Harry Potter And The Rise Of A Protector Chapter 119

Chapter 119: Ch. 118 7th year goals

Having finally reached my room, I could now start my yearly tradition of listing out my goals.

1. Finish up my last mastery project.

With Ancient Runes, Arithmancy, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Herbology, Healing, Potions and Warding done, only my Charms project was left. I believe that finishing my calculations for the blue flame is the key to the completion of my spell, as well as what will unlock many new paths for me.

But my off-shoot of the Patronus Charm has made great progress forward and I firmly believe it will be completed by the winter break.

2. Goblet of Fire canon.

If I am chosen as champion I will need to prepare just in case they changed things up due to my presence. I doubt that they would since I already received a few notices from my dragon reserves that the Ministry requested some nesting mothers. This means the first task should at least be the same as in the canon at least.

If I am not chosen, I'll have to find an excuse for me to show up to Little Hangleton cemetery. Shouldn't be too hard with my abilities since I could probably ask the headmaster to be involved with the security details. He knows how strong i am now, he appreciates my intelligence and creativity as well, so it should be doable.

3. Fake Moody has been confirmed. This also means the real Moody is currently imprisoned in the school. My goal for him is simply to not kill him. I can't blow my cover. I will also have to see if I can peek inside his mind and find out what he knows about me. I trust in the originals abilities and mental strength, but you never know what might slip over long periods of time. I also can't just drown him in homework like I did Quirrellmort because he should actually have some interesting things to say and I don't want to draw negative attention from Junior.

4. Train my successors.

I've been training Cedric as the next person in charge of the Exchange and he has shown great progress. From what he told me, none of his OWL's were below Exceed Expectations and he had more Outstanding's than EE's. I think Hermione would be the only person to top his scores after my friends and I are gone, but Cedric is much better than her in the practical aspects. In short, I trained him in academics and practicality, forming an incredibly well rounded wizard.

The dueling club successors will be divided among four fourth years who will take over as a council. Each house will have a representative to remove the possibility of exclusion, and it should also stop one house from dominating for now at least. Like I mentioned on the train, the Gryffindor rep will be Ron, Slytherin will be Daphne Greengrass, Ravenclaw will be Padma Patil, and Hufflepuff had Hannah Abbott.

I have my reasons for all of these kids, none of them were emotional.

Ron has genuinely improved phenomenally as a dueler, even if his grades are still mediocre, he has put constant effort and diligently trained in this aspect of magic. He has followed my guide and then some in all honesty. He has been training with Christian since last year and was able to almost keep up with the guy in pure endurance, something pretty much no one else aside from my friends could do. He's worked on his reflexes and spell casting until he could fight without even having to think. And although his fighting can't be called elegant nor complex, it is efficient and polished. His time at the club also let him recognize how narrow-minded his views were when it comes to the houses and he's also found a place for himself to shine, removing a lot of his inferiority complex. What really cemented his position was when he had dueled against another Slytherin and they started to compare notes after the bout, showing his improved mentality.

Daphne Greengrass was an unexpected addition to the club. She comes from a sacred 28 family, but unlike those half-wits who boast about superior blood and lack any actual ability, she is actually more of a mini Victoria if anything. She is called the Icy maiden due to her constant emotionless face, which I know hides her own struggles and masks her opinions for 'political reasons'. She is the best Slytherin in Harry's year, both in class and out of it. Even if her family has pride in their heritage, I've found zero evidence of them participating as Death Eaters or supporting the idiotic egg. She treats everyone impartially, meaning coldly. Her skills are very real and show constant improvement. And like I said, mini Tory, meaning she can properly crack the whip on some of those idiots.

Padma Patil was an interesting case. It seems like she was expecting to be with her twin in Ravenclaw, but from what I could see, the hat made the right choice in separating them. Padma is a very focused and driven girl. She has an enthusiasm for learning and improving herself, whilst Pavarti is a more freedom oriented girl hoping for love, mystery and adventures instead of studying. Although the two girls are still very good sisters, Padma was the only one who wished to join the club and work hard to prove herself a great witch in all aspects. She has the desire many Ravenclaws lack, to put what she learns in action. Too many feel that theoretical knowledge makes them superior, but this means jack shit when you never learned how to use it. What's the point of knowing four different spells to do one job, when you can't use any of them properly? Padma though, is smart, disciplined and hardworking. I can see her being a leading figure in the house once Christian and I are gone.

My final choice of Hannah Abbott was actually a bit of a surprise. I didn't choose the girl because she is Susan's friend or anything like that. It because she actually could wipe the floor with any other Hufflepuff's from 1st-5th year. In the canon she was supposed to end with with Neville and like Herbology like he did, but it seems that my appearance changed her too. Being friends with Susan exposed her to magic and ideas she never thought possible before, and this led her to join the Dueling club when I started it with the good Professor Flitwick. I honestly have not seen many people so hungry for new spells and have such drive to perfect them. Her attitude reminds me of a cross between James' love of charms, Christian's views on combat magic, and Tory's hunger for knowledge. She was hardworking and very loyal, like a true Hufflepuff, but she also avoided the dangerous mob mentality which came from the house. I think having examples of a few exceptional members such as James, Cedric and Susan, helped show her that you can still be brilliant even if you're a Puff.

So all I need to do is announce it on our first meet and start their specialized training. Thankfully the tournament hasn't cancelled anything other than the Quidditch cup. We even received a notice that the professors wish for the clubs to include our guests as much as possible.

5. Get registered as animagi along with my friends.

I did say I would do it in my final year and when they had all achieved their own transformations. It would serve as a demonstration of all of our skills in the subject, as well as serve for another point in my favor when I go for the Transfiguration mastery.

6. If I finish my last mastery project, I'll look into a few things i wanted to try ever since my ritual.

Christian and I wanted to see if my flame could have a nurturing effect of plants and if it was possible to cause some kind of mutation. With James I want to see how it interacts with metals during forging. And I want to test things with Victoria when it comes to the applicability of the flame as a healing spell booster, whilst also testing its effects during the brewing of potions.

I also want to look into that proper concealment barrier I thought of when I went to the World Cup. I believe that if I could make such a warding system, I would be helping magical communities everywhere thrive. It would help create more pure magical settlements, cities and towns. We could hold more festivals, events and gatherings. We could even develop more institutes of learning in future.

My study into transferring some of the 'holy' attributes of my original spell into my new gauntlets is a fun path as well. I believe that if I achieve success in this area, I could create the first piece of defensive equipment capable of defending against the killing curse. It would become one of my most important defensive tools, and probably revolutionize the field of DADA even more than my spell will. That is when I decide to release either of them anyway.

And I might look into Rowena Ravenclaw's diadem. I know most of the Horcruxes almost inside and out. From their enchantments to their protections. The Locket, the Cup, the Ring, the Diary, the Diadem and Harry. Nagini will come later, but for now the Diary is already taken care of. Dumbledore will find the ring in less than two years. I don't have a solution for Harry since he was unintentional and some studying would have to be done. And I can't just say a Horcrux is in the Black ancestral home without any evidence, that would give rise to too many questions. The Cup would be tricky since it is in Gringotts, fortunately I might be able to convince them due to my relation with them and the reason for why I would need to get into the Lestrange vault. But I should be able to play with the Diadem.

I would need to make extremely thorough preparations for it, but it should be very doable for me. A few points in my favor already are that I more than equal the bald freak in power, my knowledge far surpasses his in everything but the Dark Arts, my soul is far more powerful than any should be, much less his twisted and broken one, my Occlumency and Legilimency are nearly in a league of their own, and as I've said, I know them inside and out. (Thank you V-TV)

Having thought through everything I believe I was going to have to do this year or in the near future, I could finally turn in for the night.

So with a wave of my hand all lights in the room vanished and i laid down in my comfortable bed in preparations for another busy year.

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