Great At Acting Now Im Reborn Chapter 120

Chapter 120: .qian Chencrazy

This is the anti-theft badge

However, with the saturation of the idol market and the rise of the film and television market, IS has obviously shifted its focus to the film and television department in the past two years. It has not only signed contracts with internationally renowned directors, but has even produced several popular domestic films. The trump card production team of TV drama masterpieces was also dug over by it, ready to show its strength.

However, everything is difficult at the beginning. Except for some famous actors that have been dug up, so far, the only actors trained by IS itself are the crown prince Ji Chen and the popular young student Yan Yingyi. Only these two people's popularity is commendable in the fiercely competitive entertainment industry. point.

The nanny car stopped at the gate of the company. Zhou Yuhe walked down and looked up at the huge I.S. Standing on the ground, he looked very small.

Although the actor department can only be regarded as an emerging department in IS, which focuses on the idol industry and film and television investment, there are no special big-name movie stars or actresses, but when it comes to the music market and the idol market, there are too many superstars born here. However, it invests as many movies and TV shows every year as Guo Jiang Zhiqing, and its resources are among the best in the industry... Compared with the entire IS Entertainment, he is so small.

It's not much different from those office workers who go in and out.

An unknown person is his current identity.

"Xiao Zhou? What are you looking at?" Su Su couldn't help but imitate him and looked up.

"Nothing." After Zhou Yuhe said coldly, he walked into the building, and Su Su hurriedly followed when he saw it.

As soon as Zhou Yuhe pressed the elevator door, he saw Yang Yu walking out of the elevator.

He was a shrewd, cautious, and somewhat indifferent economic man.

The scrutinizing eyes shot sharply at Zhou Yuhe. He collided with Zhou Yuhe and didn't say much, just pursed his lips and stepped out of the elevator.

"It's just right here. Come with me." There is nothing to say. People who saw this scene thought that the two of them had already made an appointment to do something, but actually Zhou Yuhe hadn't seen Yang Yu for almost a month. .

The last time I met, he ordered Su Su to transfer the audition files of "Re-Youth" to him and Zeng Ang. He saw a back of Yang Yu at the company's door. The next second, this resolute agent hurried in a commercial car. Busy to fly away.

A person who is worthless is not worth his time.

Yang Yu is actually a strong-handed and outstanding gold broker. Even the I and S who are born in large numbers of talents have always brought a popular combination. If it were not for the failure of the company's internal struggle, it could almost be said to be "degraded." When they arrived in the actor department, Zhou Yu and some of their newcomers probably did not have this kind of honor, and they became the "clients" of Yang's agent.

And the facts have proved that he does have the means.

When Zhou Yuhe first came out, he used a very short time to gather a large number of fans and high attention for him, and he discovered his personality flaws, and he was destined to be unable to make a long-term career in the entertainment industry. The type of Yan Yingyi, now in IS Yan Yingyis name can follow the resource-defying prince Ji Chen, and among the same batch of niche students, only Yan Yingyis coffee rank is higher than the whole. Last year, the second spy war drama, "Spy 2", played a pivotal role in the Japanese military. Even the supporting role of the large-scale film produced by A-level is also under negotiation.

You know, Yan Yingyi hasn't made her debut for a full year, and Yang Yu is also the first time an actor.

They followed Yang Yu and got into the car.

"Go to the film and television city." After saying that, Yang Yu turned around and looked at the two people who were unknown.

Before Zhou Yuhe had time to ask him where they were going, Yang Yu took the trouble first.

"Under the role of Xu Chang, why didn't you communicate with me in time?" Yang Yu raised his eyebrows. It seemed that he was still upset about the bad things he had with Zeng Ang, so he took the opportunity to vent.

Zhou Yuhe calmly replied: "Brother Yang, according to the procedure, the "Re-Youth" crew will send the contract to your work mailbox before 12 noon today, and then contact you to discuss related matters."

The implication is to inform you that this matter was done by the crew and is not within the scope of my work.

Yang Yu noticed that his attitude was a bit sloppy, but what he said was very measured. He didn't justify himself or express dissatisfaction. He was neither humble nor overbearing. He was just a gentle statement of fact and blamed Yang Yu for the rest of him. The sensible words got stuck in the throat.

Yang Yu couldn't help but look at him a little differently.

I haven't seen him for a month, there seems to be something different about this kid.

Sophisticated Yang Yu quickly smelled something unusual. Seeing his expression, Zhou Yuhe remembered that this agent didn't seem like the assistants were fooling, so he straightened his attitude a little bit and made himself look less angry. Take it easy, the old **** is there.

"Brother Yang," Zhou Yuhe asked, "what are we going to do?"

This is his most concern right now. Yang Yu called him to the company so eagerly, thinking that he had something to discuss with him, but he was taken to another place when he arrived at the company, which is really puzzling.

Yang Yu's reason is very brief. "Explore class."

Zhou Yuhe: "Explore the class?"

Yang Yu lifted his eyes and glanced at him, "Otherwise? You haven't taken any major director films since your debut, and have never been in a major production crew. Don't you just hug you and wait for someone to see a joke? IS Can't afford to lose this face."

Zhou Yuhe couldn't help touching his nose after hearing the words. The previous life Zhou Yuhe did indeed pick up at this time were all limited audiences, nothing new to idol dramas, not to mention the big directors, not even the big actors.

Although "Youth Again" is also a youth theme, after all, Director Cai is the director who has won an international award. "Youth Again" is the first TV series he shot, and may also be the last (because it is generally on the big screen The director seldom returns to the small screen), the severity of which can be imagined.

Zhou Yuhe is not a small role, but Xu Chang, who has a lot of roles in the play. If he joins the group and enters the Grand View Garden with Grandma Liu, then no one will think about you. It's not the first time to be a male second, it will only make people doubt your business level and IS's ability to train artists.

Especially from Yang Yu's point of view, Zhou Yu and this male second are completely inexplicable. He is his agent. How many catties does he know? The level of professionalism can't be expected, and other things, even if they can't look good, they must at least be decent. It just happened that he had plans to visit the class today, so he joined Zhou Yuhe by the way.

Yes, by the way.

Although he got the second male number in "Re-Youth", which is very good, but it is not enough to let him saddle him, Yang Yu still focuses on Yan Yingyi.

After all, in this life, no matter how bad luck there is, there will be great luck. What's more, in this entertainment circle, as long as there is a face that is astonishing, even if there is no plasticity in the cotton inside, it will always be favored by heaven. once--

In Yang Yu's mind, there is nothing but beauty, but no connotation. This is the case with Zhou Yuhe, who is among the failures of Jin Yu.

But after three hours--

Yang Yu stood behind the camera with his hands around his chest, his lips tightly pressed into a line, staring intently at the young man on the set wearing the Japanese military uniform originally belonging to Yan Yingyi and sitting in the torture chair. Maybe...it should be said to be a youth. ?

That mature and powerful military force is really not like a 19-year-old child can radiate.

The meticulous black hair, the dark gold buckle to the top, a military uniform without even a trace of wrinkles, leather military gloves, a pocket watch with complicated workmanship...With that correct, abstinent, white face that is sickly white, He is perfectly indifferent as a sculpture.

In the face of the handsome and unreasonable prisoner who pushes in, the male protagonist of "Intelligence 2", Gu Wuxi, an important member of the pseudo-government, does not have any discomfort or impatience on the face of the officer. He is just making a long ridicule of the protagonist After that, he suddenly opened his pocket watch, his narrow eyes rolled down slightly, and there was no expression on his abstinence face, but it made people feel nervous for no reason.

"Ten forty-three, you are three minutes late."

The cold and mechanical sound sounded like an old clock, making time stand still.

The officer raised his head, and the handsome face magnified in the monitor revealed a faint, sarcasm, **** and cruel smile.

This smile formed an extremely sharp contrast with the protagonist's sloppy and arrogant smile, a sleek and cunning face, and an iron face, and the tension of confrontation instantly overflowed from the entire picture.

Yang Yu's heart "cocked"--

Unexpectedly, he would have a miserable day.

Even if he didn't realize how amazing Zhou Yuhe's performance was, and at this time, I heard that Director Cai asked the actor Xie Yifeng to try out with him, and I should know how much he valued the audition.

First came on stage with milk tea, then the audition was rejected for a change of angles, and then at the beginning of the performance, Director Cai actually asked Zhou Yuhe to play Xu Chang, and asked Xie Yifeng to help him in the play

A series of unexpected developments made the air at the scene very tense.

Especially for Zeng Ang, who was sitting in the audience. When he first heard Zhou Yuhe say that he was going to change roles to play Xu Chang, his hands were squeezed together. Finally he heard Director Cai's refusal and he was a little relieved. Unexpectedly... ...!

What does this guy want to do? In just a few seconds of performance, even he had never seen Zhou Yuhe like that. Even though he was a frustrated and depressed character, the aura of him made people feel like he was shining!

Uneasy, nervous, and many good-looking eyes are staring at the stage motionlessly.

Compared with the audience holding their breath, the few people in the center of the stage were calmer.

After getting instructions, Zhou Yuhe took the milk tea and Xie Yifeng went behind the curtain to discuss how to perform the next scene.

Zhou Yuhe quickly talked about his idea, Xie Yifeng stood in the shadow, the light could only illuminate his beautiful and neat jaw line diagonally.

"Do you think it is okay?" Zhou Yuhe asked nervously.

"Just do what you said, I think it's okay." Zhou Yuhe couldn't see his expression in the shadows, only the corners of his lips were very clear at the intersection of light and shadow.

The curtain trembled slightly, and the two negotiated to come out, ready to start the performance.

The scene was silent, and everyone was holding their breath in anticipation.

Xu Chang and Zhang Qi, these two characters are not much different at first glance. They are both school bosses and scumbags. In the script, Xu Chang has one more character than Zhang Qi. But because of family reasons, its not revealed on campus. Well, the only difference is not "revealed" anymore. How can someone act this out?

Distinguishing these two characters is a common problem for all the players who auditioned for Xu Chang and Zhang Qi.

They thought about using small props and stage design to achieve the effect of enhancing the image of the characters, such as motorcycle helmets, baseball bats, and of course the most common is smoke. As a result, Director Cai tried "You play Xu Chang/Zhang Qi" and all these small props were lost. After all, the characters in the performance are either similar or too hard.

After watching so many similar "Xu Chang" and "Zhang Qi", the players are looking forward to what Zhou Yuhe will do.

Use props or pure physical expression? Its too dry to show two similar characters with only physical expression. If you want to use props, where are the props? It shouldn't be the cup of milk tea!

Just as everyone was speculating, the two teenagers ran from the other side of the stage in a panic. The young man in a dark gray cardigan was full of publicity, and his black hair was erratic as he ran. It was not messy at all, and the corners of the clothes folded into the trouser pockets were also pulled out. The juvenile has a long jade body and outstanding temperament. He no longer has the decadence that "Zhang Qi" had just revealed.

Xu Chang held a teacup in one hand and looked back frequently, as if someone was chasing them behind.

The two ran directly to the center of the stage.

"Hey, I said it's alright, they shouldn't catch up." Xu Chang put his hand on his knees, panting heavily, raised his eyes, and saw Shen Yan who was also embarrassed, so he laughed at the other party first if he didn't care about him. Hahaha, you three good students have today..."

The laughter was hearty and crisp, just like this suddenly crashed into everyone's auricles, driving away the last impression of the previous performance in his mind.

Zhang Qi? Who is that? I can't remember...

Looking at the teenagers who switched freely on stage, many players began to look through the scripts in their hands in disbelief to see if the characters of these two characters were wrong...

People who are similar on paper, how come the performance is so different!

And milk tea... it's really milk tea! How does milk tea show the rich school boss? !

This problem is not only the players, even Cai Rongxi and Fang Lin are very curious. They are different from the previous ones, they both sit at the table and stare at the two people in the center of the stage motionlessly.

"Don't say so much, just give me a mouthful." The elegant and elegant Shen Yan swallowed his dry throat, took the milk tea that Xu Chang handed over, and sat directly on the ground, raising his head, it was already cold. But the milk tea with a mellow and sweet smell was poured down the throat into the stomach.

Ok? It's delicious?

Xie Yifeng raised his eyebrows slightly, and quickly pulled back the second after his soul was out of his body. He handed the tea cup to the side and sat down, looking at him eagerly like a large dog.

The two took turns taking a sip, and when Xu Chang took the milk tea from Shen Yan's hand again, they couldn't help but frowned and said, "Huh? Why is it gone? I just took a sip!"

"Two people, a cup of milk tea, it's weird." Shen Yan raised the corner of his mouth, his smile was the same as his eyes, like peach blossoms in the late spring, like the stars in the summer night, the mountains and running water are gentle and affectionate.

"That's fine, next time I invite you to drink, don't puff on your clothes again when you are upset, it's expensive." Xu Chang stretched out his hand and flicked the milk stain on his body, behaving frivolously and without losing elegance.

He said "expensive", but his tone and demeanor didn't care at all. A small move made the game of the rich family's children undoubtedly obvious.

Shen Yan laughed: "I didn't hit you on purpose. The director chased me tightly. Who knew you were in front of me."

"It's not normal for me to escape late and study by myself," Xu Chang throws the empty milk tea cup in his hand casually, leaning his left hand backwards, leaning his body halfway, and pointing Shen Yan with his right finger, in a kind of leisurely laziness, with three points With a proud gesture, he smacked his lips and said, "Come on, you are revenge. Yang Dingding promised to date me. You look at your temperament, and you are number one in the school."

Shen Yan's face changed slightly: "Yang Dingding promised to date you?"

A gleam of surprise flashed in Director Cai's eyes. The play in the audition was that Xu Chang and Shen Yan, who are good buddies, confided in the summer night and found that each other liked the plot of the heroine Yang Dingding. Zhou Yuhe just added a little scene before the plot: Shen Yan was arrested after escaping late for self-study, and when he ran away he ran into Xu Chang who was drinking milk tea. In just a few words, I explained the cause and effect of the story clearly, and brought out the small prop of milk tea very naturally.

This actor...not only has aura, he is also quite smart!

The characters and plot are adapted to the right and deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

He seemed to see the arrogant and arrogant young man under the night sky. He found the hesitation of his good friend's heart, the pressing temptation step by step, and finally found that his feelings were being used, but he pretended to be relaxed and smiled with a hidden heartbreak...

That kind of pride, kind of relief, kind of free and easy! Everything is like a reef and a whirlpool sinking under the ice floes. It looks calm, but undercurrents are surging. An ordinary audition was performed with a sense of climax in the last act of the play!

This kind of line skills, this kind of on-the-spot performance, can not be described with exclamation at all, but incredible!

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