Great At Acting Now Im Reborn Chapter 122

Chapter 122: .currently Cherish

This is the anti-theft Zhang Zhou Yuhe was so quarreled that his head hurts. It took a great deal of effort to get Da Pan off his body.

This effort was not because of his weakness, but the crisis of public relations began with the Valentine's Day plan and lasted for five full days. In the past five days, although it seems that they only posted a long Weibo, they actually did a lot of things in private. They had eaten three meals almost irregularly. Now they use "hungry chest and back". It's not an exaggeration to describe him.

at this time--

Two bowls of delicious noodles came to Zhou Yuhe and Da Pan.

The bright and tender side dishes on the top, the two poached eggs lying there, and the rich aroma of green onion accompanied by the soup, have warmed the stomach before eating.

The two looked to the right at the same time--

Cao Qiyue, dressed neatly and neatly, held a slender lady's cigarette in her mouth, raised her eyebrows and said, "What to see, eat quickly."

Da Pan's eyes were sour: "Grandma Cao, you..."

Cao Qiyue sat down along the foot of the sofa, "You have been busy going in and out these days because of me. Then I can't be so unpromising and be decadent, right?"

Da Pan was so touched by Cao Qiyue's remarks that he hugged the soup bowl and ate noodles speechlessly.

His grandmother Cao has no other shortcomings, she is true to things and to people.

It looks like a straight man, in the face of feelings, you will cherish it when you come, and you can go, but in fact the kind of pain is not really able to "laugh away".

How else can you write so many heart-wrenching love songs?

She is serious about Meng Churong, otherwise she will not contaminate the company's boss's daughter and make jokes about her future.

I was able to heal so quickly this time, to a large extent, because they were moved by the atmosphere of "doing their best" for her. Although they didn't say anything, all three of them understood the friendship.

Zhou Yuhe was not in a hurry to eat noodles, but looked at her with a little surprise: "You really figured it out?"

He knew that after Cao Qiyue broke up with Meng Churong in his previous life, he wrote a lot of songs and didn't talk about new lovers until he died. Of course he was surprised to see her so free and easy.

Cao Qiyue held the lady's cigarette in her hand and spit out the clouds. Her manner was very elegant and had her own unique charm.

"She didn't say a word for me for seven days, and the Black Emperor also issued a receipt after Lucas clarified that she was afraid of burning her body...Hey, I should have seen it, why bother, she is not worth it." Cao Qi Yue said softly, her eyes blurred and sad and very pitiful.

Although she has short hair, she is actually not masculine at all. She has a very delicate appearance, like the high school goddess in the minds of many boys in the last century. To say that she has a straight male character is actually too prominent in her personality that is free and easy, and fans will think of using the word "straight male" to describe her.

She looks beautiful and pure, but she dares to love and hate in her heart; the singing voice is ethereal and indifferent, but the feelings conveyed are so fiery; she looks simple in mind, but in fact she understands many things, but she doesnt care about... People with more contradictions are unique enough to fascinate countless people.

Zhou Yuhe's heart is clear.

Cao Qiyue died too quickly in her previous life. She always thought that this scandal had ruined her love with Meng Churong. She is a person of love and sex, naturally she will not bind her lover to fly high, but will only let herself taste the bitter fruit.

But in this life, Cao Qiyue successfully turned over. With room, she saw Meng Churong's choice and her as a person, so she let it go.

Like she said, it's really not worth it.

Zhou Yuhe ate the noodles with confidence.

Cao Aqi is indeed Cao Aqi.

As a result, Cao Aqi's next sentence almost made him spit out--

"People Xie Yifeng helped you so much, when are you going to repay him?"

"Ahem! It's your favor!"

"So what, it's not me who owes the favor." Cao Qiyue glanced at him comfortably.

Zhou Yuhe choked instantly.

How could this man's face be so thick?

Da Pan also leaned over, "Actually I was quite surprised that he would agree to help you."

Zhou Yuhe stared at the steam coming out of the soup bowl in front of him.

He was not surprised.


Hua Deng is on.

Xie Yifeng was wearing a simple hooded black sweater and a pair of black trousers leaning against the lamppost on the side of the road. From a distance, it was a bit of a Korean star.

Zhou Yuhe tightened the windbreaker tightly on his body and stepped forward to greet him.

"Have you waited a long time?"

Xie Yifeng smiled, and his deep eyes reflected a little bit of light under the illumination of the street lamp.

"It didn't take long."

Zhou Yuhe: "Let's go, the cinema is over there."

Xie Yifeng followed the opponent's footsteps, stared at his toes, and kicked the pebble casually. "Actually, you don't need to be so polite. It's Lucas you tried to persuade yourself. I just pulled a line. "

Lucas, the key figure in this Cao July incident.

When Cao Qiyue had an accident in his previous life, Zhou Yuhe did not have the public relations skills he has now. He could only watch his old friend being maliciously abused by netizens but unable to do anything. After this incident, he had paid close attention to it for some time. The characters related to the plagiarism incident are Meng Churong, the Black Emperor, and Lucas, the author of the sample song.

Lucas is a music lover. He prepared for the album "Fun" which became famous later for three years. Because of the lack of a unique string sound in the main theme of the title song "Fun" of the same name, he searched for more than a year, and finally found an old luthier who played the matouqin on the grasslands of Inner Mongolia. In order to record this precious moment, He also tweeted specifically.

And this tweet happened to be seen by Zhou Yuhe.

More precisely, Lucas and Xie Yifeng are good friends.

Xie Yifeng in his previous life was an out-and-out idiot and communicator who has run through countless sets. The two got together in a musical film by a European and American director.

On Valentines Day in 14 years, it was exactly half a year since Lucas started looking for the string sound. Zhou Yuhe directly saved him nearly half of the time, and the statement and the soundtrack comparison were prepared in advance by him and Da Pan. Lucas only needs to move his fingers to get the voice he dreams of. How could he refuse?

The so-called "God-level public relations" and the so-called "time and place are in harmony with people" are actually mixed with many unknown efforts.

To be honest, Zhang Liran didn't play any role in the scene just now. With just one line, she was in a daze the whole time, shocked by the beauty of the other party.

However, she was amazed from the heart, but it fits the psychological emotions that Yang Dingding needs...

It can be said that this Zhang Liran is just passing it in a daze.

But not for Zhou Yuhe.

Emotions, looks, and even the tip of a finger to paint.

She can clearly feel that the other party is entering the scene.

Stunning, partly due to the appearance.

Part of it is also attributed to acting.

That kind of dominating acting.

Since everyone has a unique personality and temperament, Zhou Yuhe's performance style is completely different from Xie Yifeng.

This is particularly evident in the display.

Xie Yifeng is the kind of actor who will take the initiative to become familiar with the scene, the director, the photography, and the scene, as much as possible to integrate himself into the play.

This is because he has a very malleable face.

But Zhou Yuhe is not.

His face value is too prominent, he has a strong personal style, to sacrifice this style to match the picture, he has to work a lot more than Xie Yifeng, and the effect may not be good.

So what did he do?

The drawing paper and pens he used were all brought from home; the half-opened window, the selected seating position, and the first buttoned shirt were unbuttoned-these were his habits when he was in high school; Before, he still swayed in the entire set for ten minutes, letting this place be contaminated with his own breath...

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