Fury Towards The Burning Heaven Chapter 1102

1103 Jiang Yi We Meet Again

Three days. A full three days had passed since Jiang Yi began fighting relentlessly. He did not even rest for a second. In three days, he killed countless zombie soldiers and fought countless zombie beasts. The only thing he knew for sure was that he had already searched through eight hundred streets, but he still had not found the exit.

This Fengdu City had more than twenty thousand streets. The two of them were traveling very quickly through the streets, but there were far too many zombie soldiers and zombie beasts around them. It was already good enough that they were clearing more than two hundred streets each day.


Jiang Yi finally felt on the brink of collapsing. He stopped to rest for a while. Yin Ruobing was quite exhausted as well. In fact, exhaustion was written all over her face. Jiang Yi forced himself to cool down. If he carried on this way, not only would he not be able to find the exit, but he would also probably cause Yin Ruobing to be exhausted to the point of death.

"Ruobing, take a break."

Jiang Yi scanned his surroundings and found an empty stone house beside them. He led Yin Ruobing into the house and allowed her to take a break inside it. He sat with his back against the door, and his Rainbow Soul Spear at the ready to kill any zombie soldiers that dared to approach them.


These zombie soldiers were not like the ones outside the city. They were activated despite there being nobody close to them. From afar, countless zombie soldiers charged toward them. Jiang Yi could hardly see where the group ended.

"Block the door!"

Jiang Yi thought of a brilliant idea: He needed to find something to block the stone gate before the two of them could finally rest peacefully inside the stone house. However, he realized that there was nothing around to block the door. The things around him were either too small or not strong enough to block the door. If he summoned the Thearch Palace and Smelting Divine Furnace, they would be too big to even block the door. It was a pity that he could not use spatial divine items where they were. Otherwise, the two of them could probably have hidden inside the Thearch Palace. Given the strength of the Thearch Palace's defense, he was confident that it would hold them for at least two hours.

"Jiang Yi, I have a plan."

Yin Ruobing guessed what Jiang Yi was thinking. She pulled out her red Ancient Divine Essence Ring. It lit up and a small shield appeared. It was obvious that this small shield was a pseudo-divine artifact. Yin Ruobing focused her essence force and caused the shield to fly outward. When it reached the door, Yin Ruobing shouted, "Change!"

The shield stopped right at the door. With a flash of light, it grew several times in size and completely blocked the stone gate. There was not even a sliver of light that could pass through between the shield and the gate. Jiang Yi looked at it for several moments before he exclaimed, "What a good item. What kind of treasure is this?!"

Yin Ruobing smiled faintly and explained the divine shield, "This is the Willing Heart Shield. It can change into millions of different things. It can even change into battle armor or swords. However, the strength of its defense is not as great as the bejeweled armor on my body."

"You have many treasures indeed."

Jiang Yi was obviously impressed. He sat on the ground and leaned back against the wall to get some shut-eye. Yin Ruobing did not say much else. From inside her Ancient Divine Essence Ring, she retrieved two green wooden chairs and a square table. Then, she retrieved some spirit fruits. She giggled and said, "Jiang Yi, have some red fruit. These fruits can replenish your body strength and recover your energy."


Jiang Yi did not stand on ceremony. He climbed onto a chair and picked up a spirit fruit. He took a huge bite out of it, not bothering to maintain his etiquette. Yin Ruobing sat opposite to him and nibbled at her fruit. She sat upright. The ladies of the great family clans took note of their posture and etiquette at all times. She watched Jiang Yi wolf down fruit after fruit and smiled. "Jiang Yi, don't rush. I have many more red fruits here. They would last you for about two years, too."

"I have to make full use of my time, or the Glazed Pagoda would be taken by someone else," Jiang Yi blurted while chewing his fruit.

"The Glazed Pagoda?"

Yin Ruobing straightened up, looking confused. "What do you want the Glazed Pagoda for? I thought you were going after the Mystic Divine Palace?"

"The Mystic Divine Palace belongs to the old Mystic Thearch. He will give it to whoever he wants to give it to. There will be no point even if I fight for it!" Jiang Yi shook his head and continued, "The Glazed Pagoda can be earned. What's more compared to the Mystic Divine Palace, I want the Glazed Pagoda much more. This thing is very important to me!"

"Oh, okay."

Seeing that Jiang Yi was quite unwilling to explain himself, Yin Ruobing decided not to question him any further. She sat quietly watching Jiang Yi eat. The corners of her lips tilted up slightly. If Zhan Tianlei had seen the way that she was looking at Jiang Yi right now, he would probably explode in rage and go all out to kill Jiang Yi.

Jiang Yi, however, had no energy to bother about Yin Ruobing. After gulping down more than ten spirit fruits, he felt like his energy and strength were almost fully recovered. He leaned back on the chair and closed his eyes to take a nap. He had to make full use of whatever time he had left. Three days had already passed, and they still had not found the exit. If She Fei or Zhan Tianlei had really passed the third stage, they would just need to pass one more stage in order to earn the Glazed Pagoda.

How-how! Wu-wu! Bang-bang!

The zombie soldiers outside cried non-stop. Some zombie soldiers could smell life inside the stone house. They kept attacking the divine shield while the black winds kept whipping around their bodies. It caused the room to feel cold and eerie. Still, Jiang Yi slept soundly. Yin Ruobing sat beside him, leaning her head on her hands to look at him. At that time, she forgot everything happening outside.

On the Yellow Springs Path, Jiang Yi reverted to his true self. He only did so on Yin Ruobing's incessant requests. Yin Ruobing stared at his face, thinking that he looked more and more attractive. Jiang Yi's features were quite flat, but after the Destitute Dragon Grass changed him, his skin became much better. His features also looked slightly different. He became much more manly and good-looking.

As she stared at him, Yin Ruobing slowly fell asleep as well. She leaned back on the chair and slept with a peaceful smile on her face. It was almost as if she was taking a nap back in her bedroomshe was that contented.

After resting for six hours, Jiang Yi's eyes burst open. He wanted to wake Yin Ruobing up so that they could continue their journey, but he realized that she was in deep sleep. He simply could not bring himself to wake her up. After four more hours, the two of them finally resumed their journey. They continued to kill zombie soldiers and fight zombie beasts in order to locate the exit.

"This is so strange. Why haven't we seen Zhan Tianlei and She Fei fighting zombie soldiers and zombie beasts?"

Throughout their entire journey, Jiang Yi felt slightly curious after passing by a street and realizing there weren't any zombie soldiers or zombie beasts there. When he discovered that all the corpses were gone from another street and that new zombie soldiers were appearing, he had a sudden realization.

It looked like the dead zombie soldiers were being teleported out, and new zombie soldiers were being teleported in. This was how the Soul Devouring Crocodiles operated on the Yellow Springs Path as well. Otherwise, if the same zombie soldiers remained in the place, they should all be dead after all these years.

One day, two days three days!

Another three days passed. Jiang Yi had already walked through all eight hundred streets. His luck was still quite badhe still could not find the exit. All he could do was find another place to rest with Yin Ruobing once again. Yin Ruobing's Willing Heart Shield was very useful. It allowed the two of them to rest peacefully.

After half a day of resting, they decided to get back on the way. Six days had passed, and yet nobody had found the second treasure. The stages were getting more and more difficult. The skill level required to get through them was increasing. Even Zhan Tianlei and She Fei were probably having difficulty getting through the stages, weren't they?


On the eighth day, on a random street, Yin Ruobing suddenly called out. Jiang Yi had been fighting another zombie beast, and he was not paying attention to his surroundings. When Yin Ruobing shouted at him, he turned immediately. His eyes brightened up like two stars.

A few kilometers away from themat the end of a dark street, they saw a lit-up stone gate. Fengdu City's street lamps were all relatively dim. It was not possible that they would look as bright as this gate did. That should be the exitthere was no mistake about it!

"This really is the exit, but you can't go in."

At that exact moment, a cold voice sounded behind them. Along the dark streetin a cold stone house, a black figure shot out as quickly as a flying blade. A bloody skull was revolving around him as he flew, emanating a bloody red light. His eyes were filled with hatred as he stared Jiang Yi down. He sniggered, "I've waited two days for you. I wanted to get rid of a love rival, but I did not expect to come across an even bigger fish. Jiang Yi, we meet again!"

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