Fury Towards The Burning Heaven Chapter 1103

1104 Blood Thearch Armor

She Fei had indeed been waiting for two days!

Zhan Tianlei had already advanced to the fourth stage six days ago. She Fei's luck was terrible. He had spent a few days looking for the exit, but he did not advance to the fourth stage. Instead, he decided to stay and wait.

This was because She Fei discovered that Zhan Tianlei was on par with him in terms of skills. What's more, he had an extremely powerful ancient weapon on his hands. It was one of the top ten ancient weapons in the East Imperial Continent at that. This was She Fei's thinking: since Zhan Tianlei had already been inside the exit for so many days, it would be difficult for She Fei to catch up with him. There was no way he could compete with Zhan Tianlei.

What's more, he had the same thinking as Jiang Yi. What kind of person was the Mystic Thearch? Would he so easily give his things away to others? Even if he made it through the fifth stage and collected fifteen points, he definitely would not have been able to obtain the Mystic Divine Palace. That was why She Fei was not in the least bit anxious. So what if he lost the Glazed Pagoda or whatever to Zhan Tianlei?

He decided to wait there for several days to see if Li Tian took the hellish-grade challenge. Li Tian and Yi Chan had something going on between them. This caused She Fei to be extremely furious. If he did not kill Li Tian, he would not feel at peace.

Little did he know that he would really have met him. Much less did he expect that Li Tian was actually Jiang Yi!

The fact that Li Tian was Jiang Yi finally cleared up all the questions in She Fei's head. Yi Chan and Jiang Yi already had some sort of relationship between them. Given Yi Chan's pride, why would she have allowed just any man to pull her along on the Road of Azure Clouds? If it had been Jiang Yi, everything made much more sense.

"She Fei!"

Jiang Yi and Yin Ruobing jumped back in shock at the same time. Jiang Yi did not retreat. The Smelting Divine Furnace appeared in his hands, and he focused all his essence force in it. Suddenly, the furnace lit up, and the runic patterns floated away. A frightening aura spread out throughout the surroundings. Jiang Yi laughed, "She Fei, you did not want to take the road that led to heaven. Instead, you chose to barge into hell despite the absence of any entryways. I could kill five Demigods on Stupa Mountain; killing you today would be as easy as smashing an ant."


Yin Ruobing's eyes twinkled. She turned to Jiang Yi passionately. Jiang Yi had indeed burned five Demigods to death at the base of Stupa Mountain. He also caused everything within a five hundred kilometer radius to be burnt. Could it all be thanks to this furnace? This furnace seemed extremely hot and powerful. It was very likely that this was the ancient weapon that Jiang Yi had obtained from the Purgatory Ruin.

"Ruobing, move back. Wait until I've burned She Fei alive!"

Jiang Yi shouted out. He channeled all his essence force into the furnace so that it became even more frightening than it was before. Yin Ruobing moved back obediently, but her eyes revealed her mixed emotions. After all, She Fei was a disciple of one of the Nine Thearch Clans. The Nine Thearch Clans had many connections with one another. If Jiang Yi killed She Fei today, people outside might not find out. However, she would inevitably feel uneasy.


She Fei burst into laughter. He did not look in the least bit scared. Instead, he responded in a mocking tone. "The Smelting Divine Furnace? This was the weapon that belonged to the famous Fire God back in the day. I've already looked this weapon up. You're not thinking of burning me alive, are you? Go right ahead. I would hand it to you if you really manage to! Can you still summon the Nirvana Flames? Do you have that much star sphere power? Even if it were the Nine Heaven True Flames, I would still be unafraid of you!"


Yin Ruobing's footsteps halted, and she looked shocked. She turned sharply to Jiang Yi, but she saw that he had a smirk on his face. He was not panicking at all. In a cool voice, he said, "Then why aren't you attacking me? Come at me if you dare."

"Ruobing, run!"

Jiang Yi sent a voice transmission over to Yin Ruobing. His voice was firm and sharp. That was when Yin Ruobing realized that She Fei was speaking the truth. Jiang Yi really had no way of activating the Smelting Divine Furnace. Otherwise, he would not have been spouting so much nonsense. Neither would he have been so worried about bumping into She Fei or Zhan Tianlei on the way.

Not only did Yin Ruobing stop retreating upon hearing his command, but she also flew up to join Jiang Yi. She Fei was stunned for a moment, but he figured it out soon enough.

Jiang Yi was his arch-nemesis. If Jiang Yi had wanted to kill him, he would have done so by now. Jiang Yi was never one to waste time talking nonsense. She Fei asked the Evil Thearch about this before. The Evil Thearch said that Jiang Yi would not be able to activate the Smelting Divine Furnace again until he became a Demigod. She Fei chose to believe the Evil Thearch.


Just to be safe, She Fei decided not to move any closer to Jiang Yi. There was still about three kilometers between the two of them. The huge bloody skull beside him cried out. This bloody skull had been refined by the Evil Thearch personally after She Fei became a Demigod. It now had the strength of an ancient artifact. As it flew, it summoned gusts of black wind. The sound of its cries could break through gold and stone. Its aura was simply frightening.


The soft sword appeared in Jiang Yi's other hand. It started dancing around wildly, making sounds that sounded like whistling. Jiang Yi kept the Smelting Divine Furnace and activated the astral winds at the same time. The killing intent around his body was released now. His eyes turned blood-red. He turned back and hollered at Yin Ruobing, "Yin Ruobing, move back!"

"Jiang Yi, we will go together if we must!"

Yin Ruobing disobeyed Jiang Yi's instruction. Instead, she turned to She Fei and shouted, "She Fei, if you want to kill Jiang Yi, you must kill meYin Ruobingfirst!"


She Fei was completely relieved by now. He charged toward them, his gaze not leaving Yin Ruobing as he shouted, "You slut, how dare you have connections with this criminal from the Sin Island? Are you not afraid of disgracing the Yin Clan? There are so many dignified men in the East Imperial Continent. In what way is Brother Tianlei worse off than this piece of trash? Why are you all falling for a pile of rubbish like him? Yin Ruobing, Chief Ye will r*pe you before killing you, so that you will not be able to disgrace the Nine Thearch Clans any further!"

Bang, bang, bang!

Ten Astral Wind Blades crashed hard into the bloody skull. The skull lit up and flew backward, but there was no damage done to it whatsoever. Its defensive power was truly frightening. The Divine Sound Heaven Skill cut through the skull as well, and She Fei showed a hint of pain in his expression. He resisted the urge to spit out blood and managed to stay right where he was. It was obvious that even the Divine Sound Heaven Skill could not affect him much.

Jiang Yi's Divine Sound Heaven Skill was already at the second level, and he came up with a song that could incorporate the Massacre Intent. Yet, he had underestimated the souls of Demigods. He forgot as well that She Fei was a disciple of the She Clan. The Nine Thearch Clans had countless spirit herbs. She Fei's soul was already extremely strong now. It was already good enough that Jiang Yi made She Fei feel something when he released the Divine Sound Heaven Skill.


Under Jiang Yi's control, the Divine Sound Heaven Skill did not affect Yin Ruobing in the slightest. She heard She Fei's derogatory remarks, and her face turned an awful green. In a cool voice, she shouted, "You think that you're dignified men? Apart from wearing the outfits belonging to the Nine Thearch Clans, what else do you have? In what way are you comparable to Jiang Yi? With a personality like that, you want to chase Big Sister Chan? Dream on!"


There was a white flash around Yin Ruobing's body. A strong fragrance emanated from her body. It condensed into stalks of fresh flowers. They were mere holograms, but they shot toward She Fei one by one. Yin Ruobing sent a voice transmission to Jiang Yi: "Jiang Yi, run! I'm going to delay She Fei!"

Would Jiang Yi run? If he ran, would he still be called Jiang Yi?

There was a crazed look in his eyes. He summoned his Astral Winds Divine Shield and caused the soft sword in his hand to dance around wildly. Once again, he summoned his ten Astral Wind Blades and secretly sent his Rainbow Soul Spear underground, ready to attack She Fei's brain. Jiang Yi could not use Heaven Evasion here. There was no way he could activate the Fury of Thunder. The only thing he could do was rely on the Rainbow Soul Spear to injure She Fei's soul. This would be their only chance to escape.

"Hahaha! The Fragrant Lady Race's Million Flower bewitchment art?"

She Fei laughed out loud. The Demigod suppressive force around his body pressed down on Jiang Yi and Yin Ruobing, so that they both began to experience difficulty in breathing. A blood-red armor appeared around his body. On it were mysterious patterns that looked ancient and almighty. The aura it emanated was simply frightening. The armor wrapped around his head and his body. He kept charging toward the two of them, unafraid. He shouted, "Yin Ruobing, with the Blood Thearch Armor, your low-grade mystical abilities cannot hurt me!"

"The Blood Thearch Armor? The Evil Thearch passed this ancient artifact down to you?"

Yin Ruobing's face drained of all color. The Blood Thearch Armor was the fifth best treasure in the East Imperial Continent. It could protect one's soul and defend one's body. It was well-known throughout the entire continent. The Blood Thearch War Chariot that was being sold in God Bestow City belonged to the same owner as this Blood Thearch Armor. These were the battle equipment that the Blood Thearch himself used back in the day.


She Fei looked very satisfied with himself. He descended from the sky, with the bloody skull still making rounds around his body. He looked just like a killing god. As he descended, he shouted, "Give up, Jiang Yi! I'll let you have a taste of my six-star dao patternthe Heaven Wheel of Ruin! Once you're dead, Chief will take good care of Yin Ruobing for you. I'll make sure that she'll live like a divinity"

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