Fury Towards The Burning Heaven Chapter 1100

1101 Wind Soul Chaser

The battle ended as quickly as it began, but it was not bloody at all.

Jiang Yi had a hold on the zombie soldiers' door of lifetheir souls. The Rainbow Soul Spear danced around and shot through each of the soldiers' heads, causing their souls to turn to dust. Then, the soldiers could not help but fall over. All this effort was nothing to Jiang Yi.


Yin Ruobing was stunned, watching Jiang Yi fight. Her beautiful eyes locked in on the dancing spear. She was clearly astonished. She watched as the zombie soldiers fell over one by one. Then, she gulped and asked, "Jiang Yi, what kind of incredible genius are you? How are you killing these zombie soldiers so quickly?"


Jiang Yi turned around slightly and smiled. "This is a sort of spiritual attack. It's just slightly more unique, that's all. The door of life to these zombie soldiers is their souls. Once I destroy their souls, they would be nothing but corpses."

"That's not right, Jiang Yi. Isn't your spirit weaker compared to mine? Why is your spiritual attack so strong?" Yin Ruobing's eyes widened as she asked, half to herself.

"That's quite hard to explain."

Jiang Yi touched his nose. He could not tell Yin Ruobing about the anomalies of his soul, could he? He paused for a long while before he asked curiously, "How did you all kill the zombie soldiers the last time?"

Yin Ruobing thought for a while and said, "We could only cause their heads to explode by force. That takes so much more effort. Those zombie soldiers have really tough bodies. Your method of killing them is way less tedious."

"Haha, let's go!"

Jiang Yi did not say anything more. He controlled his Rainbow Soul Spear and swept the area, clearing a path for them to head toward Fengdu City.

If someone had been watching them from atop at this moment, they would have seen a majestic sight. Countless zombie soldiers were rushing toward them from all directions. Their bodies emanated a black aura, their eyes were bloodshot, and their bodies reeked of old blood. Many zombies were missing limbs and holding weird weapons in their hands. They walked with their mouths wide open and their limbs at weird angles. The zombies screamed and wailed, and the cold wind made the scene that much creepier. It looked like a scene right out of Netherworld.

Yet, among the zombie crowd, a young man was advancing rapidly. Beside him, a Rainbow Soul Spear made rounds around his body. As quickly as lightning, the Rainbow Soul Spear shot through the heads of the zombies in the immediate surroundings of the young man, causing them to fall to the ground. Behind the man was an exquisite beauty flying about two inches above the ground. This whole scene would make anyone feel astonished.

They had no idea where the zombie soldiers were coming from as well. Jiang Yi released his divine senses to scan everything within a fifty-kilometer-radius of themselves. There was no end to the zombie army. The good thing was that these zombie soldiers seemed just as skillful as the ones Jiang Yi met before. This meant that they were of no hindrance to Jiang Yi at all.


They traveled thousands of kilometers. Jiang Yi had no idea how many zombies he had killed in total, but he finally was beginning to feel spiritually exhausted. After all, he had to use his mind to control the Rainbow Soul Sphere so that it pierced through each zombie's soul. This was tiring work.

"Let me take over."

Yin Ruobing said after noticing that Jiang Yi was getting exhausted. Jiang Yi turned to glance at her. "Would it be tiring for you?"

"Hmph! Watch me!"

Yin Ruobing stuck her chin out and then flew ahead of Jiang Yi. The red bow in her hands kept glowing. Scary beams of red light shot out from the bow, turning into hundreds of red arrows that split up and hit the zombies' heads.

Pong, pong, pong~

Hundreds of zombie heads burst open. The scene was extremely gory. Jiang Yi quickly activated his divine shield to avoid getting zombie goo all over himself. He glanced at the red bow and then nodded. "Not bad. Is that an ancient weapon?"

Yin Ruobing lifted her chin proudly. She turned and said, "That's right. This is the God Shooter Bow. It was famous in ancient times. It matches one of the four- or five-star dao patterns that I've realized. It's quite powerful, isn't it?"

Jiang Yi smiled and gave her a thumbs-up. Then, he kept his Rainbow Soul Spear with relief. On receiving Jiang Yi's praise, Yin Ruobing beamed until her eyes became two crescent moons. She excitedly charged forward, using her red bow to keep shooting down zombies. Hundreds of beams red light kept shooting out from the bow, and hundreds of zombies' heads kept exploding. Their bodies flew backward from the impact. Although she required more effort than Jiang Yi, the results were still good.

"Is this a wind-elemental upper-tier dao pattern?"

Jiang Yi curiously asked. He watched the red arrows and realized they resembled blasts of wind. They could even chase after the zombies' heads on their own. Yin Ruobing turned around and smiled again. "That's right. It's the elemental upper-tier dao pattern, the Wind Soul-Chaser. I realized this on my own! I didn't use the mystic realms belonging to my clan."

"Nice job!"

Jiang Yi gave her a thumbs-up once again, causing Yin Ruobing to beam back at him like a little child gaining the praise of an elder. Her innocent smile, beautiful body, exquisite features, and slender legs taken together made her look like a fairy that had escaped from the forest where she belonged. There was also an attractive fragrance emanating from her body, dissipating the stench of the zombies. This made Jiang Yi wonder for a second whether he really was in Fengdu City. He felt like he was traveling around the world with Yin Ruobing.

The two of them took turns to fight the zombie soldiers and made good progress toward the end. As they worked together, they did not feel tired. Instead, they energized each other and only took half a day to reach Fengdu City. They looked at the tall, back walls and blood-red city gate. Jiang Yi's expression hardened.

If there were zombie soldiers outside the city, then it would only be more dangerous inside. What was most important was that She Fei and Zhan Tianlei were probably inside as well. Jiang Yi did not know yet if Zhan Tianlei had figured out who Jiang Yi really was. If he had not, that was a good thing. If he did, then there was trouble awaiting.


Jiang Yi's Ancient Divine Essence Ring lit up, and a soft sword appeared. To fight Demigods, he had no choice but to make use of his Divine Sound Heaven Skill. If he used the Rainbow Soul Spear, he might do some damage; but Demigods had very short reaction times. There was no way that he would get close enough to their heads with the spear.

"Don't worry, Jiang Yi."

Yin Ruobing could tell that he was worried. She smiled and reassured him, "Even if we do meet She Fei, I might not be able to force him to retreat, but I can knock him out for a while. There are many intersections in Fengdu City. He won't catch up to us."


Jiang Yi gave Yin Ruobing a weird look. This lass could fight Demigods as well? He figured it out really quickly. His eyes twinkled as he asked, "This is the special power of the Fragrant Lady Race?"

"Mm!" Yin Ruobing blushed. She did not dare to make eye contact with Jiang Yi.

"Keke, don't be rash. She Fei might not kill me!" Jiang Yi raised his soft sword and charged toward Fengdu City.


As the two of them got within a hundred meters of the city gate, the red gates opened up. It looked like the mouth of a gigantic beast, which was ready to swallow them up.

Jiang Yi grabbed Yin Ruobing's small hand and headed into the city. Immediately, the city gates closed. The zombie soldiers outside the gates retreated at once, leaving behind the corpses all around. The strange thing was that after a second, the corpses lit up and disappeared. Even the black blood that had been splattered everywhere disappeared. The scene outside turned into a desert.

Upon entering Fengdu City, Jiang Yi no longer heard the ghostly cries that he heard before. The Ghost King was created by Ao Lu. Now, Ao Lu was at the Endless Deep Sea. Naturally, the sounds were gone as well.


The two of them looked in front and saw a dense army of zombie soldiers heading toward them once again. These zombies were different from the ones outside. They had double the speed and sphere of influence. What's more, about three kilometers away from the two of them stood a huge zombie beast. They guessed that these zombies were several times stronger and bigger than the ones outside. As for the zombie beast, they had no idea what to expect.

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