing she did was to pick her notebook and cross out the two wishes that were fulfilled last night.

But then, in the next moment, she freaked out. Wait what time was it now?! Alex was supposed to fulfill her other wishes today!

As Abi frantically crawled out of the bed, she was startled when she saw Alex leaning against the door frame. He was like a perfect tall and lean statue standing there with folded arms.

"Good morning, Alex!" she greeted him and as always, he didn't greet her back.

He instead walked towards her and then he single handedly lifted her up, princess style, onesie and all.

"Alex c-can I go watch my face first?" she asked him and the man paused. He looked at her face and raised a brow.

"Don't bother. That hardened drool on your face looks cute," he said and then he started walking again as Abi gaped at him in disbelief. She quickly rubbed her face but there was no trace of drool on her face at all.

"Alex, you, liar! I don't have any drool on my face!" she argued but the man just smirked at her.

"Mn, I lied, little fruit." He smirked at her.

Abi couldn't help but rub her face again. "Is it gone?" she asked, embarrassed, and the man chuckled. There was actually no drool on her face but because she felt embarrassed, she believed the lie and this man wasn't going to let a good opportunity go to waste.

"So, you believe me even though you said I'm a liar. What a silly, little fruit," he told her but what he did next was lift her up even higher so he could whisper in her ear.

"Want me to help you with it?"

Abi could only nod and she raised her face up to him so that he would be able to reach it. But when she thought about it, his hands were full so how...

Before she finished the thought, the man suddenly licked the corner of her lips down to her chin. Abi jolted and her face burned red.

"Done," he simply said and Abi scolded at him.

"What are you doing?!"

"Helping you."

"What kind of help is that?"

"The kind of help that good boyfriends give to their girlfriends." He sexily smiled and Abi could only bury her face on her palm. "You should be thanking me, little lamb."

Abi was about to retort but the man finally put her down. Abi removed her hand from her face and was surprised to see that they were already standing on the mansion's grandest and highest veranda. Abi had never been on this particular verandah before because the large doors were always closed.

However, she almost freaked out because the man actually made her sit on top of the railing, with her feet dangling on air.

Abi would've been frantically clinging on to him but she immediately felt his strong arms wrap around her waist, securing her. Just with that, her fear immediately subsided because to her, his arms were the most secure rope that could ever hold her.

"Alex what are we doing he " Abi couldn't continue her questions because at that very moment, sunlight started to peek over the horizon, painting the gray sky with breathtaking colors.

Abi finally realized that her first request last night was for both of them to watch the sunrise and the sunset. So this was it. This was again more than what she expected. Because Alex's mansion was on top of a small hill and this grand veranda was facing East, they had indeed the perfect view of the sunrise. She never thought that the sunrise would be so breathtakingly spectacular from there.

"Wow!" was the first word that left Abi's mouth as she watched the horizon. "It's so beautiful, Ale, ," she mumbled as her grip on him tightened a little. "I think this is the most beautiful sunrise I have ever seen with my own two eyes."

Abi was certain that this sunrise was the most beautiful one she had ever seen, simply because she was watching it with him.

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