Fury Towards The Burning Heaven Chapter 1101

1102 Running Crazily

Whatever their strength was, the zombie army was headed straight toward the two of them. Jiang Yi had no choice but to face them head-on. This time, he was more careful. He summoned his Astral Wind Blades and got his Astral Wind Blades ready. The Rainbow Soul Spear flew out of his mind like a divine rainbow, straight toward the army.


The zombie soldiers' souls still got smashed with just one blow from the spear, but it was obvious that the blow was not as impactful to them as it was to the zombies outside. Regardless, Jiang Yi controlled the Rainbow Soul Spear to attack the soldiers. He turned around and shouted to Yin Ruobing, "Ruobing, be careful. The zombies here are much stronger. I'm guessing that the zombie beast over there is even more so. Protect yourself. Also don't get too close to me. I have the astral winds guarding my body. It'll hurt you."


Yin Ruobing did not dare to let her guard down. The divine shield around her body lit up, and full-body green armor appeared. It was obvious that her armor was a spirit-connected cardinal treasure. Runic patterns were glowing on the armor. The Nine Thearch Clans had strong foundations. It was normal for the first mistress of the Yin Clan to possess a spirit-connected cardinal treasure for her armor.

Jiang Yi took one glance at it and felt more relieved. He focused on attacking the army in front of him, opening a path of blood for them to search for the exit.

Roar! Roar!

The zombie beast about three kilometers away from them had been awakened. It roared, its roar echoing throughout the streets. It shocked both Jian Yi and Yin Ruobing and caused their ears to hurt. The zombie beast was surrounded by a black gas. It had six long and thick legs, and it stood extremely tall. Whenever it opened its huge, red mouth, it revealed sharp and frightening teeth. Anyone looking at it would surely tremble. The beast stared Yin Ruobing down with its red eyes, which were as big as coins.


Jiang Yi sent all ten of his Astral Wind Blades toward the sixty-meter tall beast. One of the Astral Wind Blades went right into the beast's mouth as well.


The zombie beast spat out a ball of black gas, which swirled in front of it and condensed into a black arrow. The black arrow charged toward Jiang Yi.

Bang, bang, bang!

The ten Astral Wind Blades stabbed the zombie beast harshly around its body. There was a series of what sounded like gold hitting gold. The zombie beast flew backward from the impact. However, what was most shocking to Jiang Yi was that the ten Astral Wind Bladeswhich could break down the protective layer around a top-grade Heaven Fate Shiponly managed to cause ten slice wounds in the zombie beast's body. Even the bones in the zombie beast's body remained unbroken. The Astral Wind Blade that went into its mouth only sliced off some rotten meat. It did not even manage to cause the entire zombie beast to be ripped to pieces.

Tsk! Tsk!

The black arrow condensed from the beast's black gas was coming right toward Jiang Yi. It was flying at top speed, and it looked like its area of attack would be pretty huge. If Jiang Yi had moved out of the way immediately, he might have been able to dodge the arrow. However, Yin Ruobing was standing behind him. How could he dodge?


There was a loud explosion. Jiang Yi was thrown backward. A huge amount of energy was shaved off his Astral Winds Divine Shield. The good thing was that even after he landed, the divine shield remained unbroken. The suppressive force that the black arrow carried with it caused Jiang Yi to be shocked to his very core. All his veins and internal organs were obviously injured.

"This stupid thing is pretty strong!"

Jiang Yi wiped the blood from his mouth and stood back up. He flew upward and shouted to Yin Ruobing, "Ruobing, get rid of the zombie soldiers for me. I'm going to get rid of this beast first."

"Be careful."

Yin Ruobing nodded, her red bow at the ready. Hundreds of red beams of light shot out from it. This time, they did not seem as formidable as they were before. Still, they managed to blow the zombies' minds to pieces. Jiang Yi did not have to worry that Yin Ruobing would not be able to handle the zombie soldiers.


While in mid-air, Jiang Yi stabilized his divine shield and re-summoned his Astral Wind Blades. His Rainbow Soul Spear was no longer focused on attacking the zombie soldiers below. Instead, it followed the ten Astral Wind Blades and flew toward the huge zombie beast.


This time, Jiang Yi did not allow the ten Astral Wind Blades to land at different places. Instead, he focused all his attacks on one of the beast's legs. He wanted to cripple the zombie beast so that it would not be able to jump up again. Then, all it would be able to do is sit there and wait to die. His Rainbow Soul Spear made one round around the zombie beast, locked in on its soul, and began attacking it.

Tsk! Tsk!

The zombie beast spat out another ball of black gas. The black gas condensed into another black arrow that flew toward Jiang Yi once again. This was the zombie beast's weaknessits attacks were all plain and simple. After all, a dead animal was a dead animal. No matter how strong it was, it would not beat what it was like when it was living.

"No way!"

Once the Rainbow Soul Spear entered the zombie beast's spiritual consciousness, Jiang Yi knew something was amiss. The black gas in the beast's spiritual consciousness was way too thick. If he did not plan his attack properly, there was a risk that his Rainbow Soul Spear would be corroded. Jiang Yi did not dare to take the risk. He quickly pulled his Rainbow Soul Spear back.


Jiang Yi had been too near to the zombie beast. The impact came as no surprise. He had no time at all to retreat. Once again, his body got thrown back by the black arrow made out of the beast's black gas. He flew through the air and landed hard on the pavement next to a stone house and caused the stone house's restrictions to flicker.

"I'll try it again!"

Before he flew backward, Jiang Yi saw that the beast's leg was already half broken. His eyes brightened a million times. His ninth star sphere contained much more astral winds. He did not have to fear that he would run out. Since he could not kill the zombie beast with the blades, he could only bank on making it a beast without any legs.

Swish! Swish!

Jiang Yi flew up into the air again and again. Each time he did, he aimed all ten Astral Wind Blades at one spot. The first and second legs on the zombie beast's left side broke very quickly, but with one last leg on its left side, the beast was still holding strong. In this way, the beast continued to attack Jiang Yi crazily.


The tenth time Jiang Yi flew up, all three legs on the left side of the zombie beat were broken. Although the three legs on its right side were good, there was no way for the zombie beast to balance without any legs on the left side. It kept struggling to stand up, but once it did, it would sway and fall over once again. Now that it could not even stand straight, there was no hope of it attacking Jiang Yi anymore.


Jiang Yi wiped the blood from his mouth once again and released his Rainbow Soul Spear. He grabbed Yin Ruobing and charged forward. Now that the zombie beast was not there to stop them, the zombie soldiers alone were not enough to hold them back. The two of them opened a path through the zombie army by slaughtering them. As fast as they could, they headed for the street up ahead.


They had just run about five kilometers when another image filled Jiang Yi's mind. The sky split open and a pair of Vajra shoes descended. The crack disappeared, and so did the image.

"The third treasure has been taken!"

Jiang Yi's eyes opened wide as he exchanged a meaningful look with Yin Ruobing. He looked terrible. The third treasure was obtained so quickly. It proved that either She Fei or Zhan Tianlei had already completed the third stage. Of course, it could also have been Yi Chan or Jian Wuying completing the fifth stage.

No matter who or what it was, Jiang Yi knew that it was not good. The second treasure was the Glazed Pagoda. If either She Fei, Zhan Tianlei, Jiang Wuying, or anyone else won it, he would be in huge trouble. Once they left the Mystic Divine Palace, they would all have Demigods around them, protecting them. How would Jiang Yi steal the Glazed Pagoda from them then?

"Rush! Rush! Rush!"

Jiang Yi roared. The Rainbow Soul Spear moved even faster than before. Jiang Yi could not care less about his energy being consumed anymore. He wanted to get to the end goal as quickly as he could to search for the exit from Fengdu City.

"Jiang Yi!"

Yin Ruobing looked worriedly at Jiang Yi. If he carried on this way, he would not be able to last much longer. What if there was an even bigger zombie beast awaiting them? Yet, Jiang Yi was already running crazily. All she could do was speed up in order to catch up with him. The red bow in her hands glowed. She was ready to carry the both of their weight any time, in case Jiang Yi collapsed.

How-how! Wu-wu! Hu-hu!

The zombie soldiers kept reviving and charging toward Jiang Yi and Yin Ruobing. Behind the two of them was a trail of corpses. As the cold winds whipped at them from all directions, the lamps around them flickered. Fengdu City seemed to have really become hell.

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