God Of Fishing Chapter 445

Chapter 445: Qiuqiu?

The biggest reason that Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan would subconsciously ignore Cao Qiu was his wretched fighting style.

A man armed with extra-quality spiritual weapons from head to toe, a man with a legendary-type spiritual beast, a man with a contractual spiritual beast with super defense power and an utterly disgusting Poisonous Bubble Fish Would actually fight like a five-year-old child! No one could bear such a person

The 151st floor.

Coming here, Han Fei discovered that it would cost 500,000 points of spiritual energy for a single sacrifice.

Of course, Han Fei was not willing to offer sacrifices with spiritual stones, but instead he sacrificed a whole Sea Swallowing Seashell. The creature summoned was level 39.

Moreover, it was not an ordinary level-39 creature, but the kind of creature stuck at a breakthrough. It seemed that it would break through to level 40 at any time to reach another realm.

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