Hellbound With You Chapter 110

109 No Matter Wha

Abi and Alex boarded a private jet to head back home so Abi enjoyed an even more beautiful view of Country V.

The sun was still high in the sky when they landed.

When they reached Alex's mansion, Abi was surprised to see that Kelly was already there, waiting for her with Kai.

The two embraced each other the moment Abi got out of the car. Kelly had been worried about her best friend but it seemed like Alex was quite trustworthy. Her dearest Abi looked really revitalized. In fact, her complexion was better than before they went to Country V, even though she was still injured.

"Uhm Alex, can I take Kelly to my room?" Abi whispered to Alex and fortunately, the man didn't hesitate to agree. Well, Kelly was already there so there was no point trying to hide anything from her anymore.

As expected, Kelly's eyes were wide as saucers once they stepped foot inside. However, the main reason why Abi wanted to speak with Kelly was to ask her about the things that happened while she was missing. The two headed to the elevator as Kelly supported Abi as she walked. Little did Abi know that Kelly was also there to ask her what happened to her.

"Okay, I'll speak first." Kelly started. "Honestly, I don't quite know what happened. I mean, it was so chaotic while we were looking for you. You may not believe me, Abi, but the entire force of Country V in that city moved just to find you. It was almost as if the king was the one that was kidnapped!" Kelly's eyes were wide with awe as she recounted the story. "Tell me, just who is Alexander Qin? That man was also very scary at the time. He looked like a demon who was ready to burn the entire palace if you had not been found!"

Abi was surprised. What? An entire government force in the city looked for her?! Abi couldn't believe it.

"Kelly, are you sure? Maybe, those people who looked for me were just Alex's men," Abi reasoned out. Alex told her that he wasn't a royal so there was no way he could mobilize this city's force!

"Abigail. When have I ever lied to you? I saw it with my own two eyes, okay? All the royal guards also searched for you," she argued.

"I'm sorry, Kelly. I didn't mean it that way. It's just that I am also confused because Alex told me that he wasn't royalty," Abi confessed and Kelly pressed her temples. Now that was a shock. Kelly had been thinking that he was the mysterious crown prince but if he was not then who the hell was he to mobilize this country's force just to look for his woman?! Even the pretty prince was being ordered around by him like he was his personal knight!

Kelly was getting a headache.

"Kelly I'm sorry for the trouble. Alex said that the one who kidnapped me was one of the princesses. I still don't know the reason why she would do that to me. Alex said that I was down there because of him so I can only think that maybe she wanted to be Alex's lover so she needed to get rid of me first. Alex told me that it was better if I didn't know, that it was better for me not to know anything about him." Abi looked down. "But I will try to ask him again in the future."

Kelly was in disbelief but Abi smiled, looking willful so Kelly could only sigh. She couldn't get anything out from that damned prince so she already predicted that Abi wouldn't know anything either. That night proved that Alexander Qin might be someone even greater than she could imagine. She saw how the soldiers and even the royal guards obeyed his every word even though he was clearly not the king. Could it be that he was actually the real king of that country and that the Reign family were just his stand ins?

She had thought hard about this possibility but Abi just mentioned that he said he wasn't royalty at all. However, she couldn't logically think of any other reason why he seemed to have more power than the royal family. There were too many questions and they had none of the answers. The only thing she was sure of was that Alexander Qin might be a shady creature; the shadiest man she had ever known.

"Okay, I understand but Abi are you sure about this? I mean, I just can't stop worrying about you. You know that you might not be safe if you stay, right? Just because you have the title of being his girlfriend people have started trying to hurt you. What if that car that nearly got you last week also had something to do with your boyfriend?"

Abi's eyes slightly widened before she shook her head.

"That that was just an accident," she said but then she also remembered the stalker that Alex had beaten the other day. However, she just couldn't believe it. Why would they come after her? What would they get from her? The clich plot she always read in novels was that the enemy was supposed to kidnap her and use that against Alex. But they didn't do that. Why did it feel like they wanted her dead instead without Alex knowing? She asked herself as she shuddered when she remembered the murderous intent of that stalker.

However, Abi was not going to crumble in fear.

"Don't worry, Kelly. Alex will protect me," she said firmly. Even if her life was in danger, she knew that Alex would protect her, no matter what.

"Sigh okay, fine, but please be careful, okay? You can't afford to get hurt again. You're lucky that Alex didn't bring you to the hospital and just called a doctor to see you since you only passed out due to exhaustion."

"Mm. I will be very careful."

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