Hellbound With You Chapter 115

114 Tomorrow

Alex's eyes slowly widened when he saw her suddenly tearing up as she uttered those words in what he thought was the most emotional voice he had ever heard from her.

He couldn't explain it but those words, that look in her eyes, that tear and her voice at that moment made him feel like something shattered inside him, almost as if an intense quake had just shaken his world.

Abi on the other hand, froze the moment she realized what she was doing. She finally noticed the moisture in her eyes and the tear that was making its way down her cheek.

Seeing Alex's widened eyes as he looked at her, Abi felt her heart jump and she quickly rubbed her hand across her cheek, wiping that lone tear away.

"Sorry I don't often cry reading sad books but, this still makes me tear up, no matter how many times I have read it," Abi tried her best to act normally, making it look like she was like this just because of the story. "It's beautiful, right?" She did her best to show him a smile.

But the man remained silent. His eyes never left her face.

Abi's worry intensified when Alex didn't say a thing so she quickly helped herself up and faced him. "Okay, it's my turn now." She stretched out her hand, asking for the book that she would read to him.

However, Alex just closed the book he had just read and stared at its cover.

"So? Did that Zero die?" he suddenly asked, causing Abi to blink at him, surprised. She didn't expect him to show any interest in it.

It took her awhile before she could give him an answer. "Uhm actually, I don't know. The author of the book didn't really confirm it. I guess she may have wanted us to fill in the blanks as we saw fit. But judging from that last line, maybe a miracle happened to him and they found a cure," she explained with a hopeful voice.

He stared at her as he put the book away.

"Well miracles always happen in fictional worlds," he mumbled and Abi looked down. Even though he was right and she knew that well, she still felt pained. If only a miracle would happen to her too

"Tell me, why did you choose that book for me to read?" was the next question that Alex asked and Abi immediately felt her throat run dry. She froze and was unable to look up. Did he suspect her now? 'No, that was impossible. Relax Abi, he might only be asking because he was truly curious. Don't worry, you can still deal with this!'

Fortunately, Abi managed to control herself and listened to her mind. She moved and sc,ratched her head as she slowly looked up and met his probing gaze.

"Well I I wanted to" she was stammering. "Because I kind of want to show you how wonderful this story was and how wonderful weddings are." She sped up as she glanced up at his face, apprehensively. She wanted to show him how wonderful Zero had felt to marry the person he chose to be with, and that even though life wasn't how they would have liked, they still made the decision to live it together, as husband and wife.

Alex frowned at her but the next moment, he threw his head back and stared at the ceiling, speechless.

Seeing his reaction, Abi took advantage of it and she moved with her knees closer to him. Her hands on his shoulders as she stared down at his heartbreakingly gorgeous face.

And then, suddenly, she spoke oh-so-seriously, "Alexander Qin, do you take Abigail Chen to be your lawful wedded wife, to have and to hold, for better or for worse?" she asked, and Alex almost choked. "Ah, I so want to hear that from the priest's lips as he weds us."

Abi cupped her hands together and blinked at the already gaping Alex.

However, she couldn't see his reaction because the man abruptly reached out, held her waist and pulled him close to him. The next second, they were lying on the fluffy rug, with Alex spooning her.

Abi was taken aback. This intimate position made her heart beat like a drum as she felt his warm body press against her.

"Uhm Alex, isn't it my turn to read to you now? Where is your book?" she asked. She tried to move so she could see his face but the man didn't let her.

"That we'll do it tomorrow night when you're not in this outfit of yours," he answered and Abi frowned.

"Huh? What's wrong with my outfit? You really don't like it?"

"It's not that. It's just that this fluffy outfit of yours tonight doesn't match the theme of the book you're going to read. Tomorrow, I'll be the one to choose what you'll wear."

Abi couldn't see his face so she couldn't tell what kind of expression he was showing but he didn't seem to be smirking behind her so even though she was still confused on why her outfit even mattered when all she would be doing was reading a book, she agreed anyway. "O-okay."

"Good girl," he whispered. His arm around her waist pulled her even closer to him. "Is this the kind of cuddling you're talking about? Or should we do more than this?"

Alex stared at her side profile as he asked but as expected, the girl shook her head and told him this was enough.

Silence then enveloped the large living room with both of them staring at the burning flames, as if each their thoughts were far away in outer space.

It was midnight when Alex opened his eyes again. He felt someone's presence but because he was still spooning the little white fluffy lamb, he couldn't turn around to see who it was. He slowly and carefully tried to lift his hand but to his surprise, the little lamb was actually holding on to it tightly.

Letting out a sigh, Alex silently and slowly rose without pulling his arm away from her. In the end, he sat there in an awkward position as he looked at the three guys standing there, looking at him. Two of the men were looking at him with wide surprised eyes, while one of them was expressionless.

"Ale " One of them called out but he immediately clamped his mouth because of the sudden chilling gaze Alex threw at him as soon as he spoke.

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