Hellbound With You Chapter 111

110 Eleven

It was almost sunset when Abi sent Kelly off because Kelly's parents called her to come over to their house.

Once Abi returned inside the house, she walked towards Alex, who was sitting by the fireplace.

She sat right next to him and leaned her head on his shoulder.

"Alex, you ended up not fulfilling any wishes of mine for eleven days," she told him when suddenly, he gently pulled her head down and made her lie down on him, using his lap as her pillow. Abi smiled and she gladly positioned herself as she looked up at him.

The man stared down into her eyes.

"Eleven requests aren't that hard to fulfill. What are your requests? Tell me and we can start but I will be choosing which request I will fulfill first because you are still injured. Who knows, you might ask me to help you fish for tuna in the Pacific Ocean," he sternly told her with a straight face and Abi's mouth parted before she burst out and chuckled.

"Fishing for tuna? That sounds fun." She grinned and it was Alex's turn to be speechless. At that moment, Abi immediately took advantage of his silence and she cupped her hands and blinked cutely at him, wanting to tease him again. "Alex, will you marry me?" she suddenly added and the already speechless man seemed to have completely lost his tongue.

He simply stared at her in disbelief before he bit his lips and pinch the skin between his brows.

Abi felt like smiling at seeing his reaction. She really found this cold glacier a little cute when he was like this.

However, the feast didn't last for more than a few seconds because the man suddenly pinched her cheeks. "Little fruit, stop messing around or I will not fulfill any of your wishes today," he threatened and Abi could only purse her lips and obey.

"Okay, okay I'll tell you now."

Abigail was silent for a while. She hadn't scanned her wishlist for days now but they were still clear in her memory. She saw her list as if it was right in front of her with only three ticks next to the three items that had been fulfilled. So now that Alex was going to fulfill eleven of those as he promised, she was very excited.

The excitement in her heart was overflowing that she totally forgot about the fact that she was injured.

"Okay, number 1," she said as she gestured number 1 with her pinky finger. "I want to play laser tag with you."

Alex's lips parted again in disbelief. Laser tag? What the hell! That was something that had never, ever, crossed his mind!

"Rejected next," he replied and Abi pursed her lips. But then, the girl immediately switched gears.

"Ride a tandem bicycle with me." She said and Alex closed his eyes.

"Abigail why are these things even on your list?"

"What's wrong with them? They look quite fun and romantic and something that couples do."

"Rejected. Next."

Abi was about to complain but she stopped herself. After all, she couldn't afford to make him grumpy because then he might renege on his offer.

"Let's watch the sunset and sunrise in one day."

"Approved. Next."

Finally, one had been approved. Abi's face immediately brightened as soon as he agreed.

"Let's visit a haunted house," was the next request and Alex felt his mouth open and shut as he stared down at her. However, no words came out of it. It was obvious he was utterly speechless again by her requests.

But then, after a short while, he agreed and Abi celebrated again. Nine more.


"Let's go canoeing," she said excitedly and Alex's brows knotted together.


"Mm. That's something that could be fun right?" she exclaimed excitedly as she started to imagine a beautiful scenario of the two of them in a boat together, cuddling as they floated on top of a clear blue lake.

Alex seemed to have thought about it for a while before he agreed again. That's three!


"Let's go to the zoo, Alex."

"The zoo, huh" he repeated as he leaned his head on his palm. He definitely looked like a dad listening to his daughter's favourite things to do and places to visit. But then, he could only approve. At least, she was not asking for them to go and hunt a crocodile's eggs or anything like that. "Approved. Next."

"I want a horseback ride on the beach." She grinned at him and Alex pressed his temples. Horseback ride this girl

Alex had been expecting more feminine requests like requesting for a romantic and luxurious date, expensive jewelry set as a gift, some public displays of affection, and other things like that but this little lamb of his was really living up to her name. Her requests were so random. Visiting a haunted house, then a lake, then a zoo, and now on a beach. They were all outdoor activities and that was only four of her eleven requests. Was she doing this on purpose to make him eat his words that fulfilling eleven wishes in one go was easy?

"Approved, next."

Time ticked by and only two more requests were finally left.

Alex was rubbing his temple at that point. He didn't look too excited by any of these requests at all but a promise was a promise.

"Little lamb," he now said, instead of the usual "approved" and "next" that he was saying, almost as if he had become a parrot. He rubbed her cheeks with the back of his hand. "All those nine requests are all for the outdoors. Don't you have a request that we could do indoors? We have plenty of time tonight."

Abi blinked at him. Now that she thought about it, Alex was right.

"I have. Okay, my tenth request is hmm let's cuddle by the fire," she said and Alex raised his brow. For once, she requested something that interested him.

"Sure. And the last?"

"Will you m---y me?" she spouted out again but she mumbled the word 'marry' so that it was almost unrecognizable. Teasing him sure was fun. She never imagined that she would be able to tease him like this.

When she felt him stiffened again, she blinked up at him with innocent eyes and asked cheekily, "what? What's with this reaction? I asked, will you read to me? What did you think I said?"

Alex was sure he heard her ask him to marry her again, especially when she looked up at him with those big innocent eyes. This cheeky little lamb was really trying to drive him insane!

"Will I read to you? Hmmm, what kind of book?" He played along with her because he mentally noted that he would get her back for her cheekiness.

"Ohh hmm we should choose which book we want the other to read us. For me, I'd like you to read me a chapter of one of my favorite books," she animatedly told him, her eyes even sparkling in excitement. "How about you? What do you want me to read for you?" she innocently asked him, looking expectant.

However, the man seemed to have something naughty in his mind as his lips simply curved up. "I don't know the title so I'll just get the book and give it to you later," he answered, causing Abi to look at him with confusion. How come he didn't know the title? She was sure he would ask her to read his favorite book! Hmm, maybe that's not the case at all. Now she became extremely curious as to what that book was.

Abi was about to ask but she refrained since she thought that maybe the man might have wanted to surprise her.

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