Great At Acting Now Im Reborn Chapter 121

Chapter 121: . Dream Backambition

This is the anti-theft badge

Xie Yifeng smiled, "Didn't you thank me on the phone before?"

"It's better to talk about this kind of thing in person."

"I don't accept verbal thanks. Let me have a French meal. There is a good Michelin restaurant on the street. Director Cai and I ate there last time."

"Oh, then when I didn't say it, goodbye."

It was not until Zhou Yuhe had finished.

When he saw it, Xie Yifeng was also stunned.

Then the two laughed at the same time.

Xie Yifeng: "That's it, don't be so polite, everyone just takes what they need."

"Anyway, I owe you a lot of favor..."

"Then invite me to dinner." Xie Yifeng was serious.

"You get out." Zhou Yuhe scolded with a smile.

The two seemed to be back when they were good friends in their previous life.

Zhou Yuhe left with ease.

Xie Yifeng stared at Zhou Yuhe's back in a trance.

"It's only been a few days...he is really a talented actor." Xie Yifeng couldn't help but sigh when thinking of the other person's outstanding performance when reading the script.

"Don't you see that people's scripts are all marked? What kind of talent is the illusion that a lot of effort in a short period of time gives people the illusion that the effort will be rewarded." Xu Feng patted Xie Yifeng on the shoulder with a face. Teach kindly.

"You all know this? Uncle Xu, it seems that you like people very much. You can still pry him while you are here, don't you try?" Xie Yifeng teased, not to mention that script annotation is a very detailed matter, Xu Feng Sitting in the positions on both sides of the rehearsal hall, with a considerable distance from Zhou Yuhe, being able to observe a young man who had never met before so carefully, it seemed that he was an agents occupational disease.

Xu Feng shook his head. Zhou Yuhe's agent, the young man named Yang Yu, remembered meeting his teacher Fu Xiaoyu a few years ago.

That is a very ambitious, stubborn and smart guy.

Only on one side he could see Zhou Yuhe's plasticity, not to mention Yang Yu who got along day and night? Don't think Zhou Yuhe is just a rookie now. With his attitude towards Zhou Yuhe, I am afraid that he is already a baby that can't be moved by anyone...

Xu Feng smiled bitterly and shook his head, as if he was half a beat slow, only then did he realize that Xie Yifeng, a boy with stiff wings, would dare to joke with the old man?

Xu Feng calmly threw a landmine: "Not only do I know this, I also know that kid seems to like you very much."

"Like me?" Xie Yifeng blinked in confusion.

"His Weibo profile is the line in your first movie, I didn't expect it." Xu Feng walked away cheerfully with an unpredictable smile, leaving only Xie Yifeng standing there with a dazed expression.


Not long after the script reading meeting, the crew officially started.

Because it is a youth drama, the cost is there. It does not require special effects like action dramas, nor does it require magnificent historical buildings like historical dramas. The scale of the crew of "Re-Youth" is really not that large, and it is usually a full play that is active on the set. There are only dozens of people.

Although the crew is small, the atmosphere of the crew is very good.

Xu is affected by the many warm plots in "Re-Youth". Everyone treats others very kindly. Unlike other crews, they are either busy, or everyone has a straight face, as if they are always ready. It's the same to collect the bills.

Such an atmosphere is naturally warm and warm for some staff members who are used to staying in large crews.

But for some people, it's not so happy.

Zhang Liran, the actor of the female protagonist Yang Dingding, who was affected by the trip to South Korea, only joined the group on the third day of the start.

As soon as she entered the group, she felt the difference in the atmosphere of the crew, and suddenly became a little flustered.

Everyone is so lazy, how can it be possible to finish filming the drama within the prescribed filming period?

If the actor is still Xie Yifeng before, of course it goes without saying.

The title of "Thank You" is quite famous in the entire showbiz.

But the current actor, the newcomer named Zhou Yuhe...

As long as she thinks of him, she is big head.

After learning that the actor of the opponent's drama changed from being a strong Xie Yifeng to an acting but not acting, but not famousoh, maybe there was, this kid was quite popular during the Cao Qiyue incidentthe only thing worth it It was Zhou Yuhe who praised the opponent's face, and Zhang Liran only felt his eyes dizzy.

Strictly speaking, she is not a pure newcomer after her three-year debut.

After being tepid for three years, until now, the company is finally willing to help her win the heroine of Director Cai. Although it is a TV series that has never been filmed... but that is Cai Rongxi after all!

Zhang Liran regarded this opportunity as extremely important, and even regarded it as a turning point in changing his destiny.

"What is Zhou Yuhe's background? It's so powerful that even Xie Yifeng's male lead can be snatched away. Didn't it mean that he is the iron male lead appointed by Cai Dao?" The exclusive makeup artist who accompanied Zhang Liran's delicate face Painted and smeared, and said gossiping.

"No background, his mother is a college teacher! I see, he looks so good-looking, maybe..." Zhang Liran's assistant is a **** with a nice face. He is sour that he wants to cover the entire lounge. Smelly.

"You mean..." The makeup artist lowered his voice, "Which big guy has he brought him up..."

"If you want to talk about gossip, go out and talk." Seeing them talk more and more outrageous, Zhang Liran coldly interrupted.

The more they belittle Zhou Yuhe, the more pressure Zhang Liran plays with him.

She rubbed her eyebrows and went out to wait for the show after putting on her makeup.

As soon as Zhang Liran found a stool to sit down, she was greeted by Director Cai.

In her impression, the always serious and grumpy Director Cai, somehow, today, holding a face that can be described as "kind", patted her on the shoulder, and said to her earnestly: "Xiao Zhang, don't be nervous, play well today. It's up to you whether the crew can get off the stage on time."

Zhang Liran looked dazed: "Huh???"

What is this?

Why do you watch her if you can't get out of the shed? Shouldn't it be the leading actor who might fall off the chain at any time!

Zhang Liran returned to her position dejectedly. She was trying to find a place to cry for a while, and a deep and pleasant voice came from not far away, "Hi, Liran."

Zhang Liran saw the visitor, her frustrated expression swept away. She quickly got up from the stool with a shy smile, "Thank you, brother."

As soon as Xie Yifeng put on makeup, his original handsome face became much flatter.

Because the drama "Re-Youth" is different from the popular youth idol dramas on the market today. It focuses on real warmth. This requires the protagonists to not have the "dazzling" appearance like other idol dramas. The delicate and flawless features are made ordinary and simple, and strive to make them look like your neighbors and classmates, like good friends who have actually existed around you.

Zhang Liran stared at the other person's face for a while, and took it back in time before staring at the time became rude, a fanatic girl's heart thumped wildly.

She and Xie Yifeng are fellow siblings who graduated from the Imperial Academy of Drama together. Although they have heard their tutor praise the other's highly plastic movie face countless times, they couldn't help being surprised when they really saw it.

Just put on a makeup, how does it look like a different face? !

Xie Yifengs face became much flatter, but inexplicably many teenagers felt that the curvature of his eyebrows was only sharper than the original, but he just showed the rebellious and perverse traits of Xu Chang's body naturally and loosely. With the local school uniform on her body and a careless smile at the corner of her mouth, whoever looks at it will feel that this student is definitely not easy to mess with in school.

The reason for confirming that this is his own charm and not the credit of the makeup... Just look at the actors who came out of the same makeup artist. The ones who are crooked are the ones that are crooked and the crooked ones. Pretty smooth.

"Thank you, brother, I really look forward to working with you this time." It's clear that the length of his debut is not short, but Zhang Liran can't help being nervous.

Xie Yifeng laughed generously, "Don't be so nervous, your temperament fits Yang Dingding's, even if you are not confident in yourself, you must trust Cai's vision."

These words really comforted Zhang Liran's uneasy heart to a great extent.

While thanking the other party for being so kind, she also felt more regretful.

What if the actor is Xie Yifeng?

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