Fff Class Trashero Chapter 104

Chapter 104

Chapter 104

[8th Round] What Is It?

Didnt I definitely have to choose Yes! in this situation?

In the 1st round, I had seen many bitches who kicked away their once-in-a-lifetime golden opportunity by hesitating because of trivial reasons.

And what would happen if I lose the opportunity? There would be a crisis I didnt want or need to go through. From that point on, it was me, the hero, who would have to pick up the pieces.

The bitches, who ruined the opportunity because they hesitated, always said "Sorry. Because of me" and that was it. They shouldve killed themselves if they were really sorry!

I was also annoyed with the colleagues who encouraged those bitches to hesitate while bringing up their shitty philosophy; "Taking revenge now would lead to having revenge taken on you later."

"I dont make such mistakes."

Because opportunities dont wait.

But still, I decided to look for a safe location first.

Because though I didnt know how they would reconstruct from the root, there was also the possibility that Id change into a pupa or an egg and be unconscious. I wanted to avoid risks and variables as much as I could. That gentlemanly Demon King didnt seem like he would get in the way, but there was no harm in being careful.


"An uncommitted free spirit doesnt have a name. Neither do I. Though there was a nickname the wicked friend used to call me with"


"Call me the First Spirit"


" yes."

Land, fire, wind, water, heart. Dont act like youre not an auntie after giving birth to five kinds of sons.

"Spirits take from their soul with their power in it to make eggs. We dont use that kind of profane method Mr Hero is imagining i think there are some who do? Hm hm. Anyways, not me."

"Auntie. Try to gather as many spirits as possible."

"My kids? Why?"

"To protect me from now on."

The First Spirit, who was still peacefully lying on my head, pondered while groaning before she said, "Mr Hero. Thats a difficult demand. I hate to say this, but assembling free spirits is hard even for me. But it might be possible today since its a special day. If you throw a party to commemorate the First Spirit being released from the wicked elfs chains, I think a lot will come to enjoy."

"A party?"

"Yes. Spirits really like parties."

"In these ruins?"

Though they were in the middle of diligently reconstructing the facilities destroyed by the invasion of the devil and devil followers, it seemed like it would take a really long time for the Elfheim Kingdom to regain its previous form.

"Dont worry about that."

"Well do it if youre confident. But, it must not take too long."

For me, there was nothing to lose at all if it failed.

"Yes. Mr Hero. So! Guys! Lets throw a party! Everyone who wants to hear the intense love story of Mr Hero who saved the unfortunate spirits, who got enslaved by the wicked elves, come on!"

There were topics that anyone regardless of the times, countries, genders, and ages liked.

Love, war.

The spirits were no exception.

The First Spirit promoted the party with lies full of exaggerations. Innocent spirits around the Fantasia world got fooled and came here in crowds.

Hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of millions They came endlessly.


The spirits who came for the party didnt come with nothing. They brought a lot of seeds of plants that became endangered as the Eastern Continent, Western Continent and Southern Continent got destroyed by the 5 Disasters riot. Though most of it were common weeds, there were also some medicinal herbs and sacred herbs which were called as rare or legendary that only grew in a special environment.

The spirits planted those seeds all over the Elfheim Kingdom. And the seeds grew really fast like they were being fed exp instead of fertilizer. The burnt forest and grasses looked even more beautiful than before in no time. It was more like a fraud than a mystery of nature. But it was natural in the fantasy world.

Every time a huge monster moved, the ecosystem would be destroyed. On days when powerful monsters had a fight amongst themselves, the terrain would be turned upside down. Didnt the 5 Disasters wipe out the continent? As a result, in the Fantasia continent, the five kinds of spirits combining their strength together would have an effect of accelerating the rate of growth of animals and plants.

"Hoo~ quite good though?"

Elfheim transformed into a huge botanical garden as Fantasia Northern Continents rare plant seeds were also imported.

If this place was named, it would be Spirits Paradise.

It didnt look like the sweet and resplendent land of the elves anymore. This would be a message the First Spirit conveyed to the elves and also a small revenge. Now were the masters.

"Mr Hero. You saw that right? This is the power of spirits."

But not everyone liked it. Sieg, who saw the sight of his lover Sylvia going wrong after becoming like a circus monkey surrounded by the spirits.

He was shaking as he shouted, "I cant be in this kind of world anymore! Angel! You hear me right?! Please return me! Ill knock down the Demon King like you wanted me to this time! Sylvia! Well see! I was wrong to begin with. I shouldnt have treated a slave like a human. Keuk keuk!"

Sieg, who laughed wickedly, was completely out of his mind. I could tell just by how his Madness skill was in the middle of a rapid growth spurt.

It wasnt just me who thought so.

"Was he always like that?"

"I cant believe a hero is breaking down like that"

"As expected, he was simply a pervert."

Alex, Saintess A, and Aqua, who partly finished the elf relief work, said one after another while looking at Sieg. Then they stealthily looked at me.

Hope B Hope A

Damn bitches. It puts me in a hard position if you pin your hopes on me.

Even in the midst of this, the Fairy Kingdom Elfheim was turning into a jungle, a primeval forest untouched by humans.

Wasnt this place the true fantasy?

On the contrary, hero Siegs madness was only getting worse as time went by.

"Angel! Did you tell me to knock down the Demon King? Please return me! Whats the use of saving this ruined world! And I have no intention of going back to Earth. I dont care about such things as friends and families who dont know my real value Angel? Are you listening? Angel! Angel! Daaamn~! Daaaamn iiiit~!"

still, I just let Sieg go crazy.

Because not only Sieg couldnt come at me because he was a coward, as Siegs mental illness got worse, the way those junks looked at me upgraded.

Hope A Hope S Hope SS

We could say it was a really desirable growth.

But I had no intention of keeping Sieg close to me forever. Because I would never know what he would do while holding a grudge while I reconstructed from the root with the Prodigy ZZ-grade effect.

So I ordered Lanuvel.

"I need you to take him out and catch one or two devils."

"Why should Lanuvel do that?"

"Because you summoned Sieg. You need to take the responsibility until the end. I wont tell you to marry him, so just get him out of here."

"Uuh yes."

"Take Alex with you too. Both of you might die away from home in a day if I only send you two. Well, we cant do anything if you all still die."

"Mr Hero! Please pray for Lanuvel to return alive!"

"Get lost."

I stealthily deported them like that.

The other two junks also left naturally.

Saintess A, who lost her confidence since she saw my Saintess H, voluntarily accompanied Sieg on his adventure. Mermaid Aqua who was flirting with me day and night was dragged away by Saintess A.

But it didnt feel empty around me. Because countless spirits were enjoying the party. They were all in different forms depending on their surroundings, but I could tell the five kinds apart by the color making up their body.

Land, fire, wind, water, heart.

The energy of mother nature was concentrated on the place as the spirits gathered up.

This place was the core that was called the eye of the typhoon. The location was safe as it was surrounded by the spirits, and it was perfect according to feng shui.

In other words, it was an ideal place.

"It would be nice here!"

I activated my Prodigy ZZ-grade effect.

Then a message was heard.

Question 1: What do you like the most?

Super robot




didnt they say reconstructing from the root?

Suddenly a multiple choice question popped out. And it was something like a psychological test where there was no definite answer, on top of that.

This way even God wouldnt be able to predict. Since the result of the reconstructed root would be different following my choices.

But I needed to choose carefully.

What I liked the best.

But it was hard to pick the one I liked the most, since all five of the choices were things I really liked.

But I had to choose one since it said the most.

My head started to hurt as I had a serious problem with making decisions.


I chose number 4 after much consideration.

Because I hated doing free service without getting compensation. I was sick of Fantasia natives who were trying to boss me around for free just because I was some hero.

So I liked loot.

It was rewarding since it was a fair compensation for my work.

Question 2: What do you hate the most?
Pincer movement


Free service

Faculty staffs


It didnt end with just a question.

They asked what I hated the most this time.

"Ah this question is pretty hard."

They picked out the things I hated like a ghost and put them out as the choices. It was too much to only choose one.

But I couldnt not choose forever.

It couldnt be helped.

I was sure this choice would have an effect on my reconstruction. Then I had to choose intelligently.

If I chose number 1 or 2, I would have a great immunity and ability to counter the moves for the power of friendship.

Number 3 had something overlapping with loot that I chose for the previous question. If I chose this, wouldnt it get strengthened even more?

Number 4 and 5 would be against the fantasy education system.

Then my choice was,


If I returned, everything was reset. I could preserve some of my stats using Blackbox, but a person cant just live with stats alone.

What about the interpersonal relationships I had built so far?

Social retards like Sieg would like it, thinking "Ill do well this time and marry that person!", but I didnt.

We cant move forward to the future if we turn ourselves away from reality.

So, it was number 5.

Question 3: What do you do the best?
Slipped neck disc

Slipped lower back disc

Killer smile


Embodying justice

This question was too easy.

Slipped discs were enough with my skills now, and I didnt know why killer smile and finger were there.

Therefore, this was it!

Embodying justice

A specialty that fit a righteous Mr Hero like me.

Question 4: What are you the most scared of?





This was pretty easy too.

Every time I used Master Mollangs teachings, I couldnt help but feel scared of this great being. But there was no need to worry because Master Mollang was good-natured.

Therefore, number 1 was ruled out.

What would I get by winning against my mother? So number 3 was also ruled out.

The choices left were number 2, 4 and 5.

I was always afraid of death, but it was useless to just not die. It was better to avoid the dying situations itself by getting stronger. So number 2 was ruled out.

Number 4 was also ruled out for a similar reason. I only needed to get stronger so that it would be no problem even though my fantasy stats got taken away.



The huge universe was marvellous the more I got to know it. Since in the universe time, even an eternal being could only experience a single moment across the existence of the Universe.

Things like magic to make a black hole?

It was bullshit said by con artists and braggarts who didnt know that if it was really made, the planet would get compressed into the size of dust.

I was scared of the universe the most.

Question 5: What do you find most impressive?





After scanning all the five choices, I found number 4 to be unexpected.

The daughter of the Demon King. A cowardly bitch.

That was all I knew about the female devil called Ssosia. But I didnt know it would leave the strongest impression on my life.

But I couldnt deny it.

Because I still remembered her name.



My choice was number 3.

My sex might be changed into a woman if I chose number 1 or number 4, right? I just wanted to avoid that.

Number 2 was also dismissed for a similar reason.

The Oblivion Dragon King Noebius was my beloved colleague, but I didnt want to be a flying lizard.

Number 5s temptation was powerful, but the reason why I didnt choose it was simple.

I also didnt want to be an eunuch, as much as I didnt want to be a woman.

Prodigy ZZ: Youve worked hard. Thank you so much for answering the Q&A sincerely. If you reconstruct from the root, there will be no turning back including returning or previous life, and no one will take the responsibility for the result. If you have understood the content, please agree. (Yes/No)

They were making me anxious until the end!

But still, my choices and decisions would not change.

Now, lets shout it out loud.


Prodigy ZZ: Were starting the reconstructing from the root.

A drowsiness I couldnt fight off came over me.

I fell into a deep sleep while surrounded by the spirits blessings and love.

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