Forced To Date A Big Shot Chapter 190

Chapter 190 I Am Learns Boyfriend

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While Sweetheart was doing the live-stream, a streamer who had already arrived at Bin City said, "Why isnt Learn here yet?"

Since Liu Ye was earning a lot of money, during this gathering, he had especially worn a recently bought Eumicca watch that was worth more than 100,000 yuan.

He combed his hair to show off his watch and said, "Learn is a student. School will end at six, so shell be late. If you guys are hungry, you can have some cold food first. Ill get the service staff to heat up the dishes later."

The young streamer instantly smiled. "Liu Ye, you actually believed her claim that shes a student!"

Liu Ye smiled and did not speak.

Actually, he did not quite believe it.

How could a student play games at a fixed time from 9 PM to 11 PM every day? When they were playing, they turned on voice messages to make it easier for them to communicate.

Sometimes, he could hear her mother pour water for her and even chat with her. If she was really a student, would the parents watch her play games and not care?

However, he would definitely not say these words.

Sweetheart listened to their conversation and smiled. "She is also an 18-year-old little sister. But she is 18 years old every year! She doesnt grow up ever!"

The live comments instantly burst out laughing.

Everyone understood what she meant. Which girl in the game would not pretend to be 18? No one wanted to expose their age.

At this moment, another more rational streamer said, "Actually, Ive played with Learn and Wild Kings side account for two rounds. I couldnt see anything when she was at the lower level, but when she reached a high level, I could tell that she is indeed good at it."

Most of the people who came today were male streamers. When the topic of the game was brought up, they were more interested in the technical aspects. When he said this, everyone nodded. "Thats right. When you guys were playing together, I felt that you could reach 100 stars in just one shot! Her control and awareness are both there. Its really not easy for a girl to play like this!"

Liu Ye felt a little strange when he heard this.

Actually, he was very comfortable when he was playing with Learn.

When Learn played the support role to help him, he would be able to progress very smoothly because the two of them had a tacit understanding. Even when he did not speak, she knew what he wanted to do. Sometimes, she would help him arrange things in advance, which he did not expect.

When he was playing in the jungle with her, Liu Ye played exceptionally easily. The playful words hed said during the live-stream were much more unguarded. His live-streams popularity rose at that time.

Everyone said that watching them combine their swords was too satisfying, and they had never failed.

It was because of this that Liu Ye had played with her for a month and had fallen in love with her from the bottom of his heart. That was why he had been flirting with her in the game.

Unfortunately, after asking for a few photos from her, she refused to give them. Moreover, she would never reply to WeChat messages.


During that time when she reached the King level, shed asked her friend to fight on her behalf. That person said that he was her boyfriend, and that actually bothered Liu Ye.

Hence, when he played the game next time, he brought along Sweetheart and played a round with Learn. In that round, he purposely coaxed Sweetheart to ignore her and she was distracted. After that round, Learn directly said that she would not play anymore.

This was jealousy.

From then on, Liu Ye believed that she definitely did not have a boyfriend and just found someone to play with her. She was merely playing hard to get, but since this person did not give him a photo, she must definitely not look good in real life.

Later, when Sweetheart called him "hubby," he fell in love with her and got together with her.

For some reason, things turned out this way.

Just as Liu Ye was thinking this, another streamer beside him said, "When we play games, we play games. When we find a girlfriend, we find a girlfriend. Games are amazing, but we cant keep living in the game, right? Its better to find a beauty like Sweetheart!"

Today, Liu Ye was treating them to a meal. Moreover, most of the streamers in Bin City were not arrogant. They all supported Liu Ye and only gave Sweetheart face. When he said this, everyone echoed:

"Yes, I didnt expect Sweetheart to be so beautiful in reality. Her voice is also nice!"

"Do you still remember last years live-streaming annual party? Those good-looking streamers arrived, but in real life, one cant actually bear to look at them. There are still differences between streamers and celebrities!"

"Yes, there are very few female casters like Sweetheart in the live-stream scene!"


Everyones praises also entered Sweethearts live-stream.

Sweethearts live-stream comments instantly popped up:

"My Sweetheart is the most beautiful!"

"You can clearly rely on your looks, but youre instead relying on your skills!"

"Sweetheart is awesome!"

Sweetheart looked at those comments and smiled. She replied, "Im a Law King streamer. If I cant play games in the future, you guys have to come and watch me chit-chat!"

The commenters responded.

Seeing this, Liu Ye turned to look at Sweetheart again.

Sweetheart was really beautiful after putting on makeup. Although her nose looked like it had been modified before, it was still quite natural, especially when she smiled sweetly and charmingly. Hence, although she was a little unruly and let such a small matter cause a huge commotion, he would just endure it.

After all, beautiful women had the right to be willful.

At this thought, Liu Ye dispelled the unhappiness in his heart.

Sweetheart urged him again. "Wild King, when is Learn coming?"

Liu Ye picked up his phone. "Ill send a message to ask."

He sent an inquiring message of if shes arriving soon, but the other party replied very quickly: "Yes."

Liu Ye gave the private room number and looked up. "Shell be here soon!"

As soon as he said this, Sweetheart hurriedly pointed the live-stream camera at the door and said with a smile, "Were here to solve a problem today. We wont quarrel and wont kick up a fuss. Everyone, after seeing Learn, dont attack her personally. Lets not bring this conflict into reality~"

The commenters immediately echoed:

"Sweetheart is generous!"

"Dont worry. Even if she looks like a pug, we wont call her ugly!"

As they spoke, the door was pushed open. The hotels service staff respectfully said, "The private room 308 is here. Please enter."

Following this, everyone turned to look and saw a pair of long legs.

The one they belonged to was wearing black pants, then a handsome and cold face appeared in front of them.

The room was instantly stunned.

Liu Ye was also stunned. "Youre Learn?"

Sweethearts live-stream exploded.

"F*ck! She really is a big shot posing as a female!"

"I knew it. With such good gaming skills, he is definitely a man!"

"Although this man is really handsome, what kind of fetish does he have? He actually pretended to be a girl? Moreover, in what world does he look like a student? Liar!"

Xiang Huais cold gaze swept across everyone present and he said in a low voice, "I am Learn"

He paused and took a deep breath before saying, "s boyfriend."

After saying this, he moved aside. "Come in."

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