Hacking System Chapter 7

8 Thanos Is A Loser

When Lucid arrived at Asgard he saw a giant fire monster destroying Asgard.

He wanted to see how he would fare against the beast so he floated up to the monsters view, extended his palm and released a cosmic blast.

The blast went through the monster and he was turned into nothing. Lucid tried to control many things in his alien x form.

He tried to control time and he could do it.

Shape shift ? he could do it

control the mind and soul of others ? he could do it

Cosmic beams ? He could do it.

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control space ? that was easy as fuck.

He knew now that beating thanos was going to be easy. He shot through towards earth where there was nothing ? Ohh it was in Wakanda.

He easily manipulated space and entered. No one noticed someone who had entered inside wakanda.

Thanos looked over at Lucid.

Lucid swiped his hand and all the avengers were blown away.

" Who are you ? " asked thanos. With the infinity gauntlet how could he not see that the opponent was strong.

" Your mom " lucid said and launched a cosmic blast.

Thanos raised his fist and fired energy beam from the energy stone ( i hope that's the energy stone )

People who were watching thought that it was going to be an epic clash but the next second Lucid cosmic beam started devouring the energy. Just a second and thaos was over powered.

Thanos tried to revert time but by the time he did he realized he didn't have the infinity gauntlet.

Suddenly he felt his existence being erased. He looked and found he was disappearing into nothing from Lucid's cosmic blast.

Lucid picked up the infinity gauntlet. He took the gauntlet and went to the sky. He willed the 6 stones and threw them into different directions.

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