Fury Towards The Burning Heaven Chapter 1104

1105 Divine Fragrance Illusion Formation

Tsk! Tsk!

She Fei's arms danced around. All around him, the air seemed like it was shaking. The essence force in the air gathered crazily toward him, congealing into a black wheel. The black wheel looked like a bunch of curved blades that were joined together to form a full circle. It turned at rapid speed, cutting the air around it constantly. It was extraordinarily terrifying. She Fei hollered, "Trash, die!"

"Jiang Yi, be careful!"

Upon seeing the black wheel, Yin Ruobing screamed out. She had heard about this six-star dao pattern before. It was said that it was extremely powerful. Even the Evil Thearch praised its power. It looked even worse in real life.

Jiang Yi retreated as fast as he could in a winding manner. Yet, no matter how quickly he tried to retreat, the black wheel kept getting closer to him. The wheel was traveling way too quickly. A terrible suppressive force pressed down on him, slowing him down. He thought about Yin Ruobing who was just behind him. Gritting his teeth, he held still. Since he could no longer retreat, he could only fight. Whether he survived or died would be up to fate now.

Tsk! Tsk!

The back wheel turned into a black beam of light that shot straight toward Jiang Yi. Accompanying it with an ear-piercing, high-pitched sound that caused Jiang Yi's ears to be deaf to everything else. The black beam of light filled his vision. His Astral Wind Divine Shield was already at the ready, but he was not confident that he could fend off this attack.

In the past, near the Buddha Mountain, he used the Astral Wind Divine Shield to fend off Wu Ni's six-star dao pattern, the Judgment Wind Blades. However, Wu Ni had been peak-stage Heaven Monarch at that time. She Fei, on the other hand, was a Demigod. Their powers were completely different.

"Come on!"

His eyes widened as he shouted at the top of his lungs. His robes were already whipping against his body. The astral winds kept congealing into the Astral Wind Blades in his hands. He tried as best as he could to reduce the power of the wheel coming at him.

Tsk! Tsk!

The black wheel kept charging at him relentlessly, destroying Jiang Yi's Astral Wind Blades like they were nothing but rotten wood. The black wheel threatened to crash hard into his Astral Winds Divine Shield.


Yin Ruobing screamed. A white jade shield flew in front of Jiang Yi. It was not the Willing Heart Shield from before. Instead, this was a different shield. Runic patterns on this one were glowing. It was a spirited-connected cardinal treasure!


There was an explosive sound. The shield broke into four or five pieces, some of them even being reduced to dust. The black wheel continued toward Jiang Yi, crashing hard into his Astral Winds Divine Shield, bringing with it a destructive aura.


Yin Ruobing spat out a mouthful of blood. The spirited-connected cardinal treasure was connected to its owner's spirit. Since the white jade shield had been destroyed, Yin Ruobing's soul was obviously damaged.


Like a bubble being popped, Jiang Yi felt the energy from the Astral Winds Divine Shield being wiped out completely. It did not even hold up against the impact for more than a second. This Heaven Wheel of Ruin easily tore apart his Astral Wind Blades, turned Yin Ruobing's spirit-connected cardinal treasure to dust, and now, even destroyed his own Astral Winds Divine Shield?

At that moment between life and death, the cogs in Jiang Yi's mind turned rapidly. His will to live refused to back down and allow him to die just like that. In a flash, tens of ideas came up in his mind. His eyes twinkled as the ring in his hand lit up. A huge stone furnace appeared in front of his chest. He was placing his last hope in this Smelting Divine Furnace. If this furnace did not hold up, his bones would be reduced to dust for sure.


There was a loud crash. Jiang Yi's Smelting Divine Furnace was thrown back, but it did not disappoint Jiang Yi in the least. It was so terrifyingly solid that it managed to withstand the blow from the Heaven Wheel of Ruin. Of course, this was only because a large amount of energy had already been shaved off from the Heaven Wheel of Ruin. Otherwise, it not only would have crushed the Smelting Divine Furnace, but it would also have cut Jiang Yi into pieces.


Nevertheless, Jiang Yi's body was thrown back about several hundred meters. He rolled several rounds on the ground before climbing to his feet and spitting out a mouthful of blood. The Heaven Wheel of Ruin's huge force shocked his internal organs and severely injured him internally.

Ss, ss

Jiang Yi sucked in a couple of deep breaths. He felt so powerless. There was a huge gap between peak-stage Heaven Monarchs and Demigodsa gap that he had no idea how to leap across. Since he was unable to activate the Smelting Divine Furnace, he was no match at all for a Demigod. All he could do was sit back and wait to be smashed.

"Ruobing, run away quickly!"

His gaze shot toward Yin Ruobing. With one single hand, he slapped the ground and charged forward. Even if he had to die, he had to drag She Fei down along with him so that Yin Ruobing would be able to escape.

"I can't run away. She Fei is too fast. Even if we run, he will catch up to us easily." Yin Ruobing turned back to glance at She Fei and laughed bitterly. She looked at Jiang Yi, his face filled with anxiousness as he charged crazily toward She Fei. Suddenly, a look of determination crossed her face. She raised both hands and started waving them around, forming a strange hand seal.


She Fei's power was insurmountable. His long hair danced around his face, and the bloody skull kept crying out as it revolved around his body. He was like a cat, playing a game of catch with a couple of rats. It was pure torture. In a cool voice, he shouted, "Yin Ruobing, you are pretty smart. Jiang Yi, do you know why ants cannot shake heaven? Because ants will always be ants. They will always be useless insects!"

Tsk! Tsk!

Once again, She Fei congealed the Heaven Wheel of Ruin. This time, Yin Ruobing did not have the spirit-connected cardinal treasure to help them. She Fei was eager to see how Jiang Yi planned to get out of this one. He could easily activate this dao pattern hundreds of times, just to see how Jiang Yi would keep struggling.


Although Jiang Yi had been charging forward, there was a sense of hopelessness in his eyes. He turned back guiltily to Yin Ruobing. He had never been afraid of death, but he felt extremely bad for dragging Yin Ruobing down with him.


All of a sudden, Yin Ruobing smiled faintly. She looked up into the sky at She Fei, who was still grinning at them mockingly. She said, "She Fei, ants will never be able to shake heaven indeed, but we are not ants. Neither are you the heavens. Do you really think that you alone can kill us both? Dream on!"


Blinding white light surrounded Yin Ruobing's body. Her robes were whipping against her body, and her scarf was flying around in the wind. In the white light, she looked like a fairy descending from heaven.

Along with the white light was a strong fragrance that emanated from her body. This fragrance was taking a solid form and turning into pink smoke. In a blink of an eye, the pink smoke filled the entire surroundings. Everything around them began to disappear.

"My Fragrant Lady Race is considered second among the top ten divine furnaces. She Fei, do you really think all I have is the Million Flower bewitchment art? You belittle me!"

With a mirthless laugh, Yin Ruobing sent the pink smoke swirling toward She Fei. At that moment, She Fei felt like a blind man. He could not use his divine senses at all over here; thus, he lost sight of Yin Ruobing and Jiang Yi's bodies.

He was stunned for a while, but a thought suddenly surfaced in his mind. He cried out in rage, "The legendary Divine Fragrance Illusion Formation really exists? Yin Ruobing, you despicable woman! You really want to let Jiang Yithis bastardhave it so easy? Ah, ah, ah!"

She Fei kept sending the Heaven Wheel of Ruin forward through the smoke. At the same time, the bloody skull began to cry out loudly in all directions. However, with pink smoke everywhere, there was no way that She Fei could lock in on his targets. What's more, he seemed to have lost all sense of direction now. He felt like he would never make it out of this illusion formation.


As Jiang Yi flew forward, he realized that a thick cloud of pink smoke was forming in front of him. Yin Ruobing and She Fei's bodies were gone now. His eyes widened as he screamed, "Ruobing! Ruobing! Ruobing!"


From within the pink smoke, a tiny figure emerged. Yin Ruobing's face was drained of all color, and she was swaying as she walked. She smiled bitterly as she muttered, "Jiang Yi, quick, get me out of here."


Jiang Yi shouted out in excitement. He rushed toward her as quickly as he could, catching her just as she was falling to the ground. Then, they ran as far as they could away from there. The Rainbow Soul Spear appeared to kill all the zombie soldiers around them.

After they had traveled for several kilometers, Yin Ruobing's closed eyes suddenly opened. In a weak voice, she said, "Don't run too far. Find a clean room. I can't take it any longer."

Jiang Yi stiffened. He looked down at Yin Ruobing and said, "Ruobing, you must hang on! If you die, then I don't want to live anymore either."

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