Harry Potter And The Rise Of A Protector Chapter 120

Chapter 120: Ch. 119 Moody Hogwarts

With Dumbledore's announcement at the feast, the next weeks at Hogwarts were filled with excitement.

Students would walk the halls speculating on possible tasks. Some would declare their intents to participate in the event. Others would be workshopping ways around the age restriction, like the twins. Many were actually discussing who would be the most likely candidates for the school champion, with myself and my friends being obvious choices. I even had a talk with Cedric about his own intention to enter the Tournament.

I've also gotten some news that Draco still got turned into a ferret not too long ago. Apparently he couldn't take anyone insulting his mommy after he started insulting Ron's father and Harry responded, which led to the kid trying to sneak attack instead of even thinking of a formal duel. Truly a disappointment, but if he believed my words it could make me think that it is why he didn't do so. But now it is unfortunate because such actions are heavily punished since the emergence of the Dueling club and its facilities.

Other than that, during the first week of classes, news of Professor Moody's extreme DADA class has spread throughout the castle.

'The man really started using the Imperius curse on kids.' I thought with a frown.

I could generally understand the logic in of itself, but as a practical matter letting anyone under sixth year experience it is completely pointless. The only way to fix that would be for students to undergo rigorous training, or be extremely stubborn like Harry.

There were some surprises that came from this though. Harry was able to resist more of the curse without collapsing, even if he had to take a knee afterwards. Ron showed a great amount of resistance, making 'Moody' put in considerable effort to make him move. Members of the Dueling club were showing considerably better results in resisting than other students as well.

I even had a conversation with the kids about this event.

"I can't believe that they are allowing this! An Unforgivable used on students, honestly." Huffed Hermione.

"Although I do agree with you Hermione, it is still an important lesson for many to learn. The problem is the application and the fact that it might give some of the less moral students stupid ideas." I say to the growing girl.

"What do you mean Aedan?" Curiously asked Harry.

"It's because students under the general ages of 16-17 just don't usually have the mental fortitude to even resist the curse, much less defeat it. It can even leave some damages in a person if used too often on them. That is why I am very proud of you and Ron of doing so well in the face of it. As for you Hermione, it shows that although you are brilliant, your mentality isn't there yet I'm afraid." I explain to the trio.

Hermione looked disappointed in herself, but Ron caught on to something I had said.

"It can hurt people? Moody didn't mention that." The red-head asked a bit shocked.

"It's not a type of physical damage if that is what you're afraid of. You see, the more it is used on a person, the more they become susceptible to the curse unless they can defeat themselves and prove their mental strength is superior. So having kids undergoing this repeatedly might actually make their defenses becoming weaker when it comes to it." I explained carefully to the kids, whose faces paled at the revelation.

"That just makes it even more unacceptable!" Shouted Hermione in outrage.

"True, but like I said, this is still a valuable experience in terms of DADA. The only things I know can help against the Imperius curse are Occlumency, Thief's Downfall, my original spell Protego Sanctum, and a strong will. One is too difficult for most adolescents undergoing puberty, the next is a goblin secret, my spell just has too strenuous of requirements, and willpower varies depending on the person. So unless you can somehow get one of these to be teachable, experiencing the curse more than once is pointless." I concluded with a serious look on my face.

"Aedan, you told me you have a certain mastery in Occlumency when you tried to teach me. Are you able to resist the curse?" Asked a now curious Harry, getting the other two to look at me.

"No one is able to enforce their will onto me. Any who try are over confident fools who will learn why they should stop while they are ahead." I declare with absolute certainty.

With that conversation in mind, this brings me to my own DADA class with the Death Eater.

"Put those blasted books away. You won't be needing them with me." The man growled as he looked around the modest number of seventh years.

Just to give a quick explanation for why I said 'modest number', it's due to the nature of NEWT level classes.

You see, at this level of education, most students will decide to focus on what they would need for their future jobs. If one wants to work in the Ministry, one needs to know the requirements for the department one had aimed for. For example, the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures obviously needs a person to have at least studied Care of Magical Creature at the NEWT level. The principle is the same for Defense Against the Dark Arts. The only thing is, from what I know, Aurors and Healers are the only careers which strictly need NEWT level education, with Hit-Wizards having some requirements when one wants specific promotions.

The lack of future opportunities one gets from completing the class, with the subpar/inconsistent education in the field, add in the homework and practical practice one needs to do, and the fact that most people generally aren't interested because they believe they are 'safe', reduces the number of students greatly.

All of this is why, even with every house members in my year, we have less than ten people in seventh year DADA. And just to make it worst, four of those are me, Tory, James and Christian. I'm doing it because I wish to have the NEWT level certification for all my classes. Victoria is doing it because she wants to be a healer. James decided to keep with it because of the study of spells and dangers of the world. While Christian is studying it because he likes the practical side of magic the most. The rest were here because they were good enough in the field, but they did not specifically want to continue along with after graduating.

"Now! You lot will be graduating from this cozy place, full of warm beds and a cushy lifestyle, into the real world. You're going to need to know how to survive out there and that's what I'm here to teach you." The grizzly man said to us with a slight look of disapproval.

"Hey! I know you're a great Auror, but I'm not going to take someone calling me soft." Christian protested.

"What's your name boy." Was 'Moody's' response as both his eyes focused on my friend.

"Christian Ward." He announced proudly.

"Ah, one of the wonder kids. No surprise you wouldn't agree. Too used to excellence. No true experience." The Professor said with a look of realization.

"Oh please. I've fought in the wild and in the underworld. Master Scamander also taught me a lot. So I won't just let you insult what I've been through." Christian said as he stood defiantly.

"Scamander eh? Too lost in his beasts. Too old now. But he was good. Fine then boy. I guess we'll see just how much you learned during this little class of mine." Said our teacher after a bit of thinking, letting a dark smile rise on his scarred face.

"Bring it." My wild friend responded, while the rest of us just shook our heads at his passionate behavior.

"Alright sit down mighty Beast. You've caused enough of a commotion and I'd like for Professor Moody to get on with the class." I say to my friend as he realizes that he might have gone too far against such a little comment.

"You, Silver hair, you're Amelia's brat right? Heard you are supposed to be the best to ever walk these halls." Said the imposter as I grabbed his attention.

"Yes, that is something I've been called." I answered calmly as I looked into his eye.

"Another one who needs to taste some of what the world really has to offer, my lucky day." He responded with an excited smirk.

I simply smiled at his acting and sat down to let him continue with his class.

"You have had what is basically a shit education from every professor before me aside from Lupin. He at least got you caught up to speed on the creatures and beings your level requires, but his curse studies are very lacking. And so, I will be going over true curses and spells you lot will face when in front of actual dark wizards, not those pickpockets you'll see in Knockturn Alley." The battered man said as he turned around and grabbed a piece of chalk.

Without any hesitation or word, he simply wrote down one word: Unforgivables.

"There are three curses banned by the Ministry. Using even one will led you straight to Azkaban," he said as he paced back and forth in front of the chalk board," The Ministry doesn't want you to know what these can truly do, but I spoke to Dumbledore about this and he agreed to a little demonstration."

'Moody' then reached into a box he had prepared and took out three jars with one live tarantula in each.

"Now all of you are old enough, and most likely not stupid, so you know what these three are." He continued as he took out one of the spiders.

"The Imperius Curse. Capable of controlling a person completely. I could force any of you to kill your best friends and you wouldn't be able to do anything about it. No one would know except the caster and the target. That's why there was so much trouble during the war." He explained with a slightly malicious smile as he pointed his wand at the spider in his hand. "Imperio!"

The spider then began to dance across the man's palm, completely controlled. He could make it do anything he wished at this point. No way a spider would be able to resist the will of an expert of this curse. So he played with it until he had enough fun and sealed it back into the jar.

Most of the students in the room had somber expressions at the sight, making the room very quiet.

"The second is the Cruciatus curse, also known as the Torture curse. It makes ones target feel immense pain, said to be beyond what any man can bear. It leaves no traces on the body, but can break the mind. I doubt that any of you could even tickle me with this one. You need to feel true negative emotions towards the target for it to work." The man said as he took out the second spider from its jar and pointed his wand again. "Crucio!"

This time the spider began to squirm and writhe in agony, twitching in the man's palm as it felt the horrible pain. A pain I remembered very well. A memory I had to suppress to not kill the man where he stood. And it wasn't until he had stopped that my clenched fists relaxed.

Luckily I was able to keep a calm look on my face or people might have gotten worried. Even luckier was that i didn't let any of my magic leak out.

"And lastly the Killing curse. A curse which is impossible to defend against or survive. With the only one known example which broke this rule, living in this castle at this very moment. You lot might give me a little cut when you use this spell, but many dark wizards have this one as a favorite." He said as he took out his last spider and let it down on his desk. "Avada Kedavra!"

A green flash erupted from his wand and the spider simply died.

The sight of the three Unforgivables was still too much for many students. Even Tory, James and Christian were uncomfortable with this demonstration, even if they had studied it and started to learn my defense against it since they had reached the requirements.

'This is good for them. Although I don't agree with what he'll do next, this is something students need to know.' I thought with an emotionless face.

"Now, although you cannot cast these curses, the Headmaster has given me permission to let each and everyone of you experience what it feels like to have the Imperius curse casted on you." The scarred professor declared with a slight rise in the corner of his lips at the nervous energy that just spiked.

"I'll start with you and end with the wonder group over there. I'm sure it will help you all understand a few things." He said as he pointed to a Gryffindor.

What followed was both embarrassing and horrifying for the five other students of the class. 'Moody' forced them to dance stupidly, do some stunts, sing, say embarrassing things and some guys even striped a bit. But they now understood just how strong this curse was. They could barely slow it down for a second before they did everything the man ordered.

But then it was finally my groups turn.

"Ward! You're up. Let's see if you can back up your words." The imposter growled.

"Let's see if you can back up your tough talk. I want to see what Mad-Moody can do." He challenged with a wild smile.

"Imperio!" Was the response as the man pointed his wand.

"Strip and run around the room." The Professor ordered with a smirk.

Unfortunately, after only a twitch of his body, Christian didn't move until he just looked at the man and opened his mouth.

"Yeah right. Aedan was a thousand times tougher than this. You think you can just order me to do that shit?" My wild friend mocked to the shock of the other students and Junior's, while my friends and I smiled at his attitude.

"Stop trying to piss off the Professor you impulsive idiot." Victoria scolded this time, making the guy back down with a victorious grin.

"I will volunteer to be next then. I can't let him be the only one to succeed, he'd become intolerable." Calmly stated James as he stepped forward. "I am ready for your curse Professor."

His actions actually caused the imposter to freeze for a second. He had never seen someone so willing and calm about the fact that he would be put under the Imperius.

With a shake of his head to erased the dazed look on his face, pointed his wand once again and spoke with even greater determination than before.


James just stood there and was looking around, giving a gentle smile to a worried Hufflepuff student even after the curse was cast.

"That's impossible. Not even a moment of effect." The Professor said as he stood there in shock this time.

"Haha! Who said you were the weak willed one? They're going to have to be wary of our quiet and polite friend now!" Laughed Christian as Tory and I simply chuckled.

"It seems that my efforts have not been in vain. Thank you for testing my will." James said politely as he preformed a little bow and walked back to us.

"Guess it's my turn then. I certainly won't let myself twitch like our Beast. That would be humiliating." Victoria said domineeringly, causing several people to shake their heads a bit with wry smiles aimed at themselves.

"Bring it Queeny! If you twitch you'll have to write this weeks homework." Christian said with gusto.

"When I win you'll have to wear the same outfit as Peeves for the rest of the week." She simply responded with absolute confidence.

"This is not going to end well for you Christian. She is the best Occlumen besides Aedan." Reminded James with a little smile of amusement.

"Oh shut up you Saintly bastard. Who's side are you on?" Bemoaned my wild friend.

"It is not about sides. I just don't want you to embarrass yourself too much." James responded with a chuckle.

The two continued their little exchange to the amusement of our classmates, while Junior was feeling very conflicted right now. He failed twice in a row to control students and they weren't even trying. This was a blow to his delicate psyche. Even he was considered a genius when he went to Hogwarts, with 12 OWL's. But he is certain that he could control his younger self after being guided by the Dark Lord he served. And now he was already surpassed by two kids already, with two even better ones to come. So he did the only thing he could, readied himself to try once again.

"Imperio!" He growled in a low voice.

Unfortunately for him, it was an even worse result for the man.

"ARGH!!" He yelled out as he stumbled backwards in pain, clutching his head for some form of release.

"Hmph. Trying to come into my mind with such a weak will and so little power, who do you think you are?" She questioned venomously, causing the class to open their mouths in shock.

"I told you that you shouldn't have bet." Said James in a sagely voice.

"Well fuck. Still kinda worth it though. But if Tory can do that, what's going to happen when Aedan goes forward?" He asked with a smile on his face as he turned towards me.

And he wasn't the only curious one. Every head turned towards me wondering the same thing now. What exactly would happen when the best Hogwarts student in history was challenging the Imperius curse?

To answer this, I simply stepped forward with a calm smile on my face.

"If you are still up for it Professor, I await your curse." I state with confidence.

It actually took a bit of time before Junior was able to stabilize himself properly. But I could see the irrationality in his eyes. He no longer thought about this situation as an undercover agent. He was driven to a cliff edge right now. Three defeats in a row, and each worse than the previous one. He was a hand of his lord, but he still couldn't force mere students to submit to him. So he looked at me with an almost crazed look in his eye, looking determined to redeem himself through breaking the strongest one.


It was laughable.

"IMPERIO!" He bellowed.

I felt the curse wash over my mind, but instead of rejecting it, I welcomed it.

I let him come in deeper and deeper. Until he would feel certain he had control.

Like a fish, not even suspecting that the worm was only bait.

But at the very last moment i trapped him within my mind and infiltrated his in return.

I entered his mind and took full control. Placing him under the very effect he tried to impart onto me.

"Well Professor, since you are from Scotland I would like to see a traditional Ceilidh dance if possible." I asked with a smile.

Immediately after my request, his body tried to accommodate it. But due to his prosthetic leg he was forced to basically hop around as he did so.

Luckily for him, the bell soon rang to signify the end of class and me freeing him from his curse.

"I think that is enough of a demonstration. I wish you a pleasant evening Professor." I say with a bright smile and take my leave with my excited friends.

As we left, the other five students stared in dismay at the result before them. Their Professor cast an Unforgivable and it got turned on him, but when they thought about who just achieved such result they accepted it. This was simply because I was Aedan Bones, the Raven of Hogwarts.

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