Growing Fond Of You Mr Nian Chapter 1243

Chapter 1243 Are We Going To Lie On The Same Bed?

"Hes just lucky," the boy murmured.

"Can luck get him that many toys? Its called capability," the girl said grumpily.

The boy wasnt happy to hear that.

As Jiang Yunings girlfriend, Nian Xi enjoyed being stared at by so many girls with jealousy.

She raised her head to glance at Jiang Yuning. He didnt have a pointed chin. His chin was perfectly shaped, and the light pouring down from above, made him look even more handsome than before.

Her man was amazing.

With that thought, she turned back, stood on her tiptoes and kissed him hard on the lips.

"This is your reward," she said.

"Thank you" The sudden kiss thrilled Jiang Yuning. "Xi, Ill empty this machine for you."

The manager who was coming towards them heard what he said. The mans legs trembled a little. "Miss, Sir, youve gotten quite a lot of toys from the machine already. Were still trying to do business here. Can you please stop? How about I treat you for coffee on the house?"

Nian Xi understood the managers meaning. She already had quite a lot of stuffed toys anyway. She nodded and said, "Keep these toys for us. Ill come and get them after the movie."

At half-past seven, as the two of them were walking toward the theater room, Nian Xi was still holding a stuffed toy in her hands.

"Xi, I didnt know you liked stuffed toys." Jiang Yuning was surprised.

"Why cant I like stuffed toys?" Nian Xi gave him a cold glance and said, "Do you think that Im like a boy and I shouldnt like things like this?"

"No" Jiang Yuning turned his eyes away, blinking. That was exactly what he thought.

Two minutes later, the waiter pushed open the door of a room. The room was tastefully decorated. The ceiling looked like a starry night sky. On the table were fruits, snacks and a bottle of wine. However, there were no chairs in the room, only a round bed.

Jiang Yuning was a little confused. "Where are we sitting?" He stuttered to ask the waiter.

"On the bed." The waiter looked at them in a meaningful way.

Jiang Yuning felt as if the bottom of his feet were on fire. Nian Xi wasnt doing any better than he was. She knew that Uncle Han wasnt up to something good, but she did not expect to see only a bed in the room. How could Uncle Han do that?

"Can we switch rooms?"

"You need to book the room in advance. We dont have a spare room for you now. Besides, this room is booked for the whole night. You can watch any movie youd like," the waiter said, then put on a movie for them. "Earlier when you booked this room, you asked for this movie. Ive prepared it for you. You can sit down and start watching. If you want to switch the movie, use the remote control."

After he was finished talking, the waiter closed the door and left.

The sound of the movie echoed through the small room. Jiang Yuning stood there with confusion. When Nian Xi looked at him with a faint smile, he hurriedly raised his right hand and said, "I swear I didnt tell Uncle Han to book the room for the whole night."

Nian Xi glared at him and said, "Ill book the tickets next time."

She really shouldnt have given him such a task.

"Im sorry, I didnt know Uncle Han would do this." Jiang Yuning was so upset. "What should we do now? Are we going to lie on the same bed?"

"Forget it. This isnt a bed anyway. Its a sofa bed. Well head home after finishing one film." Nian Xi sat down and leaned on the bed. There were a lot of cushions on the bed, so it was comfortable.

She wasnt worried. He was so conservative that he wouldnt do anything to her, not even if Uncle Han had drugged him.

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