Fury Towards The Burning Heaven Chapter 1105

1106 Im Afraid Of Pain

Yin Ruobing looked up at Jiang Yi listlessly. Very faintly, she said, "I won't die. Just listen to me and find a clean house!"

"Okay, okay, okay!"

Jiang Yi nodded like a chicken pecking at rice. He turned a few corners around the nearby street and found an empty house. He quickly flew toward it and used his Rainbow Soul Spear to kill the zombie soldiers outside. The ancient ring on Yin Ruobing's hand lit up and the Willing Heart Shield shot toward the door, blocking it off.

Jiang Yi looked at the door, surprised. He said, "We're not far away from She Fei. Ruobing. Should we run a bit further? If he comes after us, ah I'm to blame for being so useless."

"No matter how far we run, he would still be able to find us."

Yin Ruobing retrieved a recuperation medicine and swallowed it. She shook her head bitterly. "I activated the Divine Fragrance Illusion Formation, so my body will keep releasing the same fragrance. She Fei would be able to find me as long as he followed his sense of smell. Let's not waste any more time. The Divine Fragrance Illusion Formation would only hold him off for about two hours."


The ring on Yin Ruobing's hand lit up once again, and a pink blanket flew out of it. Yin Ruobing's pale cheeks blushed red for a moment as she whispered, "Jiang Yi, lay out the blanket."

"What is this blanket for?"

Jiang Yi was confused, but he did Yin Ruobing's bidding nonetheless. He laid out the thick blanket on the floor and then carried Yin Ruobing over to it. With a concerned tone, he asked, "Ruobing, are you going to use your skills to heal your wounds? Do you need my help?"

Yin Ruobing lay down on the blanket and closed her eyes. Her eyelashes seemed to be trembling as her face flushed a deeper red. Yin Ruobing kept the green armor that she was wearing. After a long while, she finally said, "I do need your help. Jiang Yi, take off my dress."


Jiang Yi blinked, confused. He thought he had misheard her. He trembled, not believing what he just heard. "Ruobing, what did you just say?"

"Take off my dress!"

Yin Ruobing plucked up the courage to open her eyes, but there was still bashfulness in her eyes. "Jiang Yi, you did not mishear me. Just take me!"


Jiang Yi felt like clouds were blocking his mind. For a long time, he did not know how to react. Was Yin Ruobing crazy? The two of them had just spent so much effort trying to escape. She Fei could come after them at any time. She wanted him to take her now? Since when did she become so thirsty? What's more, it just did not seem right for him to do something like that at a time like this.


Yin Ruobing was breathing harder now, and her face was completely red. She was so shy that she did not dare to even make eye contact with Jiang Yi. She waited a long while as Jiang Yi stared blankly at her. Then, she bit her lip and said, "Jiang Yi, listen to me. There is nothing wrong with Ruobing's head, and I have not gone crazy. I know full well what I am doing. I used one of the special mystical abilities of the Fragrant Lady Race to trap She Fei for two hours.

"Once I activate this ability, I need a man to please me. Otherwise, I will die in two hours. What's more, She Fei will come after us by then. We can't escape. Now, the only thing that you can do to help me is taking my body. Absorb my essence and take the special charm of the Fragrant Lady Race. You must then find a way to breakthrough your powers. If you can't defeat She Fei in two hours, we will die. Do you understand?"


Jiang Yi finally understood now, but he could not bring himself to accept it. Yin Ruobing had given so much for him. How could he take her when she was the most vulnerable? He stuttered, "Ruobing, I I"

"Jiang Yi, since when did you become so wishy-washy?"

Yin Ruobing was getting angry now. She sucked in a deep breath to recover some of her essence force. Then, she looked at Jiang Yi very seriously. "Jiang Yi, Ruobing is very willing. Ever since you were Bai Yi, I already took a liking toward you. I was just not sure at the time. Still, I could never forget that charming smile of yours on the Painting Cliffs. You disappeared for two years, and I dreamt of you very often during that time.

"You gave me the 'Flower Fairy' painting in the Divine Sonar Valley. It was then that I finally understoodI was in love with you. But we were just way too different. What you said at the base of the Mystic Divine Mountain finally woke me up. I wanted to live for myself. Although it would be selfish, I have already made up my mind. I don't want to regret this for the rest of my life. I want to follow you around to the ends of the earth. I want to follow you for the rest of my life, unless you don't want me, Jiang Yi. Would you take me?"

As Yin Ruobing spoke, two streams of tears fell from her eyes. Her face was no longer red. Instead, it had turned pale once again. It made Jiang Yi's heart ache to look at her like this.

Jiang Yi listened as Yin Ruobing bore her heart out to him. He was so moved that he could not think straight. He forced himself not to cry. Instead, he continued gazing into Yin Ruobing's eyes. Then, he nodded furiously. "Yes, yes, yes! Ruobing, I want you. I will marry you. I will take care of you, protect you, and love you for the rest of my life!"

A woman, a prestigious young lady, an incomparable beauty, an amazing lady!

She was willing to set down her status, her pride, her clan, and everybody close to her for his sake. She gave up her reputation and was willing to be cursed for the rest of her life, with no regard for the danger that awaited her. She set her heart on following him to the ends of the earth, wandering with no real home to call their owneven to the point of death. If she could give up so much for him and if Jiang Yi still hesitated, he would not be fit to be called a human being.

He tightened his grip on Yin Ruobing's hand and sucked in a deep breath. Through gritted teeth, he said, "Ruobing, IJiang Yiswear today that I will never let you down for the rest of our lives. I will work hard forever to make the Yin Clan accept us. The Yin Clan will one day be proud of your decision!"

"This is the man I love!"

Yin Ruobing forced a smile. She seemed to have recalled something as she closed her eyes and blushed once again. Very gently, she said, "Jiang Yi, make full use of the time. I've tried my best. Whether we can survive or not is all dependent on you now. Of course, even if we die together, I will have no regrets. Jiang Yi, make Ruobing your woman"


On hearing her last sentence, something in Jiang Yi's brain snapped. He used his hands to undo Yin Ruobing's belt and unbuckle her dress. Very gently, he pulled it downward. The moment he took off her dress, Jiang Yi felt his heart thud. Yin Ruobing's breathing was becoming more labored. Her handsmooth as a jadegripped tight on the blanket, almost ripping it.

Jiang Yi held his breath. With his trembling hand, he pulled off her undergarmentthe last piece of clothing shielding her body. He exposed her naked body to the room. Yin Ruobing's body trembled as two streaks of tears flowed down her cheeks.

"You're so perfect. You're heaven's masterpiece"

Jiang Yi was dumbfounded. As he took in her naked body, he could no longer breathe. Yin Ruobing's body was way too perfect. Her skin was white and flawless, like rouge made only in heaven. What's more, every inch of her skin emanated a gentle fragrance, which activated Jiang Yi's innate lust and desire.

"Ruobing, I I'm coming"

Jiang Yi stuttered. He quickly took his robe off and swallowed his saliva. He was quite sexually experienced, but at that moment, he felt so nervous that one would think he was a virgin. He suddenly forgot what to do and forgot where to begin.

Yin Ruobing's breathing quickened. Her blood coursed through her veins, and she bit her lip until it started bleeding. In a voice loud enough for only mosquitos to hear, she whispered, "Jiang Lang[1], be gentle with me. I'm very weak now, and I'm afraid of pain!"

[1] Lang is an intimate way that a wife addresses her husband in Mandarin.

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