Forced To Date A Big Shot Chapter 191

Chapter 191 Actress Xue Xi

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When Sweetheart saw that it was a man who had entered, she was stunned and anxious.

She had heard Wild King and Learn speaking. Although the other partys voice was cold, it was still pleasant. It should be a girl, right? How could it be a man?

But after thinking that, Sweetheart smiled again.

What a liar!

Even so, if Learn was a man and he was this handsome, she would let this matter rest. It should be fine if she acted cute later.

Just as she was thinking this, she heard him finish what he was saying. Only then did she realize that this person was not Learn. So then, who exactly was Learn?

Just as every Internet personality was wondering who could have such a handsome boyfriend, Xue Xi walked into the private room in her school uniform.

Carrying her backpack, she scanned the people in the room with her huge eyes. When she saw so many people, she was a little surprised, but she quickly calmed down and fixed her gaze on Wild King and Sweetheart.

The girl had a ponytail and was wearing a white baseball cap. Her face was exquisite and fair, and her neck was long and slender. Her figure could not be seen, but her baggy school uniform was swaying on her body.

The boys in the room held their breaths when they saw her.

What kind of beautiful face is this?!

Liu Ye was totally stunned. He stood up abruptly and asked in disbelief, "Youre Learn?"

Xue Xi nodded. "Yes."

Her cold voice and straightforward words made Liu Ye almost certain that this was indeed Learn. But how could Learn be so good-looking?!

She looks so good, so why didnt she send a photo?

He stood there in a daze and was instantly stunned.

Sweetheart was also stunned.

As she was a female streamer, there were not many people whod joined the live-stream to watch her skills. Most of them were male fans, and they always defended her.

However, when these netizens saw Xue Xi, everyone was stunned!


"I can do this little miss!"

"Shes really a student, and shes too beautiful! She hasnt put on makeup yet, so shes a natural!"

"The distance is a little far, but even the blurred camera cant stop her beauty!"

Just as the room fell silent, Xiang Huai suddenly walked to an empty seat and pulled out a chair for Xue Xi.

Xue Xi removed her bag and hung it on the chair. She then sat down and Xiang Huai sat beside her.

After the two entered the frame together, the comment section became filled with praises:

"This pair is too eye-catching! The girl is beautiful and the man is handsome!"

"Ah ah ah, Im dead! Too beautiful!"

"Eh, why do I feel that this lady looks a little familiar?"

"Previous poster, pretty girls all look familiar, right?"

"No, she really looks familiar. I think she was in the television series that I watched a while ago oh, I remember now! Wasnt she the unrequited love character acting opposite Cen Bai?!"

"F*ck! I went to Baidu. That person really looks similar to this lady!"

"I didnt want to say anything, but I just looked at Sweetheart and compared her with Little Missy. I suddenly recalled a certain streamers words. There are still differences between female streamers and female celebrities"

"This is a celebrity? No wonder shes so beautiful!"

When Sweetheart returned to her senses, she started to look at the comments. When she saw the commenters words, she could not help but say, "Are you really Learn"

Xue Xi shot her a glance but could not be bothered with her.

Liu Ye asked, "So then, how should I address you?"

Xue Xi thought for a moment. "Just call me Learn."

Her aloof attitude made her stance clear.

She came here just to resolve the problem and did not want to make friends, especially with people like Wild King and Sweetheart.

After being rejected, Liu Ye looked a little embarrassed. He turned to look at Sweetheart again.

At first, he thought that Sweetheart was beautiful and had a good figure. However, as he looked at her beautiful face, Sweetheart suddenly became dull.

Liu Ye coughed. Just as he was about to speak, Sweetheart suddenly said, "Learn, so youre an actress? How old are you this year? Are you still in school?"


Liu Ye was stunned. The rest of the streamers were also stunned as they looked at Xue Xi.

Sweethearts words meant that she was doubting her identity as a student. After all, when Wild King asked her what she did, shed said that she was a student.

After hearing this, Xiang Huai suddenly sneered.

This low laugh was full of sarcasm, making everyone look over. Liu Ye asked, "What are you laughing at?"

Xiang Huai leaned back on his chair and exuded a strong aura. If he had not deliberately restrained his aura, these people would not have dared to speak.

Even so, everyone still felt that this person was not to be trifled with.

Xiang Huai shot a glance at Sweetheart and clicked his tongue. "Its fine if youre ugly, but are your eyes not good either?"

Everyone: "?"

Sweethearts face turned red. "You Why are you humiliating me?"

"Did I say anything wrong?" Xiang Huai lifted his chin slightly. "Didnt you see her in her school uniform?"

School uniform

Everyone turned to look and realized that on Xue Xis outfit was a row of words: Bin City International High School.

Sweethearts expression turned awkward again. After shed been criticized several times, and by a person who was unexpectedly good-looking, Sweethearts heart broke.

She immediately said, "Who knows if this is true? If shes an actress, how can she still be in school?"

As she was saying this, Liu Ye had already lifted his head, showing an ugly expression. He had searched for Xue Xis name online and actress Xue Xi had indeed acted in Cen Bais modern drama. The unrequited love character shed played in it had received unanimous praise from the entire Internet!

Moreover, this actress was discovered at her school.

Therefore, she was indeed a student!

He looked at Sweetheart and said, "Shes a student. Stop talking."

Sweetheart took a deep breath and felt even more frustrated. Just as she was about to say something, Liu Ye said, "Waiter, serve the food!"

The service staff entered one after another and served the food they had prepared beforehand.

Only then did Sweetheart shut her mouth.

The Chenjian Hotel was a top-notch hotel. The food they served was of all colors and fragrances. They were expensive yet had small servings.

Xue Xi was indeed hungry. She wanted to eat first before settling the problem. Hence, she turned to look at the food.

Xiang Huai could not help smiling at her.

The moment the pork ribs were served, he picked up a piece for her and she obediently ate it.

As she looked at them, Sweethearts eyes darkened. She then smiled and said, "Yes, Learn, eat more. A hotel like this is not your usual place. You must have never been here before, right?"

After saying that, she smiled and said, "I just ordered a portion of birds nest soup. Do you want it? Have you eaten birds nest? Do you want to try it too?"

Birds nest?

Xue Xi slowly lifted her head when she heard this.

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