Fury Towards The Burning Heaven Chapter 1106

1107 Death Gods Summons

Jiang Yi was very gentle. He was so gentle that Ruobing did not feel much pain. Facing such an adorable and enchanting beauty, Jiang Yi could only cherish and love her. Yin Ruobing was too weak now, and Jiang Yi was very afraid that she would be hurt even the slightest.


Yin Ruobing also felt Jiang Yi's gentleness. Her brows slowly extended, with her eyes still closed and her face extremely flushed. However, after waiting for a long while, she realized that Jiang Yi was still so gentle. She couldn't resist and gently said, "Jiang Yi, I am not so precious. You, you do not have to cherish me such. You can be more active!"


Jiang Yi's head boomed as if it had split. What else could stimulate a man more than to hear a chaste and saint-like lady say such licentious things? The high and mighty Great Lady Yin of the Yin Clanthe dream goddess of countless Young Masters on the East Imperial Continentwas saying such things now about her own self; there could be no sex-enhancing drugs that would work better than this.


From Jiang Yi's throat came a cry of a wild beast. He had completely forgotten about everything, only focused on the most primal activity of the human race.

Someone had said that love was the exchange of glances, the friction between bodies, and the exchange of fluids. However, this was not supposed to be a dirty thing; in fact, this was the most sacred matter. This allowed the human race to continue and also fused the love between a boy and a girl, that both could enjoy happiness, letting their soul spirits sublime.

In reality!

At this point in time, Jiang Yi's soul spirit was really starting to sublime; his essence force had also started to rise. Furthermore, Yin Ruobing's body was dissipating an unidentifiable romantic charm, entering Jiang Yi's brain. It was like the profound meaning of the laws of heaven and earth; the vast amounts of Sanskrit of heaven and earth. It was a pity that Jiang Yi was so intoxicated that he did not bother about this; he focused only on using his heart, feelings, and energy to love the woman under him.

Yin Ruobing was intoxicated, too. Her eyes were blurry while the bedsheets had been utterly torn apart. She was originally very weak, but at this moment, her essence force was swiftly recovering with her internal injuries mending as well. She suddenly thought about something as her lips moved, and she whispered in Jiang Yi's ears. "Jiang Lang, the essence yin from the Fragrant Lady Race can increase our romantic partner's essence force and soul spirit. There is also the purest form of romantic charm on heaven and earth in our bodies; you have to realize this romantic charm in detail. Who knows, your strength might improve immensely"

"Romantic charm!"

Jiang Yi finally regained his senses. He used his heart to try and capture the romantic charm in his mind. She Fei would soon be able to break out of the Divine Fragrance Illusion Formation, and that would be the duo's death sentence. Yin Ruobing had said that she had used up all her energy; whether they could survive or not depended on him.

Jiang Yi's mind became clearer as he thought about this. He saw the beautiful lady under him, closed his eyes, and used his whole heart to try and realize the romantic charm. For the sake of Yin Ruobing, he had to make a breakthrough. He had to defeat She Fei or, at the very least, find something that would make him on par with She Fei.

"Is this a dao pattern presence? It doesn't seem like!"

Jiang Yi entered the State of the Union of Heaven and Man. Jiang Yi continued to please Yin Ruobing as he used his heart to decipher the romantic charm that was repeatedly entering his brain. Jiang Yi was surprised and confused as the romantic charm was very similar to a dao pattern presence. However, it was also unlike a dao pattern presence. It was just like the winds and rain within a dense fog; they could make one feel both refreshed and blurred, ultimately making it hard to grasp!

The road outside was filled with zombie soldiers. The chilly winds were blowing as a sound like wailing ghosts and howling wolves rang out. Countless zombie soldiers were crazily attacking the Willing Heart Shield. The stench from the zombies was filling the entire road. The lanterns on both sides of the street were one lit and one dimmed respectively; the place was no different from hell.

A completely different scene was inside the room. A man and a woman were doing embarrassing things, with the man huffing like an ox and the woman was moaning faintly. That was mixed with the invigorating aroma that was filling the whole room. The bedsheets were long messed up, with two sides torn. There was a hint of red in the middle as well. The situation inside and outside the room, when compared was so uncanny and so not in sync.

Time continued to pass, and very soon, an hour had gone by. The two had not stopped. Yin Ruobing had almost fainted with joy a few times, her eyes filled with sweet tears and her mouth carrying a light smile. Her skin that was like rouge was filled with small beads of water and sweat.

Jiang Yi still had not stopped. He closed his eyes with his face full of gentleness; his movements werehoweverwild and rough. He had been realizing for one hour, but he did not gain anything still. He did not understand the romantic charm at all and did not know what time of dao pattern presence it was, what profound meaning there was inside it.

Yet another hour passed by. Jiang Yi finally cried out and stopped while Yin Ruobing's body shuddered as well as her eyes opened wide. The aroma on her body had completely disappeared, becoming a stream of sweet spring water spewing out. It finally changed into strange energy and gushed into Jiang Yi's body.

Jiang Yi hugged on to Yin Ruobing tightly, not moving at all. Yin Ruobing also hugged Jiang Yi back, taking deep breaths. There were no tears in her eyes, just bliss without any regrets. From a young lady becoming a womanalthough it was under such circumstances and in these conditions, she did not feel wronged at all.

Once a woman had locked onto a man, she would not be calculative no matter what happened. She would be adorably silly and so innocent it would make people's heart ache.

Yin Ruobing also didn't move but quietly hugged Jiang Yi, taking in the masculine aura emanating from Jiang Yi's body. The two hours were almost up; within fifteen minutes, She Fei was probably going to find them. If Jiang Yi still hadn't realized anything and did not have any breakthroughs, the two would be turned into corpses, forever buried in Mystic Divine Palace.

"Jiang Lang, Jiang Lang, Jiang Lang!"

Yin Ruobing used a voice that only she could hear to summon Jiang Yi over and over again, but she did not let him hear her voice. She just wanted to call his name out a few times. Deep inside, she actually did not think that Jiang Yi could have a breakthrough; even if he did, it would be difficult for him to fight She Fei to a draw. After all, the Heaven Monarch and Demigod were entirely different realms. She Fei had also realized a six-star dao pattern and possessed the Blood Thearch's armor.

However, she was not flustered the slightest. She was very content being able to die with Jiang Yi. She had never felt so peaceful before in her life. This was what loving someone felt like: so beautiful and so fruitful, such that even if heaven and earth were destroyedso long as the man that loved her was at her side, nothing else mattered.

Love was so unfathomable; women were such special creatures.

"Romantic charm, dao pattern presence? Wrong, wrong, this is not a dao pattern presence; this is not a dao pattern. This is intent; this is a type of intent!"

The romantic charm in Jiang Yi's brain was already very complete. At this moment, he had finally found out that this was not a dao pattern presence but was the existence of a type of intent; it was similar to the Massacre Intent. However, his realization was a little late as there were only ten minutes left before the two hours they had were up. Furthermore, an intent would not be able to raise his battle strength by much.


Jiang Yi did not give up. He concentrated fully on it; no matter what, he was going to fight to the end. He was not going to give up until the last second.

The ten minutes passed very fast. Yin Ruobing saw that Jiang Yi had not awoken, and a tinge of hopelessness flashed in her eyes. She was too demanding; how could someone realize the romantic charm in such a short while? Even if one had, how could one's strength increase that much in such a short while to rival a Demigod?

She gently left Jiang Yi at a side and started to wear her clothes and do her hair; if she were to die here, she wanted to die with dignity. She helped Jiang Yi to put on his clothes, slightly embarrassed. She held a short sword in her hand as she was prepared to end both their lives.

"Ah. Bitch, bastard! Bitch, bastard"

From afar, angry expletives rang out; She Fei was chasing after them after all. Accompanying the many zombies sent flying, She Fei's curses grew closer and closer. Yin Ruobing also felt as if she could hear the summons of the Death God.

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