Hellbound With You Chapter 112

111 Worlds Apar

After dinner, the two went up to their room to shower and change. After Abi walked out of the shower, she headed into her walk-in wardrobe and took her new pajamas out. She placed it on the bed as she smiled widely to herself. She giggled in anticipation at Alex's reaction to it.

On the day she and Kelly had gone shopping, she had seen this in one of the shops and she just couldn't resist buying it the moment she saw it.

Abi came out of her room dressed in her new pajamas. She thought that Alex may already be waiting for her by the fireplace so she didn't bother knocking on the door to Alex's mysterious room.

She descended the grand staircase and realized that the house felt really quiet as if there was no one inside the house but her and Alex. It seemed like Kai wasn't back yet either. She tiptoed towards the fireplace, thinking to surprise Alex but he was nowhere to be found. When she arrived by the fireplace, she was the one who was surprised instead and her lips formed a big 'o'.

It seemed that Alex had got everything ready. There was a very large, thick, soft, and warm looking rug placed in front of the fire with rose petals sprinkled all over the white rug. She saw two small pillows on the rug as well as a warm looking blanket which was folded up nicely at the foot of the rug. There were also mini lit candles scattered on the floor by the fire and Abi of them like scattered stars in the sky. On one side of the fireplace, there was a small table with an array of fruits and a couple of glasses of water.

When Abi saw the soft and beautifully romantic set up, stars lit up in her eyes as she happily dove into the soft rug.

"Wow! It feels so soft!" she exclaimed as she rolled on it like an animated little lamb.

However, because the little lamb was in her own world, enjoying the bliss of running her cheeks along the ultra-soft rug and pillows, she didn't notice the presence of the stern lion who had entered the room.

Alex stopped midway into the room when he had a clear view of the rolling pin on the rug because he finally saw what she was wearing. It took him a little while to process his thoughts before the corner of his lips lifted in a sardonic smile.

"Stop rolling around, little lamb. Be careful of your leg!" Abi immediately sat up, the hood of her pajamas falling over her head and covered half her face, as if she just heard a policeman, yelling at her to freeze.

She forgot about her wound again. But could he blame her? This setting was so fluffy and warm, it was impossible not to enjoy it!

When Abi turned in his direction, Alex couldn't even fin his voice for a few seconds. This was because he finally saw the full effect of her pajamas.

"What on earth are you wearing?!" he finally managed to say.

"My new pajamas!" she said excitedly as she pushed the hood back from her head. "I saw it when I was out shopping and had to buy it. Do you like it?" she asked with wide eyes looking up at him with great expectation.

He just gaped at her. This woman actually dared to buy a little lamb onesie! He was speechless!

"Well, since you kept calling me little lamb, I figured I'd grant your wish and dress up like one," Abi reasoned out when he said nothing, but then, she froze.

It was because she finally realised that Alex was wearing a long, sexy, gray robe as he stood there, staring down at her. His hair was still a little damp and the effect was just so mesmerizing. For some reason, he gave out a strange vibe wearing those, a vibe that made Abi's heart race uncontrollably just by seeing him.

Their outfits were like, well... worlds apart.

"Alex, why are you still wearing your robe?" she asked as she blinked at him.

Her question, of course, made the man smirk sexily.

"What's wrong with me wearing a robe? Would you rather prefer if I was naked?" he asked and Abi's lips parted in disbelief. "Okay, if that's what my little lamb wants," he teased and he began to untie his robe.

"Ah, no! Don't!" she yelled as she pulled her hood over her eyes, causing Alex to chuckle. 'This little lamb this should be the time for her to swallow as she gazes at me, dazed, watching and waiting for me to undress' he complained in his mind.

"Sigh you can look again, little fruit" he said and Abi slowly pushed her hood back, thinking that the man was only teasing her just then.

However, what she saw the moment she looked up again was his smooth, hard, chiseled abs. He had actually removed his robe!

Abi blushed and she hid her face with her palms but she did that only after a few seconds of being mesmerized by his perfectly sculpted upper body.

Alex let out a throaty chuckle before he covered the goods with the robe again and sat next to her.

"Okay, shall we start, little miss storyteller?" he asked. His face softened as his lips curved into a beautiful but mischievous smile and he ran the back of his hand slowly over her cheek.

Abi immediately snapped out of her daze because of the warmth from his touch. She looked at him and when she saw that he donned his robe again, she quickly switched gears and looked at him like she was already very ready.

This was it! One of her favorite wishes on her wishlist was now going to happen. Having her boyfriend read a book to her was such a dreamy experience that she could only imagine before. But now, it was really going to happen so she couldn't stop her excitement from showing.

Silently beaming in excitement, Abi then sat and positioned herself, facing him. "Should I start?" she asked and Alex tilted his head.

"Hmm Nope, I'll go first, I think," he replied, causing Abi to blink at him in surprise. She thought that he would do this unwillingly but he actually volunteered to go first? This was a massive surprise!

Seeing the shocked surprise on her face, Alex's lips curved up in an even more mischievous but sexy smile.

He slowly moved and whispered in her ear. "Well, I'm afraid something might happen if you read my choice of book to me so first I better start us off."

Abi frowned. "Huh? Something might happen?" she looked at him with intense curiosity.

"Hmm I mean, you might end up exhausted after your turn that you wouldn't even get to hear my story anymore."

"Exhausted?" Abi was now confused. Storytelling sure was exhausting if you did it for a whole day but they agreed that they were just going to read a chapter each. Wait could it be that he was going to ask her to act out the story? Or was he kidding again?

Abi shook her head. She decided not to think about his tricky words and just agree with him. After all, she was truly excited to hear him read aloud to her with that sexy voice.

"Okay, sure. Here you go then." Abi grinned brightly and then, she moved and brought out a book titled, 'The Last Shooting Star'.

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